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  1. Have received a call from UFC (Ultimate Finding Company) who wish to sell my timeshare. They state that they will never ask for money up front but I still believe it is a [problem]. Anyone heard of them?
  2. I have also received a telephone call from Global Reservations stating they have a purchaser for my timeshare and requesting a deposit of €1,300.00. I read the details on this site and asked for details of the contract. This contains the following significant points Global Reservation Services confirm that the deposit is held until such time as the ownership is sold. The deposit will be refunded upon completion of a sale and the transfer of ownership has been confirmed. Global Reservation Services act solely as agents and as such cannot be held responsible or liable in the event that the purchaser fails to complete. Should this be the case Global Reservation Services will continue to market the ownership for the contract period of six months. There is no statement that the deposit will be refunded at the termination of the contract period. It appears that the deposit is in effect a payment for Global Reservations to market the timeshare for a period of six months with no refund at the end of that period. The caller was most anxious that I should pay the deposit immediately by credit card before I received the contract and made no reference to the contract running for six months.
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