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  1. That is the joy of insurance. It is taken out to cover you in the event of a fault or breakdown and then they will come out and repair or replace. But if you do not claim and then cancel the policy you will not get a penny back.
  2. What a sorry state of affairs. Have you thought of contacting Watchdog?
  3. Update I have finally receivewd the Keycodde from BSM today. The reason from the delay was due to the fact that their e mail had been out of actioin for 8 days! Will try the code tonight and hopefully it will work-if not then it is back to BSM in the morning.
  4. Its amazing that an innocent thread asking for advice posted just under a week ago can generate such diverse comments. I agree with Jim. Shops do have a duty of care to ensure that the enviroment in which we shop is safe but equally we, as parents, also have a duty of care to ensure that our offspring are kept under control. In the case posted by Esio I would not be at all surpised if Debenhams did not end up charging the parent for the goods that were damaged, and rightly so. I seem to remeber a placard that I saw in a department store years ago that read: Lovely to handle Lovely to hold If it gets broken We consider it sold
  5. So you have sent both the prelim and a 7 day letter to LTSB. What you should have done once you had received their fob off letter was to send them the Letter before Action. This gives them 14 days to reply and if they decide not to then you can take them to court. What did your 7 day letter say?
  6. Suggest that he reads the T&C's that he would have signed when he first joined.
  7. Welcome to CAG Firstly I would suggest that you repost this thread in the Barclays section giving details of where you are with the claim. That way other Barclays claimants can read the thread and offer advice and guidance.
  8. If you can find out when the baliffs are going in them the paper could be told and they might decide to attend.
  9. The only problem that I can see in claiming again is that the bank may produce the 'if you cannot agree with our terms & conditions' line and may try and close the account.
  10. As they have responded to the prelim letter that you have sent them you can now send them the LBA,give them 14 days and then take them to court.
  11. Report then to the Information Commissioner they are clearly in breach of the terms of the Data Protection Act.
  12. If it goes to court and you win then LTSB will have to pay you back not only the charges but also the 8% interest and the court fee. So it is in their best interests to settle prior to court.
  13. It is the same process as it was when you claimed against LTSB. Send the SAR with your £10 cheque and then wait for the statements to be returned. Then send the prelim, give them 14 days and then send the LBA.Again give them 14 days and if nothing is heard take them to court. Good luck
  14. Firstly Welocome to CAG Secondly-repost in the Nat West section.That way you will get more help and advice
  15. Sticking with the Monty Python theme Cleeseontologist
  16. Please give us some clues Babaarchie as to what you need to know!
  17. Whilst I think it is good to win against the banks I am not sure about going back to them after they have offerred to settle your claim in full and asking them for the interest earned should it have reached its court date. I feel that they will say that the offer that they have made is in full and final settlement. However if you have already lodged court papers then yiu can reject the offer and then let the case take its course throoghj the courts and then, hopefully, will get the interest. Finally I do not think that they will wear the £500 claim for ditstress and hardship.
  18. Joking aside-it is a serious matter. Luckily you are an honest person but just imagine if it had fallen into the hands of someone not as honest!
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