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  1. I think this so called service is in need of major reform, I am in a similar situation due to my doctors and local chemist moving to digital everything i no longer get to see any paperwork, Because i am on income ESA I get free prescriptions and since it a joint claim my wife is also entailed to them, now we have over £800 in fines to pay because somebody has marked the wrong box electronically saying i have a tax credit card and also according to the nhs database i am not claiming any other benefits, and it all my fault because i didn't make sure it was right, it not the fault of anybody else. Now i have to prove that the database the nhs hold is wrong , its not for them to prove me in the wrong as their database is infallible, and if i dont pay by the end of november i will be in court.
  2. have a good look at the windows here is a example of the fitting standards of safestyle found when the coveing was removed during redecoration of one room a year after fitting , the rest were checked and found to be the same if not worse. complaint made and still awaiting reply
  3. Been to the shop and the replacement is actually a slightly younger and better model, and the owner has waved the repair fee also and given a personal apology , so a good result all round. He believes that a now ex employee has stolen a few items from the shop and it is now with the police.
  4. I placed a laptop into a local computer repair shop ( not a chain) to have the power socket replaced as it had become loose and was not charging the battery. when I went back after the agreed two weeks the shop told me they had LOST the laptop, but were investigating where it was. Now today they phoned and told me they cannot find my laptop, but have one on stock I can have as replacement (no details of the laptop specs were given) but i still need to pay the cost of the original repair. What are my rights on this? Tried to contact my local trading standards but Durham have given the service over to CAB and cant get through on the national number they give.
  5. lenny100

    Driving Licence

    strange mine was back in 5 days when i did it last weekend at the post office, i had a simmler problem with the address also
  6. i be very surprised if you did get a specialist nurse/doctor as a assesor, they dont employ that many if any, they are mostly people like physiotherapists and general nurses who have done a few days course to fill in the tick boxes on the pc
  7. i had the same a few weeks ago after getting 14 points , and unfortunately the answer is yes they can and do, i now have to sign on for jsa every two weeks whilst i wait for the mandatory review before i can start the appeal process, hb and ct were a bit of a problem as they wanted to see the formal dissension letter which only came three weeks later, before the would change me over but now it just going through the drudgery of the jsa process until they get their fingers out/
  8. this is a hypothetical case based on several real cases she has come across in her work up to date , and although its not a rule change as such, the recent changes to ESA mean metal health is harder to get points for in the Work capability assessments. the current discriptors are learning how to do tasks, being aware of danger starting a task and finishing it to the end coping with change coping with getting about on your own dealing with other people behavior with other people
  9. A friend of mine who is doing some research into today’s workplace for her university course has asked me to post this up although I have done it in my words as hers seem a little to complicated for me to understand and would like your honest answers, please not the political correct answer also. A 48-year-old ex-soldier was medically discharged from the army due to mental health issues over 15 years ago. He held down a job for 5 years at first working in a support role for a IT company but is illness got worse and he was forced to give up working, and was put on the sick with a lifetime recommendation in 2005. He is on the maximum amount of anti-depressants he can be safely given, and has tried to take is life several time over the last 17 years, but has not responded to any other treatments offered by the NHS and has now been “parked” as untreatable. Due to the recent rule changes to sickness benefits were mental health is no longer considered as a barrier to work, he is no longer able to claim Employment Support Allowance, and he is put on job seekers allowance and must try and find a job. His mental health issues have worsened over the years and he finds it now difficult to talk to people he doesn’t know well, and although he has a short fuse, he has never been physically violent to anybody, but does shout at people and then walk away. He needs several days in bed to recover from downer episodes and these may occur at short notice. He also suffers for frequent flash back episodes and has been reported to be in a drunken state after, although he is a teetotaller. The job centre says he must apply for up to 30 jobs per week in the local area but all his qualifications are now out of date, and he cannot afford the renewal fees or get any grants for over £20.000 it would cost to bring the up to date. What role would you realistically see him in at you work place or would he even stand a chance of working at your firm,
  10. my local council Durham has already stated it will do no more that the legal minim in most areas they lost over £100 million from their budgets, closing all its care homes, most of its smaller library's and closing its regimental museum and art center, also we are to have a tax rise of 3.9%, we already pay some of the highest rate in the UK with a band D yes a D at over £1700 a year
  11. no unfortunaly they dont do that now just give you "Your" personal code for their website
  12. Today I received a large brown envelope, you know the type used by the various government departments that people who like me are on sickness benefits dread coming in the post. There was no way looking at the front you could tell this letter was not from the DSS its the same type front on the address and the only other thing you can make out through the window is the bar codes you expect to see. I did not open it for a few hours building my self up of the dreaded news I was to be reassessed or something, but when I did, what fell out was a cardboard capital one credit card and a thick letter saying i was probably pre approved for a card with a credit amount up to £1500. |Now i get a lot of unwanted mail even thought my address is on the postal preference service, but this is a new low, and almost give me a heart attack. I think its bellow the belt to try and disguise unsolicited post to look like a official letter and i will be reporting them to the rel event body's i the hope something can be done about this .
