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  1. I also have an old case that was stayed as soon as the test case began. The account is now closed with an unpaid overdraft which the reclaimed charges would more than cover. I haven't heard from them yet about striking. Not sure how to link back but will try here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/86191-elliejay39-abbey-guru-needed.html will now go and read the front page piece on misrepresentation....
  2. e-mail sent to Ed Miliband - MP (Labour) for Doncaster North Ellie
  3. Well Done!!!! & for the record I think you made the right decision about accepting the interest - its not a bad compromise is it?
  4. Do we need to include a precis of the old defence? (as suggested in the evidence section of your template Gary) If so whats the best way of going about that? Ellie
  5. Hi, most cases in the pipleline (or submitted since the announcement) have been, or are expected to be stayed. See the following threads http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/cases-stayed-pending-oft/ and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/107573-oft-test-case-what.html I think we all realised that the recent situation couldn't continue and most people (I think) welcome the test case and are confident that fairness will prevail. Its just been very shoddily handled by the authrorities who have obvioulsy had little regard for consumers like us. I'm a week or
  6. don't forget you need to do a prelim & LBA before filing at court but you should still send the letter of dispute to MC & Abbey. Can I just ask how far back the information you received went? your earlier post suggested it was further back than 6 years and ok, it took then 4 months to find it but worth waiting for....?
  7. Hi, Just received the new defence this morning (word for word the same as yourturntopay's) No mention of a stay yet (apart from the standard letter from Abbey telling me they will be appplying) although according to Icy's thread my local court are definitely staying ALL cases. If i go for an application for defence to be struck out, is it better to opt for hearing or not? I'm a bit nattered as I submitted N1 just before new POC's were composed so used a variation of the old, shorter ones although i did file in person not with MCOL. Thanks in advance Ellie
  8. Just found this thanks to KOG on Halifax forum. Might help in putting together an appeal against a stay given that Abbey seem to be blatantly ignoring the advice in letters received today. 'If the firm attempts to resolve a relevant charges complaint after the date of this direction (other than those described in condition 12(4)): (a) the firm must not seek agreement from the complainant that the resolution is in full and final settlement of the matter; (b) in relation to such complaints, if the outcome of the test case produces a result that is more favourable to the complaina
  9. Bit of an edit having found the following thanks to KOG on the Halifax Forum... http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Doing/Regulated/Notify/Waiver/pdf/direction_disp.pdf Dear Sir or Madam, Court claim reference No: ******** Elliejay39V ABBEY NATIONAL PLC Thank you for your letter dated 7th August 2007, I note that despite my letter of 24th July 2007 rejecting your gesture of goodwill you still deposited an amount of £490 into my account on 1st August 2007. I must stress that this deposit does not constitute my acceptance of this offer as full and final settlement. You should
  10. Ok, GOGW finally deposited in early August over 3 weeks after offer and almost 2 weeks after I sent letter rejecting it. Had to dip into it last week which worried me a bit but given that they swiped almost £400 of the Cap 1 settlement in charges etc i felt justified (and anyway no alternative) and also since they are demanding repayment of OD in 2 weeks i may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.... Had a nice chatty letter informing of blanket stays, telling me to read website for details blah de blah. Then got a letter this morning (its a pretty standard templateI believe) informing me
  11. Congratulations! I wonder if they're getting fed up now!
  12. Take a look here for help on Court bundle. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html You will get lots of help from this site but you are posting in the successes forum atthe moment so won't get much help here. Start a new thread in the main Abbey forum where it will be seen by more people. Good luck Ellie
  13. Hello all, Firstly you are posting in the successes thread so are unlikely to get much response here. Try starting a thread in the main Abbey forum and you will get more help. For interest calculations have you tried using the spreadsheets in the templates library here? However if you have already filed it would cost you £35 to amend your claim and this cannot be claimd back so you may be better leaving it for now particularly in the current climate. As far as your court hearing goes I would assume it is happening until you hear otherwise. Unless something has happened today that I have y
  14. elliejay39

    Abbey poc

    Is it worth amending mine? I only filed on Wednesday 25th July. Can I ask what brought this about - is it just for Abbey or are the POC deemd stronger no matter what bank you are claiming against? Ellie
  15. surprise surprise, a letter from Abbey this morning telling me that my overdraft is up for renewal in September and unfortunatley they won't be renewing it at this time! Its fair enough really since I started having my salary paid into another bank in April.. Its a bit worrying though, considering the likely delay in resolving my charges claim due to the test case. D'you think I can request a stay on my overdraft repayment pending the result...LoL:D
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