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  1. I must be having a dizzy spell what stupid thing in my head thought they MIGHT be legit` seconds after I posted this question about Prestige Marketing Solutions I saw all there bad press. They seem to be as bad as the main lot this thread is about. Moral of story. No money up front, to anyone!
  2. To add some more info about people ringing up and saying they have a buyer. I had a phone call from `Prestige Marketing Solutions` anyone had dealings with them. They said they had a buyer who will give me between 70% to 100% of the price I paid for it. They gave me a address in Warwickshire where I can go to do the deal and added this, In order for your representative to arrange your appointment, a £99 consultancy fee is required by the interested company. However, if an agreement is reached in regards to the disposal of your timeshare, then the £99 is reimbursed in full. -----------
  3. I 100% agree keep you money, tell them no thanks.
  4. Yes your OK, the sun has just come out here as well ;-)
  5. Hang on it was me that started this thread, I`m the possible victim!!?? yes check my IP address, I live in North Wales!! but I take your point, I will not give money over just like that
  6. Thanks yes like we all knew a [problem]. I might tell them where to go next time they ring (and it will not be my timeshare) Thanks Again Ken
  7. Its getting interesting now someone said they have had a sale with Global and it went through with no hitch. The only trouble when I say I`m not paying any money up front even though they say they have a buyer for my price there don`t bother any more. If Global are so confident why don`t they still proceed with the sale but ask for NO money first, then I would be very interested. I would sign/give my title deeds over in any bank when I know the money is in my account. I would do this face to face with a Global rep, why can they not do this. Or do it in a solicitors office somewhere.
  8. well that`s where the sting in the tale is after the nice sales patter they ask for some fee to be paid. I forget the full reason why but it sent alarm bells ringing in my head. They ring you back days/weeks later and say they have a buyer for you who will pay the price your asking but to get the money through they need some money of you which will come of the balance. It sounds all very nice and easy all very nice on the ear. You want to believe it as well as they give you a nice cosy felling so your ready to give over your credit card details. That`s when your a dead duck. I just had another
  9. Well they say they have a buyer for me, this is what they say:- A usual sale will normally complete within 4 - 6 weeks * The 1,300 euros security deposit is fully refundable on completion of sale. * To confirm we do not take any security codes or pin numbers to secure the deposit.
  10. Hi, I`m new to this Forum but does anyone here have dealing with `Global Reservations Services` I have a place in Florida and they have been in touch with me about selling my timeshare. They have offered me a price but the normal stuff after all the hype is that that will need 1300 Euros. Is this a legit company?? has anyone any dealing with them
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