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  1. Good luck Doris, and don't let them bully you x
  2. Sorry just seen this post, I'm probably too late now. You can find this list on the directgov. com website.
  3. If this update is in the wrong forum please can someone move it to the overseas forum as I can only find the forum from the link that was kindly sent to me, I can't find the forum through the normal way. Anyway help on finding overseas debt when logging in would be most appreciated Thank you
  4. Just an update of my migration from IB to ESA and living in Spain. I received the standard questionnaire from the DWP filled it in then phoned them for an update. I was told that my medical evidence was not up-to-date enough and they have made me an appointment with a Spanish doctor for my medical. I had someone look up this doctors name and qualifications and it turns out that he is a general GP and NOT a Psychiatrist. I have a mental condition (bipolar) and not do much a physical one. I have been told by my advisor to make sure I have an up-to-date medical history written by my doctor and my psychiatrist, plus list ever medication and when the dosage of each went up and also letters from psychiatrists, psychologists etc going back from when my illness started nearly 20 years ago and stick it all under his nose. My advisor has told me that if this Spanish doctor (who by-the-way is from Gibraltor), will not look at it then "BE IT ON HIS OWN HEAD". So please wish me luck with this. I don't think I could go through another 5 year appeal like I did when securing my DLA x
  5. Ok sorry again I have scrolled to the top of the posts and can't see where I need to press to get other peoples problems for overseas. Durrrrrrr lol
  6. Sorry to be so thick again, but where do I find the "Overseas" forum? Thanks for your patience
  7. I compare their advice to a "chocolate fire-guard"
  8. Thanks I'm happy you found it, it did upset me quite a bit. Some people are so judgemental and make people's stress worse. I shan't be visiting there anymore x
  9. No no nasties replays from this forum the one called MoneySavingExpert my name on there is lisaspain
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