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  1. I've contacted Collect+ again stating my intent. I will follow up with a letter of claim if I do not receive a response within 10 days.
  2. Thanks Bazza. DPD have a picture of the parcel being in the shop, so I don't think they would get very far with that. I tried to get compensation from eBay and the seller directly, but I was refused as it was delivered to the collect+ point with proof from DPD.
  3. Good morning Bazzas. Thanks for your reply. Should I cancel this case with yodel and create a new one with Yodel and collect+ or can I simply add another party?
  4. Hi all. The Mediation has taken place. Yodel requested that I answer some more questions, for which I've posted the answers here. I'm at a bit of a cross roads as I feel that my evidence might not stand up in court. What are your opinions? Previously I've been directed to "collect+ by Yodel" so that who I have raised this case with. I can't bare to think that I will be out of pocket for this, but equally I feel like I'm hitting a dead end.
  5. Hello Lenny. I never thought about it that way. Is it too late to report something like this as it's been three months?
  6. Good morning all. Do you think I am within my right to bring yodel to court on this matter?
  7. evidence.docxGood morning all. its probably not a surprise, but yodel are disputing the claim for the following reasons: · The claimant has provided video footage which does not evidence any cause of action against the defendant – My footage shows the parcel being delivered by the driver and I also have a delivery conformation picture. The footage also shows the yodel driver coming into the store and then footage of the feet area showing the box. Then the driver leaves the box is gone. · It is the defendant’s case that the driver did not take any parcel that was not designated for the defendant. The claimant has failed to substantiate such allegations. Not sure what to say to this? I have been told by the staff at the shop that the yodel driver took the parcel and the footage backs this up. · In any event any parcels that are taken in error are stored in the defendants lost property and/or returned to the correct recipient. I’ve not had a single response from yodel about my parcel. It’s known that “lost” parcels from companies like yodel are auctioned off so the system must not work. As my parcel was delivered to a Collect+/Yodel drop off point surely the Collect+ insurance should cover me even if they don’t think their driver took the parcel? Is this reasonable? I’ve attached some screen shots from the videos and the original videos. DPD Delivery (2) STREAMABLE.COM Watch "DPD Delivery (2)" on Streamable. Yodel Removal (2) STREAMABLE.COM Watch "Yodel Removal (2)" on Streamable. evidence.docx
  8. Ah yes, of course! I need to brush up on my skills. Only a few months ago I had to raise a claim against Hermes with the Help of a user called BankFodder on here so I will have a re read of that thread. I did not expect to be back here so soon.
  9. Hello all. I'm having a bit of a nightmare with Yodel I had an eBay parcel delivered to a collect+ point (CO-OP) on 02/06/21 at 10.21am by DPD. At 13.14pm a Yodel Collect+ driver arrived and put my parcel into the return sack and brought it with him in error. I have CCTV footage that CO-OP provided. The first video shows the DPD driver dropping the parcel off at 10.14. The second video shows the Yodel driver picking the parcel up and walking out the door. On Friday 11/06/21 I contacted the Yodel web chat service and chatted with one of their reps. They took my details and gave me a reference number .... They said they sent an email to the local depot. I have a copy of this script. I tried to contact web chat again but I've had a mixture of unhelpful responses and nobody recognises the reference number I've been given. I’ve also emailed [email protected] twice with no reply. I've filled out the claim form and requested a payment to the value of £450. How many days should I wait before raising a case and is correct to ask yodel for this money instead of eBay?
  10. I've had a look at your thread and yours does seems slightly more complicated than mine. After going through the process last week my only piece of advice would be to created a very short snappy statement that you can give to the Mediator. Do you have any questions that I can help with?
  11. Sorry for the delay all. 1: I got a call at around 3.30 PM where the mediator introduced them selves, confirmed what the intention of the mediation was and asked if I was willing to settle the case today and to willing to be flexible with the defendant. I replied and said I was willing to settle the case and I was willing to be flexible with Hermes by not going to court but I was not willing to budge on the £151.99. The mediator said that this was not the function of the mediation and I was expected to settle for a reduced sum of money. I repeated that I wasn't willing to reduce the monetary value but I was willing not to bring Hermes to court. The mediator told me they would bring this news to Hermes and call me back later. 2: I received a call back from the mediator at around 3.50 PM. The stance from Hermes was that I did not take out the insurance but as a good will gesture they were willing to cover the cost of the postage + the value of the lost item. they were not willing to pay the £30 odd pounds that it cost me to raise the claim. I again repeated that I wasn't willing to settle for a reduced sum of money and if we went to court it would cost Hermes a lot more than £151. Again the mediator said that this was not the function of a mediation but still went back to hermes. 3: After a 25 minute wait the mediator called me back saying Hermes would pay the full amount and all i had to do was send my bank details to a person in Hermes. The Mediator then read out the claim and told me a copy would be sent to both partied Via email and that was it. For prep all I did was read the bullet points posted on here and re construct them in my own words. The mediation was very snappy and I wasn't given the time to defend my case and use the bullet points on here but never the less it was good to have the ammo in my back pocket. The mediator made me feel like a mediation wasn't the correct option, but I remembered that Bankofdder said they would try and push me into settlement. Over all i'm happy that I ticked the mediation box.
  12. Update: Mediation ended with a Full payout of £151.99 due to be paid by 22/010/2020. Hopefully this is the end of the road now and Hermes will pay within the time frame, although I can't see any reason why they wouldn't. To anybody else that has had to lose money due to Hermes being negligent, this process is not as daunting as it may first appear. The entire process took around 15 weeks and cost £30 which i am due to receive back from Hermes. Although the entire process took a while there was really very little work to do thanks to the help from this forum and Bank fodder. BankFodder- Thank you so much for your help. The Information you have provided has been invaluable and hope you continue to do what you do. Donation incoming to help the people in the future.
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