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  1. Sorry we had a conference call regarding this numbers were not given only that they were redeploying staff across both outpatient departments
  2. Ok thanks to be fair I'm happy in my outpatients dept At the moment I'm working at the main hospital in A&E as outpatients as all closed due to covid ( volunteered) I would imagine that if staff are to be deployed to us and we are fully staffed then some of us will be moved on For me I wouldn't see moving from a diverse department where you are constantly learning new skills to moving to a ward being a good career progression for myself It was more a question I was asking regarding redeployment and getting my facts right if it comes to it As with the nhs at the
  3. Its basically ..job title healthcare assistant Location valley outpatients department then the town it's in I've been employed there for 7 years I was solely recruited for that role I wasnt transferred there from a different department It's not a temporary move due to covid it would be permanent
  4. On my NHS contract as a HCA in outpatients it has my place of work being outpatients and the location ( town that its located ) The nearby outpatients in the larger town nearby is being closed and the trust we work for wants to redeploy staff Some from the closed one will come to us and some of us will be sent to the bigger site to work on wards My question is if my contract specifies a particular job role and specific location can they just redeploy me against my will
  5. Just received a letter from dryden Fairfax regarding this Santander account ( never did receive statement of account) to get in touch to discuss payment As we've already seen the paperwork which is enforceable Should we contact them or ignore until we get a PAP paperwork
  6. Received a letter from capital one about my credit card saying I need to make bigger payments or they will suspend my card I have paid the minimum amount every month for years without fail I've maintained the account properly and am no where near the credit limit I need to pay an extra £ 300 on top of my normal monthly payments to reduce the outstanding balance Can anyone advice if my card is suspended will it effect my credit I've not spent on it for at least two years on it due to the high interest so I'm not bothered about not being
  7. She can stand outside all night if she wants it's all on CCTV and its freezing outside
  8. Just wondered if there allowed to knock while I'm watching I'm a celebrity
  9. Resolvecall visited this afternoon I saw it on my camera Are there any guidelines about home visits such as frequency of visits times they cannot visit for example in the evenings weekends Thanks
  10. Yes it does maybe that's why they offered 50% and 60% discounts I would think it dates back to about 2000/ 01 Another just ignore I take I have cameras at home which record so I'll see them if they come calling
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