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  1. Thank you for your detailed comment @Manxman in exile, I'm grateful for the time you spent on it. I understand what you're saying, and I guess I feared it would be the case. In response to your final comments, I didn't make a direct complaint regarding the course materials at the time. My mental state lead me to believe it was my fault that I couldn't get through it. It wasn't until I heard others mention their thoughts on the course materials that I realised I really should have expected more than what was presented. I have managed to get in touch with 2 or 3 others, however most of these review sites don't let you contact people so it's not easy to open up a dialogue. Those that I have spoke to are definitely still dissatisfied, but I'm still waiting to hear about any details. Thank you again for your time.
  2. I spoke to my father and he had this to say. What do you guys think? "It seems to me that you have applied for a loan/credit from a company. They have not given you the money but have paid it to themselves in return for access to their services. At some point they have denied you access to the service that you have paid for. From this point, you are not making any financial demand on them (you are not accessing their servers and you are not taking the time of their staff (tutors)). However they are still expecting you to pay for that which they have denied you use of. To me, it seems equivalent to you buying a car using finance. You have been provided the funds to buy the car and you have made arrangements to pay off the loan for it. Sadly, through no fault of your own, your circumstances have been changed. The car dealership has taken back (denied you use of) the car. The finance company (the car dealership) still wants you to pay back the whole cost of the car. What has happened to the value of the car that they have taken back? Surely they would offset the value of the car against what you owe on the finance agreement? It seems that in this case the car has been stolen by the car dealership (finance company.) in this case, you have not been able to use the whole course, and so you have only caused a financial drain on the Training Room for that fraction of the total cost. if they want you to pay the cost of the finance for the whole course then they should give you the balance of the cash that you were not able to spend on access to the course..."
  3. I'm really sorry @stu007, I did look through it but I have no idea what any of it means or what the significaance is. I really appreciate everyone spending time to look at this- but I really am clueless when it comes to this kind of thing.
  4. @mantis shrimp it is indeed the same name. What do you mean by great fun? fun to my benefit or theirs? sorry @dx100uk, I'm not sure what your last post means. Regarding the ombudsman, I was very confused during the whole process. I got the introduction and it sounded like they were going to contact the training room with the hopes that they would settle something (attached). I got the final response email from the training room and thought that it was a waste of time, and that the ombudsman is useless because nothing changed (also attached). Time passed and I was distracted due to focusing on my studies, and I started getting more emails and letters from the training room. I was annoyed that the ombudsman was so useless and sent them an email wondering what the heck they even did, the response is attached. I have no idea how the process works but it seemed like they just brushed me off and did nothing. I've attached the correspondence. png2pdf (1).pdf
  5. They've been sending me regular letters and emails, yes. Do you want me to compile all of them? What would you be looking for in them?
  6. Heres the default letter. Had a really hard time getting any kind of quality. I hope it's readable. I asked about an extension earlier in the year and after not receiving a reply for months I called. Over the phone I was told that it would be £200 plus £15 for every month that I needed the extension. That's what I expected when the 12 months came- hence my surprise when I was told I wasn't eligible. After fighting to get an extension they asked for medical evidence; which I provided. That's when they offered me the extension for £340 (for 4 months only). I'm way beyond cancelling the course. This is an ongoing issue because I refused to pay them for so long. When the course was taken away from me after the 12 months I decided to enrol in University because I wanted to get some kind of qualifications. I told them this and that my student loans barely covered my living expenses- they didn't care, they just wanted me to pay. Due to financial pressures I dropped out of University to find work and here I am now. I wish I paid more attention to the one star reviews. They're always flaunting their high rating on trustpilot- which is what made me think they were a good option at the time. But looking closer at the reviews, there are almost no 2, 3, or 4 star reviews. Their one star reviews all sound very reminiscent to my experience with them. Their 5 star reviews are numerous enough to keep their ratings high but I can't help but get a feeling that they're all false. In fact a lot of the 5 star reviews are straight up lies- some of them say things like you can take as long as you need to finish the course. I wonder if there's any way of finding out if they purchase good reviews in order to trick people into thinking their course is anything more than pages and pages of text files. Thank you for looking at this everyone. You've been really helpful. Way more helpful than the Ombudsman who completely brushed me (and someone who went through a similar problem with the training room) off. I'll send the SAR request shortly. PS: @mantis shrimp the Lender IS the Training room. Or more specifically TTR PT LTD png2pdf.pdf
  7. So does that mean I screwed myself by signing the credit agreement?
  8. I found the terms and conditions and another file. I'm pretty sure the only thing I signed was the credit agreement. Pre-Contractual-Explanation.pdf TTRTermsandConditions.pdf
  9. This is the contract from when I enrolled. TTR PT LTD.pdf
  10. In 2019 I enrolled with The Training Room for a software development course which I fully intended to complete. I suffer from MDD, Anxiety and ADHD and I was concerned that this would affect my course in some way, this is information that I gave over the phone to the person selling me the course. My mental health suffered when I discovered that the course was nothing more than large blocks of text and a “tutor” who could only answer questions about the blocks of text. This was extremely difficult for my ADHD, but I really wanted to obtain the qualifications- so I requested information regarding extending my course from The Training Room, to which I received no response. I didn’t pursue it because I had a job, was making the payments and things were going well. Then, the pandemic struck and I lost my job and was refused furlough because I had started after the government cut off date. My mental state suffered further along with my financial state, and even though I managed to get onto Universal Credit, I was struggling. I rang The Training Room and eventually I was told it would cost an initial £200 and then £15 per month until I finished the course. As time went on, my mental health slowly improved with the help of my psychiatrist and psychologist. However, when my course deadline hit, The Training Room told me, for the first time, that I wasn't eligible to extend my deadline because I hadn't completed enough of the course. This shocked me, as nothing had been said about this before this point. I explained my financial and mental situation and was given a ‘generous’ offer which allowed me to stay on the course for a maximum of four months after my deadline for a fee of £350. If I had been able to afford that option, I would have taken it, however, as I informed them both in writing and over the phone, I was struggling to complete the course within the deadline because of my financial and health issues – charging me more and giving me minimal time to complete the course merely exacerbated the problem. The Training Room is threatening me with legal action if I do not pay the full course fees of over £2000 and I do not have the money, nor do I think it is fair that they should charge me this. They did not listen to me, and were dishonest with me from the start. I’m not the only person who has had this experience with the Training Room. Is it really legal for them to be so unethical? Am I going to be forced to pay this even though it’s completely unreasonable? Any advice or insights would be really appreciated.
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