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  1. Update. Added all the charges into the excel and avg charge and the final amount is only slightly higher than the payment received. charges are were pretty low around £7 on avg.
  2. Still adding the PPI charges to the CIS sheet. do i add interest rate in cell 15D its seems its just adding all the charges at the moment Thanks, for the help and sorry about all the questions but there are no guides to fill out this sheet
  3. so how do they work out the final payment if the avg payment is around £7 ?
  4. Have been going through the statements and finding the avg charge per month to around £7. does this work out the payout would be around £1500 max if they accept to repay? Based on under 13 year and 8% interest per year.
  5. yes it is once i have all the ppi payments, what do i do?
  6. Would appreciate a quick guide on what steps to take in getting back to Capital One 1. record all PPI payments from the statements. Then what? Esalte the company to Financial Ombudsman Services?
  7. Ok we know there was a ppi agreement in place and Capital One refused the claim.Also, they mentioned they lost the phone conversation for the application. What steps do we need to take now? record all ppi payments
  8. What should we be looking out for? there are about 500 pages !!!!
  9. We have just received the SAR from capital one today. What info do I need t look for?
  10. thanks. so how far down this process will they cancel the plevin payment?
  11. Will be sending off the SAR request this week. Have read the SAR thread but just to double check, does request SAR effect the current plevin payment offer at any point?
  12. Right so if she does request SAR, how long does it take to have the info and how far down the process will the plevin payment offer expire? also what information on the SAR can effect the process?
  13. Not looking for both! just asking to see if its worth not taking plevin and going for the full PPI repayment instead. And what happens if she accepts the plevin and then still pushes on for the PPI. Based on their reply, what exactly proves it was not mis-sold? just confirming the fact she was working and aged over 16? what about all the sales pitch she must have received.
  14. Plevin. When you apply for the PPI refund on Capital One site, I think its somehow monitored or connected to Resolver.
  15. My partner finally decided to claim her Capital One credit card PPI. The card was issued in 2003 which was more or less when PPI was introduced I believe with a avg credit amount of £500. About 2 weeks ago she made a the claim using the Capital one/resolver online application. The original card application was completed on the phone and her complained was it was not fully explained to her what PPI was and why she should be accepting. Within a week she received a reply stating she was not eligible fr a PPI due to the following reason: aged 16-64 Employed and paying class 1 NAT INS Living in UK Based on the above we are confident the PPI was not mis-sold !!! They confirm it was sold on a telephone application which they do not have the recording ! How is this confirming that it was not mis-sold ? They have however agreed to just over £1200 as a result of redress scheme which was introduced in 2014 re a high commission rate which is unfair to the consumer under the CCA 1974. Not sure how to work out the PPI as not much statements are available. Given the above info, what would be the best course of action? Thanks in advance
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