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  1. i found to my own cost that local athoritys seem to get info from the benifit system before you on most ocasions and also get info you never get, and as for rules they seem to make them up as they go and it always your fault never theirs, they also seem not to have rules on how far back they can ask for , mine dated back nearly 6 years because of what i belive was a problem with their system and miss type info, but it was my fault i hadef made sure the info was correct, (still havent found how i was to do this ) now repayind back £2500 at £ 10 every 4 weeks!
  2. i was medical discharged from royal navy in 2001 as was given a assasment of 10 to 19% disability,so a lump sum was awarded, but no diasbility pension, but found work and tried to make mysealf a new life but in 2005 was forced to give up work and start claming, i was given a resesment by the mod and my pension was incresed tp 30% and a pension was awarded . Now i also strted to claim houseing and CTB at this time but it has never been straightforword as evey few mounths i get another set of bills and it all changed untill october 2018 when i got a set of letters stating that i was and have nev
  3. the problem is we dont know the rules as they are always changing them or keeping them secret.
  4. they did the same to me and stood by the desition when i did a MR
  5. I think this so called service is in need of major reform, I am in a similar situation due to my doctors and local chemist moving to digital everything i no longer get to see any paperwork, Because i am on income ESA I get free prescriptions and since it a joint claim my wife is also entailed to them, now we have over £800 in fines to pay because somebody has marked the wrong box electronically saying i have a tax credit card and also according to the nhs database i am not claiming any other benefits, and it all my fault because i didn't make sure it was right, it n
  6. have a good look at the windows here is a example of the fitting standards of safestyle found when the coveing was removed during redecoration of one room a year after fitting , the rest were checked and found to be the same if not worse. complaint made and still awaiting reply
  7. Been to the shop and the replacement is actually a slightly younger and better model, and the owner has waved the repair fee also and given a personal apology , so a good result all round. He believes that a now ex employee has stolen a few items from the shop and it is now with the police.
  8. I placed a laptop into a local computer repair shop ( not a chain) to have the power socket replaced as it had become loose and was not charging the battery. when I went back after the agreed two weeks the shop told me they had LOST the laptop, but were investigating where it was. Now today they phoned and told me they cannot find my laptop, but have one on stock I can have as replacement (no details of the laptop specs were given) but i still need to pay the cost of the original repair. What are my rights on this? Tried to contact my local trading standards but Durham have g
  9. strange mine was back in 5 days when i did it last weekend at the post office, i had a simmler problem with the address also
  10. i be very surprised if you did get a specialist nurse/doctor as a assesor, they dont employ that many if any, they are mostly people like physiotherapists and general nurses who have done a few days course to fill in the tick boxes on the pc
  11. i had the same a few weeks ago after getting 14 points , and unfortunately the answer is yes they can and do, i now have to sign on for jsa every two weeks whilst i wait for the mandatory review before i can start the appeal process, hb and ct were a bit of a problem as they wanted to see the formal dissension letter which only came three weeks later, before the would change me over but now it just going through the drudgery of the jsa process until they get their fingers out/
  12. this is a hypothetical case based on several real cases she has come across in her work up to date , and although its not a rule change as such, the recent changes to ESA mean metal health is harder to get points for in the Work capability assessments. the current discriptors are learning how to do tasks, being aware of danger starting a task and finishing it to the end coping with change coping with getting about on your own dealing with other people behavior with other people
  13. A friend of mine who is doing some research into today’s workplace for her university course has asked me to post this up although I have done it in my words as hers seem a little to complicated for me to understand and would like your honest answers, please not the political correct answer also. A 48-year-old ex-soldier was medically discharged from the army due to mental health issues over 15 years ago. He held down a job for 5 years at first working in a support role for a IT company but is illness got worse and he was forced to give up working, and was put on the sick with a li
  14. my local council Durham has already stated it will do no more that the legal minim in most areas they lost over £100 million from their budgets, closing all its care homes, most of its smaller library's and closing its regimental museum and art center, also we are to have a tax rise of 3.9%, we already pay some of the highest rate in the UK with a band D yes a D at over £1700 a year
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