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  1. Hi sillygirl, yeah i opened a new account n cancelled previous card way before i sent emails explaining my financial difficulty. I have read too many horror stories on here to risk losing any money. Just glad to get it sorted. Icecream69
  2. Hi guys, I have now had dealings with all my payday loans since i decided to take control of them.. this is what happened. I emailed all my lenders a week before i defaulted to see what they would advise me to do 247moneybox - owed £194 - they said they would accept a repayment plan as long a payment was made on due date wonga - owed £999 - they accepted a payment plan after i emailed all the top men (email addresses provided by CAG) over 6 months Quickquid - owed £400 - they agreed to a 3 month plan with a payment on default date Mr Lender - owed £437.50 agreed to set up
  3. Hi Guys, I have managed to get hold of the paying in details for the above - hope this is of help. Payday UK Natwest or RBS Branches account no - 39534906 Sort Code - 60-00-01 REF: your own account no Payday Express Barclays Bank Account Name: Express Finance Account No: 30066850 Sort Code: 20-24-61 REF: Surname and reference/acc no Mr Lender HSBC account no - 31487639 Sort Code - 40-06-23 REF: Initial and surname Good luck Icecream69
  4. Hi Guys, Thank you for your replies, i have changed my bank account and closed the previous one. I dont get a debit card with my new account so will that mean i can only make payments with standing order? has anyone had any experience in telling them that you dont have a debit card? I have been paying these loans and interest for too long i need to get a grip of it all and sort it out. I am just concerned as my default date will be this thursday but i am in a meeting all day so wont be able to answer my mobile. I am worried all my payday loan companies will ring my office which is answ
  5. HI, does any one know of the banking details for the above? i have loans with them which are going to default on 31/3/11 and wanted to make my payments to them without handing over my card details. I have spoken to quickquid who have agreed a 3 month plan, 247moneybox refused to accept a payment plan and insisted i rollover the loan, which i refuse to do. Payday express are ignoring all emails i send and advisors keep telling me its a short term loan and i knew that when i took it out. Mr Lender refused to accept any payments, my problem is i dont want them calling me at work as the landl
  6. Hi Guys, Can anybody help me fight santander and capital one. I have sent out a payment offer on all my debt, (details in the previous post) however santander and capital one are the only two lenders that wont accept a payment offer without seeing my bank statements and payslips, can anyone help me draft up a letter that makes it clear that i have provided them with enough information (income and expenditure form) for them to consider my offer please? i spoke to santander today after they sent me a letter on yellow (???) paper asking for me to call them and they have advised that it is
  7. Hi, I have a card with post office too, i couldnt afford payments and sent a letter offering a payment of £40pm, i owe £1600 on it, a few days after sending my offer letter i got a letter telling me a default notice is going to be issued, i was issued the default notice and heard nothing for 2 wks, now i have received a letter from dlc and they are looking for the full balance, i spoke to them and they said that if i am making a repayment offer with post office i need to ask the post office to contact dlc to send the account back to them. I spoke to the post office who said my account was
  8. HI, i have been asked to provide these details from two of the creditors i have accounts with, does anyone know where i can find a template to send to them which politely but firmly explains that i have provided mroe than enough information for them to either agree or not agree to the payment i have offered? As you can tell i am not that great with wording stuff so would appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks, Icecream69
  9. Hi, Thank you for your responses, Is there a letter template that i can send advising that i do not need to send my bank statements etc as the income and expenditure form should be sufficient? In regards to Capital One they sent me all the statements in the post today after i asked for them via SAR. I wasnt aware of any ppi on the credit card and there is no mention of it on the supposedly signed agreement either. Thanks Icecream69
  10. Hi Guys, Just an update on what has happened since my last. Firstly thank you all for your responses, i appreciate that you take the time to respond to help. I have recieved a letter back from santander - we have 2 credit cards with them, one for me and one for my husband. I sent off the payment plan for £40 for both of us with an income and expenditure form. For myself Santander have said that they wont set up any plan until i have sent them copies of my bank statement (i bank with them!!), copies of payslips and letters from all other lenders showing balance owed. For my hubby they have
  11. Hi Guys, Thank you for your responses. I have sent another letter to Post Office asking them to reconsider my offer of £40pm. Meanwhile Nationwide sent me a letter telling that a debt collector has been instructed to come to my house and discuss my financial situation - i spoke to them and they have agreed a payment plan but for £60.98 for the next 4 months, they have said they will send the agreement in writing as i have sent a letter confirming the conversation and that i will not be making any payments un til i have the agreement from them in writing. I also sent a letter to Capital On
  12. Hi All, Thank you for your responses, I am not a homeowner so wouldnt be able to transfer anything into my husbands name, The post office didnt even give the opportunity to set up a repayment plan or even an option of increasing it they just said that the default notice is on its way, is that ok for them to do? all i want to do is get confirmation of the repayment plan being ok and to make payments asap to remedy the situation. I had a letter from Aqua today saying that they couldnt set up a payment plan as there have been transactions on the account recently, the last transaction was a m
  13. Hi, Thanks for you response, i have checked with my employer and a ccj will not affect my job. thank goodness for that. I received a letter from capital one asking me for proof of income and bank statements and also asking to confirm whether i want a long term payment plan (with which they issue a default notice) or a short term plan, i was hoping short term 6 months would give me enough time to try and save to pay off arrears on the account but not sure. Do i have to send the bank statements and payslips or is there a letter i can send that shows i dont need to send them? I am starting t
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for your responses, i have now had a letter back from my post office credit card which has also included a default notice stating that i need to pay the arrears owed by the 05/03/11 and if i dont i will be taken to court. They also said that the offer of £40pm is not enough to cover arrears and over limit amount and so they couldnt accept it. Do i have any stance against this? i cant afford to pay that hence the offer of £40pm. Please can someone advise on what i can do next? Thanks, Icecream69
  15. HI Poundhound, I myself went to payplan after coming into difficulty making payments on my debt, the first call with them they took very basic details and arranged a callback with someone who could go through all my financial ins and outs, she then said i would get a call in a couple of days from the assessment team. It was literally an hour after my second call with them that an assessor rang me to offer me three options - iva, dmp or bankruptcy, if i had to choose i would have picked dmp, but i said i didnt want to go ahead with payplan since they had said that i couldnt leave out certa
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