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  1. I've had a look at your thread and yours does seems slightly more complicated than mine. After going through the process last week my only piece of advice would be to created a very short snappy statement that you can give to the Mediator. Do you have any questions that I can help with?
  2. Sorry for the delay all. 1: I got a call at around 3.30 PM where the mediator introduced them selves, confirmed what the intention of the mediation was and asked if I was willing to settle the case today and to willing to be flexible with the defendant. I replied and said I was willing to settle the case and I was willing to be flexible with Hermes by not going to court but I was not willing to budge on the £151.99. The mediator said that this was not the function of the mediation and I was expected to settle for a reduced sum of money. I repeated that I wasn't willing to reduce the mone
  3. Update: Mediation ended with a Full payout of £151.99 due to be paid by 22/010/2020. Hopefully this is the end of the road now and Hermes will pay within the time frame, although I can't see any reason why they wouldn't. To anybody else that has had to lose money due to Hermes being negligent, this process is not as daunting as it may first appear. The entire process took around 15 weeks and cost £30 which i am due to receive back from Hermes. Although the entire process took a while there was really very little work to do thanks to the help from this forum and Bank fodder.
  4. I've received my questionnaire and I've filled it out, except for the mediation section. Do I want to mediate with hermes?
  5. Seems I was getting a bit ahead of my self. Thanks for the advice BankFodder. I will sit tight and come back when I get an update.
  6. Thanks BankFodder. Should I Request Judgement now?
  7. Sorry BankFodder. Uploading the file must have reduced the resolution. I have uploaded to imgur  which has maintained the resolution.
  8. Hello all Hermes have filed their defence stating that I have already received £26.99 compensation, which is untrue as I never accepted the payment. I suppose next step is to request judgement?
  9. 7 days since the day of service but no reply from Hermes. Hopefully they respond this week but I do expect them to file an Acknowledgment of Service and extend for a further 14 days. I will update when something changes.
  10. I raised a ticket with hermes and they confirmed the parcel was valued at £120. I have since submitted a claim on the Money Claim web site for £120 + £6.99 Postage.
  11. Yes, Point taken BankFodder. Thank you for your patience and help. I should have stuck to the strict deadline but I let time slip away from me. I will submit my claim on www.moneyclaim.gov.uk tonight.
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