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  1. yes but if i had to stand up in court i forget the power of speech i be a gibbering wreck imagine the headline lady stands up in court and cant even speak her name ive done jury service you know im Rumpole of the bailey dont you know!!

  2. hiya again just a quickie hubby in bed must type quietly nope noyhing but i must tell everyone whats happened today theyve refunded £300 into our bank account without telling us they pkoned about four days ago but i refused to take ther call has this happened to anyone else cause im really worried now as i think there trying to mess my case up cause i dont know which charges theyve refunded HELP!! if this has happened to anyone one else let me know i dont know what to do know!!

  3. hiya me again going to bug yet again did you get my other message let me know when you can will try to get on the computer again some time in the morning kids allowing we were nearly in the sticky stuff in the past and some of it not so distant with our mortgage and were still treading on dicey ground with it im just hanging on to it but mortgage letters can be worrying ive had many a sleepless night worrying about it i can tell you and sometimes you feel so alone.Did rather a brave thing the other day though they phoned to speak to us about our mortgage and i said i wouldnt speakj to them i said ive written you a letter and wouldnt communicate with them on the phone well there not quite so handy in sending out my stuff are they but they expect me to speak with them well no sir ill do it on my terms told id only communicate by letter the worm has turned haha!! gotta go otherwise ill waffle on seeya!!




  4. i was so glad when i read my emails and yours was there beginning to feel abit lonely there but i knew youd be back.I was even gonna try a private message not that i bothered who reads this i just needed communication and yours definitly cheer me up no end.

  5. god so good to hear to hear from you but i knew you wouldnt quit had i few problems here as well but your threads keep me going no statements or letters by the way but just talking to someone in the know keeps me going by the way might have recruited someone else to the fight someone whos got bank charges and didnt know its illegal so someone else to join our merry little band !!

  6. nothing yet off the Scabby no statements,no letters even in the negative and even more worrying no communication off anyone so feeling very frustrated.SUZ WHERE ARE YOU need someone to keep me positive!

  7. Ihope to god scabby dont chose me to make an example of by actually appearing in court.Mind you i could sell my story to the papers cause there waiting for the first case where they turn up and it,ll probably be me!!




  8. I too have alliance account and have found them to be no better they should all where masks and call themselves robbers cause that what they do with our money.Unfortunatly the Grabby do seem to be the worst whos bright idea was it to join the scabby and where are your insults at the scabby Suz get in there girl and give um plenty.I dont about sharks us girls have plenty of fight in us as well as the grabby will found out

  9. although i cant actually help you with these problems i deeply sympasise as ive had hellish problems with the grabby over the years taking money off me hand over fist. Im sure someone on this site will be able to help you and your sister.My brother has had to help me out more than once over the years and continues to do so,so take heart and carry on helping her

    and im sure others on this site will be able to help with words of wisdom and comfort

  10. oh suz ive done it again gone wrong although in my defense it was a while ago before i read all the faqs properly naughty girl that i am and i forgot my second data act letter before the forty days were up oopps!! never mind eh!im so glad you checked them statements cause i know what games the scabby play they did with me .Please keep making me smile with your threads as i look forward to reading them. Keep smiling speak to you soon




  11. right got it all written done now so here goes



    SAR sent 21.05.06

    LBA 1st one sent 08.07.06

    LBA 2nd one sent 17.07.06(explained earlier why!)



    PREMLIM LETTER sent 28.07.06

    LBA sent 13.08.06


    just noticed when going through all that guff ive missed a letter after the first sar got sent i didnt send another letter before the forty days was up will it matter as theyve sent out standard reply letters up till now?


  12. because i didnt take a copy of the first one so didnt have date sent so in case of come backs later thought best to send another with a copy make sense now does

    it! no it doesnt to me either it did at the time but my heads swimming with it all and kia and suz arent a private party anyone can join us.Will do an update tommorrow as too tired now reading all this banter.Goodnight!!

  13. chuffed for you babe but make sure you check em to be sure there al there.Nothing for little me urghhh!!!didnt expect there to be thry dont cave that quick i have to plat the waiting game same as with this computer!!wait till you get further back with your statements then they start to fizzle out and stop and youll be were i am now frustrated still time to plan my next move


    kia x speak to you tommorrow if i can get near the computer kids!!

  14. thought it was time i started my own thread as have been reading and commenting on others but not my own.Right first letter was sent 14 days tommorrow and got the usual no response.Second letter goes tommorrow also sent yesterday second data pro act and really beginning to lose all patience with them there hardly professionals are they you either get no response or you get bog off response.So now i wait to see what they say next although most of you know the next line.Will add more when more to tell!

  15. oh i can dream of new cars holidays oh the list is endless!!now then back to business gotta send next letter to scabby 2nd one and im already getting a headache thinking about it thank god your all hear to here me moan mind you i bet ya i not the only one.I tell ya something else ive never in my whole life felt so enpowered i even wrote a scathing letter to the scabby about my mortgage arrears telling them in no uncertain terms that i cant pay arrears if they keep charging me and a judge would take adim view of it,I would never have donr this in the past just payed it HAHA GRRRRR!!!!

  16. well ive had almost two years worth but its taken two of us to sort them out but finally got there and got letter printed and ready to send horray!!ps sorry if im bugging you its just nice to be at the same stage as someone else

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