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  1. ive opened a nat west account only one with an electron card so just awaiting cards coming now so ta for that.Should we close abbey account now or wait to see what theyll do.Mind you we have probably got more charges going out this month so not sure

  2. have tried to open an account with first direct but failed as already have bad credit history probably because of charges! can anyone advise an account to open as were begining to panic in case they close our account.hubby needs an account for wagesetc as we all do

  3. do i add the interest charges on the first letter as im all bambuzzled with all the info in the faq and i know its probably in there but please help as im frazzled

  4. sorry forgot that bit.sent first letter about two months ago but have since relised that letter was wrong as hadnt included charges from statements i hadnt got.so about 1 week ago sent another letter without reading faq as had problems registering and wasnt sure how to sort them so thought i would proceed on my own. after reading the faq now have relised i have made the following mistakes 1 didnt include list of charges 2 added interest on but didnt tell them i had 3 didnt send it recorded delivery.do i start again and forget other letters

  5. just do it my way. have just sent off second letter only relised after reading faq.that ive done it completly wrong. should i start again or what. have also just relised that emails arent like texts doh! people dont always answer immediatly. ill have to learn more patience if im going to win this battle!

  6. sent first letter to the abbey and awaiting reply do i send second letter to them or what. Incidently they only senty some of the starements to my repeated requests at least eighteen months were missing maybe more

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