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  1. It will something like this. Judge . I have looked through the papers Claimant . Thank you our key points are. My client was driving down bloggs rd. In front was a van. The left indicators were on and it stopped. The deft has confirmed this to be correct My client stopped but had a clear view of the road ahead and could see zigzags ahead of the van and a pelican crossing. There were chevrons were the van had stopped. The road is a red route and stopping is prohibited. My client could see no on coming vehicles. And nothing in front of the van causing any obstruction. With around 4 car lengths clear to the pelican crossing. Naturally traffic was building up behind the van. Because there was no on coming traffic my client felt it was safe to over take and proceeded to do so. However on completing the move my clients vehicle was struck on the passenger door. Details were exchanged And statements were obtained Using industry standards it was agreed the deft at fault however the deft has refused to accept his insurers advice and refused responsibility. His basis the my client over took on zigzags. With respect the zigzags are purely for the pelican crossing and is no way connected to the side road. Our view is that wether or not the zigzags were present this accident would have happened and should be viewed as that My client safely overtook the van but due the deft driving without due care he hit the passenger door which is enough to show my client could not have prevented the accident However the deft could have by showing some consideration Judge. Ok ok I have read all this is the statements. Mr deft do you have anything to add other then whats in your defence statement before I make a ruling
  2. Just phone them up and ask them to settle. Have you received court papers. Why hasnt your car been repaired. Are you third party fire an theft
  3. I would accept blame. And not let it go to court. You can overtake on zigzags to clear an obstruction and long as it's safe to do so. The third party will say it was clear of oncoming traffic and would have been back into to correct lane by the time he executed the move reaching the crossing. The impact was in the passenger door suggesting you you should have saw him coming and stopped they will argue. Tp started the move overtaking a van that had a left hand indicator on but was stationary as he completed the move you struck the side of the vehicle. If your insurance company thought you had a case they would have backed you up. You will be responsible for costs unless you have legal cover but I don,t think they would back you up The judgement will be in your name and not the insurance company . So you will end up with a ccj if the insurance take more then 30 days to pay the claim if you lose and your costs. Don,t count on the zigzags as defence no one was charged even though county court can use proberbilty. They won't because they will argue they were clearing an obstructing vehicle
  4. Halifax are good. U don,t need to close the account. Just ask for a new card with a new number
  5. It does not identify anyone. I,d get her employer to contact facebook and the other site to remove them on the fact it alleges she was ticketing other cars. In reality it could have been a blue badge holder using the picnic area. And the person who posted it is out too deflame the company by the comments that follows if they refuse to move. Ask them for proof why they stand by the posting. Post their comments
  6. Need a bit more information why the photos were taken and what type of website it's posted on
  7. Don,t think the to and from is classed as a mistake because it's during no loading times
  8. Thanks Does anyone know the head office address. The branch told everything needs to be sent to them and not head office
  9. Spent the day in the sun reading this and most of the night. Country needs more people like you to stand up to "law to themselves" bullies
  10. Need some advice My son has a natwest account. Last year my son went overdrawn by £2 for a direct debit and charged him £35. He decided that he would switch to another bank and after a couple of letters decided to pay the charges of £70. How ever he received another letter about two months letter stating another £70 because he paid the £70 after another £35 was applied to the account. He went to see the branch manager about closing the account and he refused saying all charges need to be paid first He refused to refund anything Now they are charging him £6 per day and he's over £700 overdrawn My idea is just to send the letters back marked no longer resides (even though he does) Is there another avenue he can use to legally get rid of this
  11. When you you get your eviction date posted through the door. Need upto the court and apply for it to be suspended. Explain to the judge you were sick and have commenced repayments and now paying £100 extra a month You wil get it suspended.
  12. why are being refered? the more information you quote help us
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