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  1. Thank you for that i thought id just ask as i was unsure. Just hope its returned to me and doesnt spend the rest of its life going back and forth to Singapore
  2. I sent a parcel to Singapore but i spelt the address incorrecltly by 1 letter so the parcel couldnt be delivered and was returned back to the Uk but checking the tracking today the parcel had returned to the UK but is somehow on its way back to Singapore as the tracking says "Item leaving the UK" Ive spoken ( tweeted) Royal Mail help who confirm that the parcel seems to be going back to Singapore and that if its not " Delivered" by the 29th of April theyll deem it as lost and will accept a claim but i cant remeber when booking what the compensation amount was but i dont think it covers the amount of the item. As it was my fault that it wasnt delivered in the first place can i trey and claim the full amount back ? i think if i remember correctly it was £50 compensation but the item was £170 So the timeline is thus ... 22nd Of March . Booked via P2G & dropped off a Post Office. 25th March arrives in Singapore and goes through customs ect ect 26th Incorrect address and item is flagged as "return to sender" 28th Item leaves Overseas intenational processing centre 15th of April , Item is leaving the Uk (Again) ?
  3. Sorry, Yes Ive accepted their refund which can take 3-5 days . I have donated and received a Email from Fodder. Without this site and the excellent help and advice I wouldn't of got my refund so Thank You .
  4. All except yesterdays were Stephanie Sorrell and yesterday was David Schnur.
  5. I didn't add the interest because it was 4 or 5 weeks after untill I started the claim so I thought that would go against me ... But anyway , Genuinely and Sincerely Thank You , if it wasn't for you all and the site I wouldn't of got the refund so I can't thank you enough. I'll probably be back. Till next time , look after yourselves
  6. Oh I see .... I thought I'd best send them recorded and signed for I didn't realise just proof of postage would be sufficient... I best except their offer then ... Thank you
  7. They have refunded the postage for the item back on the 25th Jan which I didn't notice. They off the £100 refund but and I quote " Furthermore, I would like to reiterate that our settlement does not cover any consequential losses incurred as a result of this claim. Additional costs related to the incident are beyond the scope of our compensation. "" So the £14 for 2 recorded Claims of letter and the Particulars of Claim letters seem to be not covered. I've read another posts where people are adding "interest" at 8% but I thought I'd be happy just with the £100 and £14 for the 2 letter so I didn't add "the interest"
  8. The Particulars of Claim arrived at P2g yesterday and I received this this morning. They still offer the £100 and have refunded the postage but I also claimed £14 something for 2 recorded letters to them . Last time the offer was only if I agreed I couldn't claim in I would like to draw your attention to the intricacies of the logistical challenges faced by our courier network due to the substantial influx of parcels on a daily basis. The sheer volume of packages undergoing continuous processing and handling occasionally leads to delays or losses during transit. As previously highlighted, it is an aspect of our operational reality that we continuously strive to manage effectively. As per our previous correspondence, having engaged in discussions with our claims team, I am pleased to inform you that, as a goodwill gesture and without any admission of liability, we are prepared to extend an offer to settle your claim for the full value of £100. This one-off offer is made in recognition of the inconvenience you have experienced and is not indicative of a precedent for future claims. To facilitate the acceptance of this offer, kindly log into your online account. Once accepted, our meticulous accounts department will promptly initiate the claims process. Anticipate the completion of the claim payment within 7 working days. It is crucial to note that this offer is final, and any attempts to negotiate a higher settlement will regrettably be unsuccessful. Furthermore, I would like to reiterate that our settlement does not cover any consequential losses incurred as a result of this claim. Additional costs related to the incident are beyond the scope of our compensation. For future transactions, it is imperative to obtain full parcel protection to safeguard against potential loss or damage. As a third-party booking service, the sustainability of our operations depends on the responsible adherence to our policies, ensuring a fair and viable business model. As you are undoubtedly aware, the acceptance of our terms and conditions was a prerequisite for booking our services initially. It is through this agreement that we establish a framework for our business relationship, setting forth the parameters that govern claims and compensation. On a related note, I am pleased to inform you that a refund for the carriage fee has already been duly processed. Transaction reference #1777382 reflects a refund of £4.38, transferred on the 25th of January 2024. Should you have any lingering queries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing any necessary assistance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. """" the future if no protection was taken out , I suppose this is the best I'm going to get """". Good Morning Aary 2024.
