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  1. Just got a letter back from the FOS - Adjudicator (Concerning Active Securities, they will contact me seperatly for Callcredit) From the letter
  2. ICO - They say no data protection breach, no complaint to answer TS - Investigating (Last letter says there waiting a response from the companys) FOS - Investigating (Last letter says there waiting a response from the companys) Police - Investigation has been handed to the computer crimes department
  3. I have recived a response from the ICO, its the same answer as the first phone call to them so I don't know why they asked me to send it in writing... I'm confused too, I think their trying to say (It wasn't us, thats the end of dicussion and pay us the money)
  4. The information has been a little slow from the police I have requested updates but no news as of yet. Final Response from Callcredit I am submitting my complaints to the FOS now that I have recieved their final responses. I kinda expected the response from Active Securities, but the response from Callcredit surprized me a little as there siding with Active Securities even before the Police investigation is completed...
  5. As I have recieved their "Final Response" I just putting everything together for the FOS and I came across the original Terms & Conditions, considering that there suggesting I unloaded the threat by changing my details how can the be when this is in there T&C's? [ATTACH=CONFIG]41766[/ATTACH]
  6. Not too sure what you mean? My details are all correct in every other section of the crdit report just that entry was incorrect (if thats what you mean?)
  7. I couldn't get my scanner to work so had to take a photo, this is the final response from Active Securities converted to PDF ref number removed dx
  8. I also now have referances numbers for the FOS they have not started investigation yet. They said I need a final response from both companys and I need to also check my other credit reports as I will have to include them in a complaint if the "threat is displayed there also"
  9. After calling the ICO they don't have the previous phone call on record, but they do remember the phone call and think that the original call wasn't understood hence the poor advice. They asked me to send in an email containing all the information I have so far (which I have now done). They have also deem my case/complaint as "High Priority" due to the nature of it and it will be looked at today. Will keep you advised out any outcomes...
  10. The above responses are from formal complaints I have have already sent them - those are their answers to my complaints. I suppose I can take it to the next level now as I am unhappy with the investigation and as per their complaints procedures I can take it further... So any assistance with letter writing will be appriciated
  11. Not recieved the files yet, although experian have said they will help me to get access to my report from them for free. From my understanding so far - you cannot change the details of your credit report and that hasn't been implied. The information was changed on the AS account and this information is uploaded by AS to the credit companys automatically and the reason it shown on my credit report is that CRA don't check the information being uploaded.
  12. Could you help me out and assist me in drafting a response to AS to distribute their claims about the ip address. I'm not that technically minded, but I do get the change details thing I've not come across a site where you can change your personal details or if you can you get an email saying that they will be looked at by customer services to be change (click here if it wasnt you) type email.
  13. Responses Active Securities I will try and get a copy of the letter up from them scanned and posted, but they have basically just said that "It was not them or one of their employees that has changed the information on the account" they said that my account was accessed using my username and password and the address details updated and they have given the police the i.p address that accessed the account. They also advised me that the balance on my account is still outstanding and needs to be paid. Call Credit / Noddle My thoughts I get where AS are coming from of c
  14. No, they carn't give it to me quoted "Data Protection" Pretty much what there saying No Just the one for that company, you would have to change every account address for each creditor for them all to read the same. Credit agencys don't input the information just store it from the companys Don't know where it will go from here, guess Im going to have to wait for an official reply from Active Securities and take it from there...
  15. I'll try to explain as it is getting a little confusing What the Payday loan company is saying The payday loan company is saying that someone logged into the payday loan account and update the details (basically I logged in and changed the info) Credit Ref Agency There saying there not responsible for the information inputted on to credit reports as there uploaded by the companys and it is presented to me as the company uploaded it.Although they say they "takes considerable steps to ensure the information which appears on your credit file is accurate" they have not confirm
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