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    • I don’t see some users posts, but since they’ve been quoted .........   I agree (in parts) with 2 contributors postings.   WHO says “test, test, test”, so more tests ARE key. That is part agreeing with one contributor.   I also agree with cjcregg. One has to understand the limitations of a test : (sensitivity, specificity and its positive and negative predictive values - which involves sensitivity / specificity AND prevalence!).   One also has to understand which test, to apply those limitations. a) RNA NAAT? (Commonly called PCR, though PCR is a tradename, so ‘PCR’ is to ‘NAAT’ like ‘Hoover’ is to ‘vacuum cleaner’) b) Antigen testing? c) Antibody testing? (If so, IgM? IgG? Both??)   Knowing which test(s), their limitations, and thus what the result actually MEANS is more important than a blanket statement of “test everyone!”, (and repeatedly ??! ) .... especially as it allows prioritisation of who gets what test to maximise benefit, until “testing for all” is more than a pipe-dream .....   Would you repeat a positive IgG test? If so, in what circumstances??
    • Just out of interest, how long did it take you to formulate this conclusion? I'm not looking for a particularly accurate answer, just round it up to the nearest nano second.    How is this going to work then?   Where are the medical personnel and laboratory staff required to undertake this massive project going to come from? Now this is just a stab in the dark but I'd imagine they'd be quite busy at the moment.   Even South Korea, who are recognised as having one of the most aggressive testing policies have only managed to test 1% of their population. You clearly have no conception as to the scale of what you're proposing.   Even if it was possible to plan, organise and execute it would take years to achieve, by which time all the data would have been redundant and completely meaningless. I was tested last week and it took 2 days for the result, which by the time I received it was already out of date as I was then and now just as likely to be infected as I was when I took the test.   Think about it.    
    • I'm sure that the entire nation is reassured and lost in gratitude to you for this heart-warming confirmation.   Do keep us updated.
    • I would say that is exactly what "discretionary" means.     Is that the case?  Surely nearly all bonus schemes are discretionary unless explicitly stated otherwise in the employment contract?  Does "fairness" come into it?   I agree with emmzi - there's no advantage to the employer in paying it and I can't see the OP forcing them to do so.
    • not to complicate things, I had a full time job with employer #1 and a part-time zero hour contract with employer #2. Employer #2 offers me a full time contract starting 1st May 2020. I leave employer #1 6th March 2020 I then go back to employer #2 and resume 40 hours a week on a zero hour contract until 18th march 2020 when the place has closed. I have been told the job starting in May will be delayed until June and then we will sign full time contracts.   Taking the advice of Honeybee13, I looked over the internet and it looks like I missed out by a week as the cut off point was the 28th Frbruary
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A very cross Puddinpie V Egg

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Hi all


well I am now ell and truly fed up with Egg - I feel like they are taking the "p" out of me:


My original SAR went in on 25th March 07 (I even included id as I was aware they had been asking for it)


I wrote again on 10th May to state they had failed to comply with my request blah blah


Their first contact with me was on May 14th saying the ID was not adequate (drivng lic and utility bills etc)


I wrote back on May 16th including my id etc..........


I wrote to them again on May 29th stating they had 7 days to comply or I would then seek a court order obliging them to do so together with damages etc....


They wrote back saying they would try and get me the information back 26th June !!!!!


These people are taking the P......that will have been approx 3 months for them to get me the information (and thats if it arrives then)


I am so annoyed ...................But I see they are doing this to quite a few people


Guess I have no choice but to wait till 26th ..........

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Why not carry out your threat to get a court order against them?


Also they should be reported to the Information Commissioner as they are clearly in breach of the Data Protection Act.


I feel that a lot of these 'banks' feel that they can string us along by saying that the information that we have requested is difficult to access in the hope that we will go away and forget the whole issue.


As such we should take a firm stand against them and take them to court to get the information that is, at the end of the day, ours by right.



If this comment has helped please click on the scales.

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How would i go about gettign a court order against them......could anyone advise me please


Also are there any templates knocking around for reporting DP Comm

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I don't know but thought you could do with a bump

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Hallelujah.........Finally arrived today .................My original request being 25th March 2007 !!!!


Okay I have a few questions:

- I want to reclaim PPI - do I do one claim for charges + PPI or do I split the claims - 1 claim for charges + interest and 1 claim for PPI.

- What have people been using for interst? Have they just been going for 8% or have they beein utilising the actual %. I did Cap 1 for 34.9% CCI and would very much like to do the same on Egg.



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