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  1. With regards to the 10 year guarantee you mentioned, is he registered with Fensa? I'm sure that installers have to be registered for the guarantee to be effective.
  2. Even electric toothbrushes come with the two pinplug on, just buy the adapter for less than £1. I thought it was common knowledge.
  3. I had the same situation once coming out of Morrisons, the only one with a trolley. The guard asked if I had any razor blades or cds. When I answered no, he looked at how much I had in the trolley and I said that if he thought I was going to empty it while he checked it, then he could think again and what about the people that came through at the same time as me? He then said that I could go and I thanked him, quite sarcastically.
  4. Hi I was wondering the same thing but googled and found this Your new Halifax Current Account scroll down to just over halfway and there is this "When are fees taken from my account? Can I change this date?" We take the daily overdraft fees from your bank account on the last day of the following month. You'll know the amount we’ll take because we’ll send you a statement at least 14 days before. We'll also send you a statement the month after you use an overdraft, regardless of how often you normally receive statements. These dates are the same for all customers and can't be changed. Hope this helps. Kaz
  5. I use their shop in Manchester and have never had any problems.
  6. Hi We've been with Virgin for almost 10 years for the tv and about 7 years for internet and never had any problems with them regarding service or billing. Karen
  7. Locutus All of your suggestions have been carried out an long time ago but it seems like T-mobile ignore your requests and because I have my mobile phone with them, he seemed to think it was ok to ring me and tell me that I had become a valued customer and was eligible for special offers! I'm quite upset as even though I'd become valued, he's never rang me back! I had to report one company to TPS a week or two ago. Pure Insurance kept ringing our home number asking for someone that had never lived there, even though we kept stating this and asking for our number to be removed from their database. They soon removed it when I reported them and emailed their customer services advising them that they had been reported! Kaz
  8. Hi Just had a call on my mobile from 0845 4122750 which is apparently T-Mobile sales. Told them I couldn't talk now but he said that my customer value has just gone up as I pay my bills on time and could he ring me back tonight with some offers? He can if he wants but if I answer it, that's a different matter! Googled the number and it seems that it is the sales team responsible for flogging broadband? Why don't sales teams realise that if I wanted to deal with a smarmy salesman, I'd ring them! Might have a bet with myself as to how many times they will ring before they realised I'm not going to answer them. Kaz
  9. I used to work for them, years ago thank god and agree with the level of training they give. Nothing was mentioned about DSR's or SOGA, it was more about how to word replys to customers' letters. I still cringe when I see their ads in the papers for any of the catalogues that they run. Kaz
  10. Could try Knott's garage in Haughton Green, Denton. I live nearby and a lot of people in the area use them. If you search for them on Yell, their number and address comes up.
  11. Don't forget about the middle lane drivers who are on the phone at the same time! Seen that so many times driving down the M1. Followed a bloke once driving down the M1 past Northampton and then onto the M25 where I lost sight of him, all the time on the phone! Kaz
  12. I voted No! On the map for the transport improvements, the area I live in wasn't even shown, maybe that was because there were no transport inprovements proposed for my area! So why vote for improvements when I wouldn't have any!
  13. Hi Sharon The day you started to bleed with the miscarriage is usually taken as the first day of your new cycle, but bear in mind, that for the next few periods after that can take a while to settle back down to your normal cycle, so even though your next period may seem as being late, it could just be your hormones taking a while to settle back down. try search for the fertility friends website, where there are loads of people that you can 'speak' to online. take care Karen
  14. Would it matter if it stayed as Mr instead of Miss - after all your passport doesn't have your marital status on it? That way you wouldn't have to pay the charge? Is the carrier Airtours themselves? If not, you could ring the actual holiday company it is booked with and ask if it matters.
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