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  1. wish i could but its a random advert if you play you tube documentrys aslo saw it on one of the old time move channels you get fro free on sky
  2. more people need to be reporting these cases to the police, even if it only a crime number, the numbers will get to a piont the police will eventualy see there is a problem with this firm and it staff
  3. has anybody else seen the TV/youtube advert Lowell are running. just seen it myself and was totaly shocked, they come across as some kind of banking bissness who are there to help you out, not the company we all know!
  4. i am ex RN medicaly discharge on jan 9 2001 on the afps 75 with a 35% disability on reasesment in 2010 due to me being unawere they messed up my discarge medical and forgot to add the main reason for my medical dischare of PTSD it up untill then meaining i was only rated at 16% , my local council DURHAM say the same as yours did the pesion from the mod is a occupation pension so is classed by the as a private pension AND TAKE IT ALL INTO CONSIDURATION. if i got all mine back they have to backdate it to 2010 and i think it could run into 5 or 6 figures
  5. as a disabled vet due to ptsd amongst other things the lack of care is a total disaster in my local NHS they had a single mental health nurse designated for vets, mental health, and he was doing a ok job but was just out of traning and was looking for a better paid job, as he was still on the bottom rung for the pay scale. HE got it and personly informed each of his LADS has he called us that he was going and when nhs trust had a replcment all his files with all the details would be handed over, that was 4 years ago and i still havent been contacted with the details of anybody now handeling my case, and if i ring them i get "the somebody will be in touch soon". one of my local gp is ex military from the middle east and he phone about every 3 to 4 months just to ask how things are, but he is also due to retire haveing put it off due to covid. had dealings with combat stress scotland untill the nhs scotland took over and pushed the 6 week program on them, so because i am unable to spend that amount of time away from home now, i was parked and forgoten about like sevral hundred others. these plans are great for those who live in military base areas or the m25 as usual but those in the real northen england obove leeds and northen scotland the service is a best a statment on a website and at worst total discrimination. i would love to here how you got the ctb and hb win as i myself tried for 2 years to get my benift increased due to the tacking part of my mod pension into considration as a private income pension so they take it off the entetiment,
  6. no harm it trying even if you only get a report number it can only help. i think a few more of thses cases were stuff has gone missing with all these companys should be reported it will eventulay get to the stagee were a police investigation would have to take place
  7. i would be reporting this to the police as a stolen item, as it was taken without your consent
  8. when i usualy enter the site i go to the unread post using the short cut provided to see what i missed as at the moment i have no issuse to post , but lately i am get ing pages and pages of youth employment newsbot articals. Am i the only one who finds this and is it possable to change one of my setting so i dont see these articals?
  9. i found to my own cost that local athoritys seem to get info from the benifit system before you on most ocasions and also get info you never get, and as for rules they seem to make them up as they go and it always your fault never theirs, they also seem not to have rules on how far back they can ask for , mine dated back nearly 6 years because of what i belive was a problem with their system and miss type info, but it was my fault i hadef made sure the info was correct, (still havent found how i was to do this ) now repayind back £2500 at £ 10 every 4 weeks!
  10. i was medical discharged from royal navy in 2001 as was given a assasment of 10 to 19% disability,so a lump sum was awarded, but no diasbility pension, but found work and tried to make mysealf a new life but in 2005 was forced to give up work and start claming, i was given a resesment by the mod and my pension was incresed tp 30% and a pension was awarded . Now i also strted to claim houseing and CTB at this time but it has never been straightforword as evey few mounths i get another set of bills and it all changed untill october 2018 when i got a set of letters stating that i was and have never been entiltled to HB and CTB but because it was not my fault but theirs they would only seek back one yers overpayments. i got onto my houseing provider and there benifits team have been a godsend and in septembr 1019 told me to put in a formal comlpant aboutthe handeling of my case. thi was suposed to take 10 weeks but today i recived the report and also the letters they had based all the desisions upon. the main one is a letter i have never seen although suposidly sent to my old home adress in 2002 which states about my medical discharge the national insurance number and the service number are not mine and i belive that the councail have been using this infomation when talking to the mod about my pension and this is why i have been haveing problems as the inforation is about somebody who does not qualify for help. i know is sound a bit bad but at the moment i am fumeing about this and find it hard to think kleerly at the moment but i need direction on what to do next?
  11. the problem is we dont know the rules as they are always changing them or keeping them secret.
  12. they did the same to me and stood by the desition when i did a MR
  13. I think this so called service is in need of major reform, I am in a similar situation due to my doctors and local chemist moving to digital everything i no longer get to see any paperwork, Because i am on income ESA I get free prescriptions and since it a joint claim my wife is also entailed to them, now we have over £800 in fines to pay because somebody has marked the wrong box electronically saying i have a tax credit card and also according to the nhs database i am not claiming any other benefits, and it all my fault because i didn't make sure it was right, it not the fault of anybody else. Now i have to prove that the database the nhs hold is wrong , its not for them to prove me in the wrong as their database is infallible, and if i dont pay by the end of november i will be in court.
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