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  1. Hi, The taxrebate thing is where they check your income tax etc.. and I am assuming any rebate is given to the IVA. To be honest my tax code has gone down, because my employer has miss calculated and HMRC reckon I owe them £1800 - so I am doubtful there is any rebate due. It was more the principal of it, and whether anyone else had had the same request. and can they demand I do this. Cheers 5bellies
  2. Hi, I have been in an IVA for just short of 7 years. and included in it was a credit card from Yorkshire Bank. The IVA started in Sept 2012 and they hung on to put the card into Default in Feb March 2013 appearing in the closed accounts section. It has been in default since then, and a month or so ago it disappeared of my Credit file (Same as all my other accounts that were in default and 6 years old) This month it has re appeared as an open account (Same number and same balance as the old one) I was under the impression that they couldn't do this. I raised a dispute with noddle and
  3. Hi I have been in an IVA since 2012. At the outset the creditors wanted 6 years. In year 5.5 I did the equity release paperwork and was unable to raise any funds that way. I am now in year 6 month 8 (Only 4 months payments left) I have received an email from taxrebates.com telling me I have until the 14th May to respond to a review for my tax code. (your iva practitioner has liaised with us yada yada yada) and a very formal note: IMPORTANT: It is very important you start this review NOW. Simple question has any one come across this before, and am I obligated to do this? Thanks i
  4. From Memory, Im at work and the paperwork is at home. Will upload later.
  5. From memory the reference numbers are different. One looked more like an AC - Sort. If that is the case I may have answered my own question, that they are collecting for a loan account and a current account. Cheers
  6. Both are Lloyds. (One is Lloyds and the other is Lloyds TSB) Cheers
  7. Hi, I am after a little advice, or pointing in the right direction. One of my children has a debt from Lloyds TSB (A loan taken out many years ago). Whilst she was talking about money she mentioned she has two DCA's but only one debt. She said she's been paying it for years, but it never really seems to go down. She has dropped the paperwork off for me to look at, and they are both debts for Lloyds. Different amounts, but she only had one loan. Is there a way to find out if it is the same debt or somehow different ones. One company is Lowell Portfolio, and the other
  8. Will get her to set up noddle later today. cheers
  9. DCA is Credit security Ltd Looking at the statement last payment into the account was £20 Feb 2010 and in Oct 2010 it was transferred to CDR (Consumer Debt Recovery) Where in the SAR will I find the default letter - or do I need to read through it all?
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone can assist me, I am now at the end of my knowledge. My stepdaughter had a bank account with lloyds-tsb and around December 2007 got into a little muddle. The upshot being the account went overdrawn and they slapped what looks like £100+ per month in charges on (Some months they are £270. From what I can see is in the month of Feb 08 she starts the month 8.57 OD after the charges she is £-140.79. This just then spirals. For some reason after that all activity stops apart from the odd charge, and then they keep one Direct Debit running
  11. Maybe I had a loan with them, and made the rest up I remember going into a shop they had in Crewe
  12. The Associates - I think they may have been car finance - I vaguely recall having a finance on a car many years ago. I Did find this: We regularly receive inquiries from people trying to find The Associates, a finance company which consisted of various companies including "Associates Housing", "Associates Finance", "Associates Financial Services" and "Associates Home Equity Service Inc." (formerly known as Ford Consumer Finance Co. Inc.). HSH Associates has no connection to any of those companies -- they companies were purchased by an arm of Citibank years ago. If you need to get
  13. Slightly off topic, but the proxy server will connect to the server that was allegedly hacked using its live IP address which is one that falls outside of anything beginning with 10 (10.b.c.d) or or (RFC 1918) That IP will be registered with IANA (who in turn will assign it to one of the 5 agencies (ARIN,APNIC,RIPE,AfriNIC,LACNIC) This will be the IP address that is in the log of the alleged hacked server, whilst it is possible to spoof an IP address this is not just a case of typing spoof my ip into google. If you use a proxy serve
  14. I assume from the text they have an IP address in Manchester. Unless they used an anonymous proxy server then it should be logged somewhere . Getting the logs is the rub. It is apparent that they have the IP, otherwise how can you state it is from Manchester. My guess is it would be a domestic Virgin Media DHCP Address. Can't see why they would redact it though. I have had VM internet for over a year and am still on the same IP address I had when it first got connected.
  15. With regards to the IP address, it is possible for anyone to trace one . As an example of how simple it is: www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk IP address is Which is : Customer dedicated servers Bytemark Computer Consulting Ltd Bytemark Computer Consulting Ltd /19 PA ukukyoryork53.938000-1.125000bytemark computer co...United KingdomGBnot foundnot found54.000000-2.000000Bytemark Computer Co...UNITED KINGDOMUKENGLANDYORK53.957630-1.082710BYTEMARK COMPUTER CO...Geolocation Data Origin AS Data RIR DataASN35425NameBYTEMARK-ASDescriptionBytemark Compute
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