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  1. .............looked at my Experian file and it has credit card accounts which were settled over 6 years ago still on file. As well as this there are some instances i missed a monthyl payment (also 6 years past) which are still kept. Is this right - should these accounts/missed payments not drop off after 6 years? If so. Has anyone got a link to a letter which i can send (presumably the credit card company) asking for them to remove the information. Or do i ask Experian to remove the note? Please please help:(
  2. UPDATE Before going on holiday I phoned up and changed the name from Mr to Miss. Took what i thought was a £40 hit. Got to the airport and there were no tickets waiting for me. Went to the check in desk and was told the name was still down as Mr...........!!!!!! The girl at Check in said she would change it for ma and did. Took her a matter of seconds to put it right. So there you go. Obviously the person I spoke to on the phone was using an invisible keyboard and never did a thing. I checked and no money had been taken from my account (one positive thing) Holiday was awesome as well
  3. Easy guys. Its like having a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. I dont know whether to risk my holiday seeing that it is only a salutation problem rather than a full name change. Spoke to the call centre and her words were Its very easy to change i just choose from a drop down and reprint the tickets???? So this costs £40? Total disgrace
  4. Thanks for the advice Has anyone else been successful when challenging this fee under Schedule 2e?
  5. Iam just scared to risk it mate. It has her name as 'MR'
  6. Just noticed two weeks before travelling that my girlfriends name is down as 'Mr' instead of 'Miss' on our holiday tickets. Phoned Airtours customer services only to be told it was my mistake as it was booked thi way online and I would have to pay £40 to change the name as it is outwith the 56 days before travelling!!! Why does it cost so much to make such a small change to a booking? I find this appauling and just another way for the holiday company to squeeze more money from their customers. As it is so close to the holiday I feel I will have to pay this fee and complain later, asking for a breakdown of this cost. To me it seems more like a penalty charge, should holiday company's not be doing all they can to keep custom and make existing customers happy. Does anyone have any advice or any similar experiences?
  7. Yes but were these not for extreme hardship cases?
  8. Or is it just going to be put on hold until the hearing is held. I have incurred £600 worth of charges from halifax in the last year but Iam reluctant to start a claim if it to be put on hold. I will be well within the 6 years when the court case is concluded so Iam not to worried about missing the boat. What does everyone else think? M
  9. I was in the same position and contacted the information commissioner. You will son get a replt after that. M
  10. Ive ditched the other thread mate. Iam going to concentrate on this one now. I managed to get all the statements in the end. After they said I never held an account with them...great.
  11. Thanks Kenny much appreciated, I suppose I was given the offer before the announcement also. Ive had success going through the Ombusman so....fingers crossed. Nuno
  12. Hi Kenny, Exactly the same as you. Had a offer arrived today for £347 whereas my total claim looked for £1,100. They say this is their final offer. Is this true that people are finding problems going through the Ombusman? I know it may be a pain but I would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the interest calc sheet as well mate. Thanks in advance ......just a little anxious to get up there and whoop BC(E.T.)'s ass, that's all!
  13. I contacted the FOS and they told me that any offers that have been accepted and returned by the 27th July should be fully honoured. I had my acceptance sent back on the 20th so they say I should be perfectly fine. They have put notes on my account for the person dealing with my claim (at the FOS) to contact the bank again and ask what is going on. Not looking good for others though who may have been given acceptance letter but not signed ad returned yet.
  14. Yes but its not an encouraging sign when the bank actually tell you this money will be suspended until a decision is made.
  15. Just phoned the Halifax there and they said that because of all the issues that have arisen lately that all claims that have went to acceptance letter (and signed by customers) will still be held until next year !!!!!!! Is this right???? Surely if they have made an offer and I have accepted (through the Financial Ombusman I may add) they should honor these! I feel another call to the Ombusman coming on if it is. SO FRUSTRATED AFTER TRYING SO HARD TOO GET MY STATEMENTS FROM THEM
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