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Found 3 results

  1. I am asking this for my partner having read numerous posts on the subject i would just like a bit of advice on the direction she should take She has been with Gregory for about 12 years as far as she can remember, she has paid off most of her debts and is not looking to dodge any debts she still has to pay off Last week she received a call for her annual review she currently pays £35 per week and has never missed a payment During the annual review (which i told her she was not obligated to do ) she told them that her financial circumstances had not changed they interrogated her and came to the conclusion that they could no longer help her as she couldn't afford the payments that she had been making This was mainly because she refused to include both my income and her adult sons income into the equation as none of the debts are anything to do with us the position she is in now is that she has four debts totalling £2300 which i can pay off in full The highest being about £900 the lowest £150 at present i cant be more accurate a s i have not got the information to hand i think that the money is owed to Next,Santander and a DCA i cant remember the other one What i need advice on is should she A Contact Gregory pennington and ask for account numbers and contact details B Wait for the companies that she owes the debts to contact her If she takes option B will this affect her credit file as nothing is showing on it at present Im hoping that if we deal with the creditors direct that i can secure a discount having never done this before what sort of discount should i ask for Thanks in advance
  2. HI Found out in October that my sister had joined Gregory Pennington, really wish she had told me. within 3 months her debts had increased by £400 in bank charges and credit card fees. I have read through the code of conduct for Dempsa, and it states that anyone in extreme hardship should be advised that there are non profitable companies available, - does anyone know the definition of an extreme hardship case? I have all the sars info and a recording of the hour my sister spent on the phone, in my opinion they should have sent my sister away she had £4000 mortgage arrears paying £10 per month, £600 disconnection notice from Gas and electric, and £200 water rate arrears none of which was discussed during the conversation. it was just noted as £10 mortgage arrears. her disposable income was £98 per month, they have charged her £32 per month in the fee, and during the call she starts changing the financial statement to reflect a monthly plan of £200 per month as she had sold the dream of being debt free in timescale periods so my sister (still in denial at this point) said she could afford £200 per month. i have looked as my sisters bank statements and up until that point always keeps with in her overdraft limit, however after being told not pay any debts and transfer out her wages asap, and leave it to them some interest of £7 is applied. and is left accruing excess overdraft fees of £66, then £174 the next months, had she paid £7 that day she would have prevented this, but a little naive and trusting did nothing about is as was told. ultimately i feel that it is unfair of a company to charge £32 per month and have only £10 going to the mortgage arrears, and as a priority debt surely she should be paying £1 to all other debts and the remaining disposable to the mortgage. since this time i have arranged a more suitable payment plan with the companies frozen inter and bank agreed to refund some of the charges and we got her back in her overdraft. i think what im asking is should they have taken her on with £4k mortgage arrears? Would my sister be an extreme hardship case? have i got an argument to request the £225 fee plus £32 for 2 months back since they made her situation worse many thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. I have several issues that i want to raise regarding think banking and gregory pennington and hope that someone can help. Firstly i took out a DMP with Gregory Pennington nearly 3 years ago. i provided my income / outgoings and explained that i was struggling to live and pay rent due to my high levels of debt. I looked over everything and even though i knew there would be a fee attached, decided it was worth the money as long as my debts got cleared....this is where things started to go horribly wrong! Firstly i was informed by Gregory Pennington that i would 'NEED' to set up a bank account with Think Banking. Since i was paying large overdraft fees each month the £12.50 monthly admin fee seemed a drop in the ocean in comparison, and so i agreed. I realise now that there is no need for me to ever 'pay' for a bank account and i feel like i was forced into taking this account and want to know if i can do anything about it in the same way people claim for mis sold PPI? These two companies claim to be seperate and yet with the mounting issues i am having with both of them they seem to be almost intertwined and i wanted to know if you had any further information about them? Also when i signed up for this account think proudly announce that they are part of the RBS group. I have found out today following the massive RBS banking issue on moneysavingexpert that this company is not part of RBS at all and merly uses there banking system and i am wondering if this is then fraud? I have several complaints that i wish to lay out to you but if i can start here any advice would / info would be greatly appreciated as looking over these forums you guys seem to have quite a bit of experience of dealing with people tied in with these con artists
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