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  1. have messed up again suz didnt keep a copy of the 2nd data pro act so dont know what date i sent it so will have to send another one booo!!!by the way how many actual statements have they sent you

  2. hiya suz my statements what few came were like yours in dribs and drabs and all like a mixed up jigsaw puzzle it took me ages sorting them but they knew that when they sent them. They didnt all come at once either first ones within a few weeks the rest over next few weeks but there were missing ones that they thought i wouldnt notice.Well they were wrong i did my homework so double check anything they send dont just assume they play tricks the grabby GRRRRRR!!

  3. nope still nothing from the grabby ill probably proceed with the estimated one but its good to communicate with someone whos at the same stage as me because sometimes it feels like everyone else is so much further ahead and seems to know exactly what there doing unlike me whos just scrabbling in the dark trying to find my way

  4. no none here either posted off letter to request missinfg statements nearly a fortnight ago and absolutely nothing not even standard bog off letter absolutly zero communication so double GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. hey im not so new but still am confused every step of the way but somebody on this site always helps and reassures you so hang in there where all in the battle together. Hey until i joined this site i didnt even have an email address!

  6. good point so i dont really need the actual statements to proceed cause i dont want two cases goung at the same time i just go with the estimated claim and if theres any comebacks they can explain why they never sent me all the statements despite repeated letters requesting them

  7. hiya ive had some of the statements but not all of them so i wrote to them to demand the missing ones and got the statndard reply that everyone seems to be getting so now ive sent in an estimated first letter to ask for it back and another seven day timelimit letter will have to be sent exausting init!

  8. hi kia here weve just opened a parachute account with the natwest and had no problems opening it try them or the coop do another simililer account but if you dont want a debit card account there are quite a lot of ordinary accounts available.im only slightly ahead of you and they dont stop trying to fight you so keep fighting and remember theres alot of support out there for all us newies

  9. thanks i have got one question ive sent off first letter with estimated charges do i now send off another data protection letter requesting missing statements or wait till i go for court date and then get them then

  10. first letter all printed off ready to send tommorrow and its all a bit scarey and real lets hope i dont mess it up this time will let u know if and when they make contact

  11. just recieved two identical letters in the post saying this thank you for letter regarding your rquest for a copy of the transactional data .Basically there saying i have recieved all im entitled to under the data protection act and im not entitled to any more under this act.Also the 40 days has expired so what now do i get a court date or keep persuing them for missing statements cause it all takes time.Its all just a delaying tactic.And do i estimate missing charges and claim them later help!

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