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Potential problem with Royal Mail.

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I sent a parcel to Singapore but i spelt the address incorrecltly by 1 letter so the parcel couldnt be delivered and was returned back to the Uk but checking the tracking today the parcel had returned to the UK but is somehow on its way back to Singapore as the tracking says "Item leaving the UK" 

  Ive spoken ( tweeted) Royal Mail help who confirm that the parcel seems to be going back to Singapore and that if its not " Delivered" by the 29th of April theyll deem it as lost and will accept a claim but i cant remeber when booking what the compensation amount was but i dont think it covers the amount of the item.

 As it was my fault that it wasnt delivered in the first place can i trey and claim the full amount back ?

i think if i remember correctly it was £50 compensation but the item was £170

So the timeline is thus ...

  22nd Of March .    Booked via P2G & dropped off a Post Office.

 25th March arrives in Singapore and goes through customs ect ect

26th   Incorrect address and item is flagged as "return to sender"

28th Item leaves Overseas intenational processing centre

15th of April , Item is leaving the Uk (Again)   ?



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I'm afraid that if the value of the item was under declared then that is probably the best that you can hope for.

Also, because the item was incorrectly addressed – even by a single letter, if that because the issue relating to the delivery then that has probably compounded the problem.

There is probably very little that can be done. If you are lucky you will get the item back and then you can start again and declare it properly.

Undervaluing parcels which are sent by any means is always going to cause a problem if the item is lost or damaged. It may mean that the cost of delivery is slightly less – but at the end of the day the risk becomes yours.

When you enter into any kind of contract, effectively you declare it a level of risk to your contracting partner – and they decide to enter into the contract with you based on that level of risk.

You have declared a level of risk and £50 – and that's the deal.


Additionally, undervaluing an item which is an internationally has the effect also of evading customs and any VAT system which is in force in that country – and that makes the whole thing a little bit more serious

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