  9. it needed a substancial rewoking ... Draft 2 The claimant used the defendant's service to send a parcel via Evri who through their failure to exercise reasonable care and skill, left the parcel in a vulnerable position leaving it open to theft and in doing so breached breached the delivery contract. Initially the defendant refused to reimburse the claimant as no extra insurance was taken out but the defendant's terms and conditions exclude or limit their Liability contrary to section 57 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and their insurance requirement to extend liability is also contrary to section 57 as well as being a secondary contract within the meaning of section 72 of the Consumer Rights Act and therefore also unlawful Additionally the defendants sale of enhanced protection is an unregulated insurance product without authorisation or exemption from the FCA as required by the financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and as such the defendants are committing an offence and their insurance product is unlawful in any event even were it contrary to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Then the defendant offered to reimburse the claimant a One-Off full amount payment on the condition that the claimant agreed in the event of any future lost parcels the claims for losses would not be paid unless 'Extra Insurance' was taken out. This onerous and unfair imposition of an unlawful contractual condition upon the claimant would also amount to the use of a secondary contract to exclude or limit liability and therefore also unlawful within the meaning of section 72 Consumer Act 2015 The claimant seeks £99.00 regarding the lost goods + £5.99 for postage costs plus interest pursuant to Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984.
  10. So since their email last week where they offered to reimburse the full amount only on the understanding that extra insurance nmust be taken out on future parcels and i would not be able to claim again if it hasnt which i declined ive started a Particulars of claim. Their 14 days since the Letter of Claim is up on Wednesday so ill be sending the Particulars of thursday this week Draft 1
  11. So yesterday after initially turning down their offer of £60 pre pay I sent another email stating I intend to send a Particulars of Claim and this morning I received this ... "" Thank you for your email. Having consulted with the claims team, I can advise that we can, on this occasion, offer to settle the claim for the full £100 value. However, we must advise that this is a one-off offer, and for any future orders we would not be able to pay out any claims for loss or damage if parcel protection has not been taken. As a third party booking service it is not sustainable for us to pay out on all claims when no protection has been taken. As you are now aware that full parcel protection must be taken for your parcels to be covered in the event of loss or damage, please respond to this email to confirm you understand that, by accepting this offer, you are agreeing that you will need to have fully protected your parcels to be able to make any future claims for loss or damage. Once you have responded to confirm you agree to this, we will be able to arrange the offers. """ Now I do send a lot of parcels and I Do expect that future items will go missing due to irresponsible delivery drivers and time strapped driver's so can she say that future claims won't be paid unless having paid protection... ?
  12. Email today saying that £60 is all theyre prepared to offer and i didnt read their email properly yesterday as the £60 is put onto P2g's prepay credit for any of my future parcel orders and not back into my hand. So i thanked them for letting me know and i''ll plod on with my Particulars of claim
  13. P2G rejected a claim i made back in '21 with another parcel that was 'lost' as i hadnt taken out 'extra insurance' and i just accepted but no more. If they can offer £60 just add the other 40 odd and end the claim, surely they can get the money back from Evri who have said they dont class it a safe place where it was left ... Ive registered MCOL and have started the particulares of claim which i posted on Wednesday ( 3 posts up from this ) but it needs work
  14. So the letter of claim arrived thursday morning and that same morning i had an offer of £20 from P2G which i turned down. Today ive had another offer of £60 which ive also turned down and told them to look at the pictures i provided to Evri showing how close the parcel was left to anyone walking past and asked who in their right mind would think thats acceptable to leave it there ... ....so just waiting and see what the do ...
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