  13. Occasional lead occurs naturally in groundwater however, this is a rare situation in the UK and lead is not present in the water within our wider public water supply network. However before 1970, many smaller water pipes were made from lead. Although lead pipes have not been permitted for this purpose for four decades, in older properties it remains possible that part, or all, of the underground service pipe connecting the water main in the street to your kitchen tap may be made from lead. It is also possible that some original lead plumbing remains within older properties especially if the kitchen has not been modernised. In hard water areas the scale that forms on the inside of pipes protects against the dissolution of lead from the pipe into the water. However in soft upland water supply areas there is a greater likelihood of lead from pipes being present in the water. Where this risk exists, water companies treat the water with orthophosphate and this reduces the problem significantly. None the less, particles of lead may build up in these older pipes and intermittently appear in tap water. A less common cause of lead in drinking water is the illegal use of lead based solder to join together sections of copper pipe. Lead solder is still sold for use on closed central heating systems and mistakes occasionally happen whereby unqualified plumbers or householders use lead solder on drinking water pipes contrary to the law. For all these reasons, the amount of lead in drinking water at a particular property may sometimes be above the health based standard. If your home has been modernised since 1970 and all of the pipes from the water company's stop valve outside your home to the kitchen tap replaced, there should be no lead pipe on your property. If your home was built: • before 1970 it may have lead pipes • after 1970 it is unlikely to have lead pipes property belongs to the water company. This is known as the communication pipe. The part of the service pipe leading from the stop valve outside your property to the point where it enters your home is the responsibility of the owner. This is known as the private or supply pipe. All the plumbing inside your home to the kitchen tap is the responsibility of the property owner. How can I find out if there is lead in my drinking water? If you suspect that your home has lead pipes you can ask your water company to test the water at your kitchen tap for lead. Water companies take daily samples from consumer taps for lead at random and they will give you a report of this testing in your local area (water supply zone) free on request. They will also tell you whether they are treating the water to minimise the likelihood of lead pick up. Your water company will be aware of and will tell you if you live in an area with a history of lead pipes having been used and not removed. You can also have your water sampled by a private laboratory for which there would be a charge and this can be through your local authority environmental health service. If you live in social housing or you are a tenant, your first point of contact for further advice is also environmental health. In the short term if tests have confirmed a risk then you should not drink water that has been standing in the pipes for long periods, for example, overnight, or if no one has been at home during the day. Instead, before you draw off water for drinking and cooking, put the plug in the sink or put a kitchen bowl under the tap, and let the tap run until the sink or bowl is full. This amount will remove standing water in a pipe of up to 40 metres in length. You can then use the kitchen tap as normal. The above short term measure will protect you and your family but it is a waste of water and you should take steps as soon as practicable to replace the lead pipes between the stop valve outside your home and your kitchen tap. When arranging for this you should notify your water company because they are legally required to replace their communication pipe if all of the following criteria are met: • test results show the level of lead in your drinking water to be above the drinking water standard of 10 μg/l; • the owner agrees to replace all lead pipes for which they are responsible; • the owner requests the replacement of the communication pipe in writing .When replacing lead pipes make sure this does not reduce electrical safety by removing any earthing arrangements dependent on the pipes. Ask your electricity supplier if in doubt. Some local authorities offer assistance with removal of lead pipe from social housing.
  14. around me in the late 1980s as the coal mines were shut down, whole streets we bought up by what we call the "Bradford Landlords", for as little as two thousand per house, people moving away jobs were desperate, Now those houses are little better than slums, as apart from the day to day maintenance the law says they must do nothing has been done, but the town is on the up, investment is starting to work, and now the value of those house is growing fast, so they are coming on the market but considering the local advantage wage is still around twenty grand, they are price around £180,000 but need another 25 to 30 grand to make a decent home of them, locals carnt aford to buy then, so commuters from the large city's around here are buying them up so locals are being forced out and the town is becoming a bedroom area, in some areas were there are a lot of new build £250.000 "affordable" apartments were built on the local coal mine site there is nobody around on a weekend, and the local shop wont open at all on a Saturday or Sunday as there is no trade.
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