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  1. There is no more information on sheet two except the rest of the payments I've made up to 17/02/17 and a total, £1,120. I didn't think it would be needed? Sweet.
  2. Hi again, sorry about that. I've uploaded the file again - but don't know how to delete the first one. It is now a PDF so hopefully better for you. Regards convert-jpg-to.pdf
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. I don't know! I will look through old papers to see if there is anything this weekend and let you know if I find anything. And while you're probably thinking "airhead" I have to tell you I had a nervous breakdown and suffered from depression for a good while after losing, not just a job, but a career I had built up and loved. Even after agreeing to pay a nominal sum, I simply couldn't afford - or cope with - sorting this out. I will get a grip on this though - with help from kind people like yourself. Regards
  4. Hi everyone, long time no see. Quick story: Was subject to a disciplinary in Feb 2012 and went to get some 'proper' legal advice from a solicitors in Manchester first. Must have received a bill at some point, probably while reading the letter telling me I no longer had a job. Deep depression put me into a padded cell for much of that year. In the meantime, CCJ against me for £1,269.25 + Judgment costs of £182.00 - Fair enough, never had a CCJ before, but not functioning properly at the time.. Finally got my act together in July 2012 after some very big burly cha
  5. Ok thank you, I will stop talking to them on the phone. It was a current account with an overdraft facility. I will check the default date and update here. thanks for the advice so far, Sweet
  6. Hi Guys, The last couple of years have been horrendous from a debt point of view. I am out of work again and my family doesn't make enough to pay bills and buy food so you can guess how stressful this is. Two years ago we moved to lower our housing costs. At about the same time "Egg money Manager" ceased and became part of Yorkshire ??? BS., so my instant access to bank accounts etc. was wiped away - i tried reconnecting but couldn't. Through regular charges applied to the account it was taken through the limit and the charges were ramped up again. I had
  7. Hi Resilient, thanks again for replying. I've just been reading through the extract from the Protection of Freedoms Act which is appended to the British Parking Association Code of Practice. It seems to be referring to the right to pursue the registered keeper throughout (rather than the owner) where the driver is not identified. Does the actual Act use the term 'owner' rather than keeper?? Or am I reading the wrong thing? cheers Sweet
  8. Ericsbrother, interestingly I've been referred to mediation even tho both parties declined mediation. Do you think the courts are actively trying to avoid getting this in front of a judge? What do I do or say at mediation? I am not prepared to pay anything if they have no right to being paid anything!!!
  9. Ok, so I've received notice of allocation to a local court. Now I've also received directions to attend a mediation hearing even though both sides said they didn't want to go to mediation???!! Has that happened to anyone else? Do I have to go? Funnily enough, I've also received a private message asking me to 'compare notes' by someone who hasn't posted on any forums despite being a member since June. Tell me I'm being paranoid???? Help please !!!
  10. Resilient, I'd buy you a drink on the spot if I could. What fantastic knowledge you have! I'm going to suggest - if you have no objection - that your post is 'stickied' or something so that everyone in my position can benefit from it. Thank you again Love your idea about the sign by the way!!!
  11. thank you very much, i'll do a search for these, unless anyone has a link?
  12. Ok so can someone guide me on the directions questionnaire I have to put in by 30th September please?
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