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  1. Claim submitted Your claim number: xxxxxxxxx Download your claim form What happens next HERMES PARCELNET LIMITED has until 4pm on 1 November 2021 to respond to your claim. They can request an extra 14 days if they need it. You can request a County Court Judgment against them if they don’t respond by the deadline.
  2. Next step is to provide evidence (print attached). My idea was to attach the photos of what I sent/what was received (also attached) and my communication with Hermes support. Any thoughts? Not sure if worth attaching the Packlink case as well? pictures.pdf Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 12.57.40 pm.pdf
  3. Yeah, since it's a new service I'm trying to put in as many info so that this thread can be referenced for other people - in terms of the events I listed, do you see anything that should be added/ removed?
  4. The webiste is asking me for a timeline of events, how's this? 20/08/2021 - I sold a "PNY GeForce GTX 1660 6GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition MiniITX" graphics card for £290 on eBay and posted it to the buyer using Packlink/Hermes 23/08/2021 - The parcel was delivered to the buyer but, instead of having the graphics card inside, it had an Asos box with a pair of sandals 24/08/2021 – I reported the incident to the Met Police (crime reference number is 4224689/21) fully refunded the buyer, and opened a claim with Packlink 15/09/2021 - Packlink sent me a "Goods Compensation" of £25,00 + "Postage cost refund" of £4,20 and refused to compensate me further 20/09/2021 – I opened a claim with Hermes asking for a refund · 21/09/2021 – Hermes confirmed that the contents of my parcel were lost and the parcel was repackaged with the incorrect contents but refused to compensate me further · 23/09/2021 – I sent a Letter of Claim to Hermes requesting a full refund of the item price, £290, as well as the delivery fee, £5.78, totalling £ 266.58 (290 + 5.78 - 29.20 paid by Packlink) 25/09/2021 – Hermes refused to compensate me and advised that the next step would be to enter litigation with them Screenshot 2021-10-02 at 21.04.42.pdf
  5. Yes, here's the first email their support sent me (I actually copied the sentence in bold and pasted it onto the plarticulars of claim):
  6. Hi, I registered with the new online money claim service and I understand that the Particulars of Claim are what I should in put in this field, correct? Here's the draft (I assume the reference# is for my support ticket with Hermes, not the tracking): I am also claiming interest from August 26th, with the explanation below as to why I'm claiming from this date: "This is the date I fully refunded the buyer who did not receive the item because of Hermes" Thanks Screenshot 2021-10-02 at 18.19.17.pdf
  7. I have not, will do that today and will post here the particulars of claim. Cheers
  8. I sent the Letter of Caim suggested by @BankFodderand got the following response: Should I send another physical letter to their legal dept or can I proceed with a court claim directly 14 days after the email? Thanks so much
  9. Hi @BankFodder, as you correctly mentioned, I am luck to have found this chat and this group. You and others are doing a great job here, but I wholeheartedly disagree with your point. You cannot generalise that all Hermes employees are acting on purpose to try and take advantage of victims like myself. These are individuals who most likely are unaware of the legal requirements of the compnay and just trying to make a living working a cusotmer support job, so I will not expose any personal information on them - per GDPR laws, full names are personal information and should be protected. If we were talking about executives who make it purposefully difficult to find supporet or have claims paid, then yes I'd agree they should have their personal information divulged, but just like it is irrelevant for me to know your name (or you mine), so is it that you know the customer support rep's. I think we can all act towards a common goal, which is to help consumers, even with disagreemnts like this, but please feel free to continue to support me on this journey or not. Thanks again
  10. I don't think I should be exposing personal information of any individuals and it's irrelevant to the question / process here.
  11. Got the following reply from Hermes today (reference IDs/personal info omitted): SHould I send them a letter of claim immediately? I was going to reply with the following: "As stated in my initial email, I have seeked Packlink and they have partially compensated me with £29.20, an amount that I do not find satisfactory. Even though this was purchased via 3rd parties (eBay Packlink), I am pursuing yourselves as I am entitled to do under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act ) 1999). I am requesting a full refund of the item price, £290, as well as the delivery fee, £5.78, totalling £ 266.58 (290 + 5.78 - 29.20 paid by Packlink). If I do not receive a satisfactory response from you, I will issue a Letter of Claim with the intention to initiate proceedings against you in the county court." Thanks!
  12. As a reference to anyone with similar problems, Hermes is making it incerasingly difficult for us to reach Customer support: The following email addresses return an error if you try them directly: [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] Dialing 0330 808 5456 only gets you to an automated system that takes tracking# and gives status. It says that if more help is needed, to use webchat. Webchat is also keeps you on this infinite loop of taking a tracking#, giving you order status and advising you to call the number above unless you: 1. Choose option "It's about something else" 2. "Sending" 3. "I need to report damage to my houyse or vehicle" You can then paste your issue and add photos. This got me an incident# and someone from support to reach out via email. Not ideal, but the only way I was able to get someone to contact me. Hope this helps other users
  13. Thanks @Droony19, unfortunetely got this message when I emailed the address: Hermes keeps me in a loop where the webchat tells me to call and the automated call tells me to go through the webchat, so I can't find a way to speak to anyone! Will see if I can find a way to contact them on the forums here
  14. Hi @BankFodder, thanks for all your help so far! I have been reading up on different stories, yes - and they are indeed very useful. I've done all the steps with Packlink now (got their reply that they won't reimburse me over £25) and just sent this email to Hermes: From my understanding of the process, if there is no satisfactory reply to this after 10 days I should send them the Letter of Claim / Particulars of Claim (similar to these), correct? Thanks for clarifying on the direct messages as well. Cheers!
  15. @sussexbloke77 I am in a very similar situation myself and just wanted to confirm to which Hermes email address did you complain / send the letter of claim to? Thanks!
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