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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have recently moved out of a shared flat and have been asked by our estate agents to produce a copy of all utility bills to reclaim the deposit. Throughout this time we were paying a monthly direct deposit to NPower for what we were under the impression was duel gas and electricity. It turns out that this was only for gas and that for the 10 months we were in the flat we had never received an electricity bill. After calling up Npower, E-on, British gas and every other electricity companies I could think of and being told that none of them supplied the electricity, I contacted the local electricity distribution board who stated that it was NPower who supplied our electricity and gave us a supplier number. I then recalled NPower and gave them this number which they said referred to the original gas account. After contacting the distribution board again, NPower reluctantly agreed that it was them who supplied our electricity and simply stated they would draw up a bill. We have just received a very rude call from NPower demanding immediate payment of nearly £500 and we have yet to have an actual bill from them!! We are willing to pay for the electricity we used but think it is very inconsiderate of them to demand it straight away when they have taken a year for them to admit they supply the electricity! Does anyone know if the company would have to provide some kind of payment plan (as it was their mistake) and who we can complain to about this?? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, I am looking for some help, i share a private furnished flat with my brother and we haven't paid the council tax, we are in Glasgow, we thought we were up to date and then haven't paid for sometime, we had received demands for amounts we had thought we paid, this may not be the case, we are waiting on bank statements to confirm what we paid, so we can look at the true balance due. The letter I have received today (charge for payment / summary warrant which includes sheriff officer fee's) is requesting the full balance for 2010/2011 - 2011/2012, this totals to around £4387.15, ( this includes a 10% fee) they have stated in the letter we have 14 days or they may take us to court, which could result in taking of assets, arrestment of wages etc. I cannot afford this sum of money to be paid directly in such a short space of time, I have a few questions... What are classed as assets? What can't they take? How much can they take from wages? Do they have to accept a payment plan? Do we have to pay the 10%? Do we have to pay the sheriff officer fee's? I have suggested to them that we pay a one off payment of £1000 then £200 per month, they said they want - £1000 upfront then £484 per month, I do not earn that much and it would cripple me, i already have other bills which have to be paid on a monthly basis. Someone's help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Grant
  3. Hi all, I think its best to start at the beggining! Back in Nov 10' i was self employed and run out of work, i tried to claim job seekers but was not entitlied as had not paid enough national insurance contribitions. Phoned capital one to explain my situation and asked them to freeze payments for 3 months aswell as interest and charges, there response was that they could setup a payment plan providing i sent in relevant documents ie job seekers letter, income expenditure, bank statment etc. I sent in every bit of information i have excluding bank statement as my bank account was currently suspended as i was over my overdraft limit. At the time of asking capitalone this my balance was £1900 and i had a relative willing to pay £20 month till i was back on my feet. Capital one refused to set me up on a payment plan untill i had sent them the bank statement which i explained i could not send so they said there was nothing they could do!! In Dec 10' my relative said they would lend me £2000 to pay off my 4 creditors (wonga, santander, vanquis and capital one total debt was about £7000 to all) i sent all four settlement offers explain my situation and 3 of them excepted so all i owed was capitalone. I urged capitalone to reconsider but they again refused in Jan 11 my balance with them was now £2000 Now in March 11' i recieved a letter of default and called them to explain ive been trying to sort this situation out since nov 10'!! I explained to them i was more than willing to sort out a payment plan as i had started working self-employed again, but they said they could not put me on a payment plan as the documentation i supplied was insufficent! i explained i have to set up a new bank account so would not have any statements, im self employed so do not get a wage slip as such and they again turned round and said there was nothing they could do!!! I feel so stressed out with this as my balance is now nearer to £2200 and ive tried everystep of the way to setup a plan but did not pay anything till i had conformation in writting that no interest would be added anymore. im asking for my cca today off them but this still will not make them setup a payment plan i feel limke letting them just take me to court as ive kept letters of everything ive sent and everything they sent me and they just wont listen!! i have no assests except for a van which im still paying for, live in rented accomodation and have no bank account. Should i just let them take me to court or is there something i can do to make them put me on a payment plan? Any help would be much appreciated sorry if i rambled a bit but its the first time ive been on one of these forums. Thanks Bri
  4. Hi all, I received my CCA from capitalone today and am not sure what im supposed to be looking for as they have sent me an original agreement (which is signed) and a current agreement which is not? Any help would be much appreciated thanks I have attached the CCA that they sent me but i also have 6 pages of printed terms and conditions that they sent. I have another post explaining why i requested a CCA in the first place ( basically capitalone are refusing to put me on a long term repayment plan and refusing to freeze interest as im struggling with minimum payments, i am paying them £1 a month at the moment but they are still wacking on the interest!) Again any help would be much appreciated Thanks I think i have deleted all personal information but if i havent please let me know asap so i can amend. thanks scan0006.pdf scan0007.pdf scan0005.pdf scan0002.pdf scan0004(2).pdf
  5. Hi Guys, I have been reading the forums for a long while now and hoping to find some kind of miraculous answer to my problems, you guys are amazing with the help and support you offer others. I have a few problems of my own and was hoping you could advise me too. I have been a gambling addict for 6 months now and have lost alot of mine and my hubbys money online playing slots etc, however i have recently realised my problem and got help for it. i have now been gambling free for 1 month but i am still paying for my stupidity. Myself and my hubby are working full time and between us bring in £2000 a month, but and its a big BUT we have so many debts its becoming ridiculous, i have listed the debts below. I started off thinking we would be able to pay these off however recently it has become more and more obvious that we are struggling to manage even the minimum payments, at this moment in time i have written to all our credit card lenders and advised them of our financial difficulty and offered £40pm, i am still waiting to hear whether they will accept this or not in the meantime i am trying to pay the payday loans off bit by bit. The problem is i can only carry on for so long before i have a breakdown. I feel sick at the thought of the debt we owe and am scared of what will happen if the lenders decline our offer of payments. Please can someone advise me on what i can do should they not accept the offer. Nationwide have already said today that they cannot accept a payment plan since the majority of the credit card debt was due to gambling transactions - is that correct? surely how the debt happened is irrelevant - the fact that we're trying to pay it off is more important? The debts are as follows: Santander x2 c/cards - £6000 2 months arrears Nationwide x1 c/card - £2800 2 months in arrears Capital One x2 c/cards - £3000 1 month in arrears Post Office x1 c/card - £1400 3 months in arrears Aqua x1 c/card - £290 1 month in arrears Nationwide Loan - £1000 - £57pm First Trust Loan - £6000 - £246pm 3 months in arrears Santander Loan - £6000 - £252pm 1 month in arrears Wonga pdl - £999.68 (original loan £450) due 28/02/11 in full QuickQuid pdl - £375 (original loan £300) due 28/02/11 Payday UK - £500 (original loan £400) due 28/02/11 24/7 Moneybox pdl £135 (original loan £100) due 28/02/11 Mr Lender pdl - £430 (original loan £350) due 28/02/11 Payday Express pdl - £400 (original loan £300) due 28/02/11 Moneyshop pdl - £750 (original loan £580) due 28/02/11 I know i have been completely stupid and idiotic to take out all this debt and at the time it seemed like a great idea but i wish i could change my thought pattern then and not take this on. I have spoken to payplan who suggested a debt management plan but i didnt think that was the right option for me, now im not so sure - what do you think? i cant go bankrupt as i work in financial services and would lose my job - i really dont know what to do anymore. Please help.
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