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  1. had spot of good fortune with alliance and leicester either that or there better organised but there statements arrived within the forty days and all in correct order etc but the scabby oh dear what a shambles maybe they should change there secretary cause there much more efficient

  2. come on suz getta a grip talk to me otherwise the kia suz thread is drying up and youve gotta stay with it tell me how your getting on with scabby have you written letter yet first one that is estimate it there taking too long you must know roundabout how much each month you were charged alot of this is pure guesswork but better that than waitingn for non existant statements to arrive when theyve no intention of sending them.Talk to me mate

  3. so now i know what theyve done do i send another letter with the new amount on it or go to court action as i was onto the that bit before they paid the refunds into our account hoping to fob us off again ha!

  4. ahy ha the old microfish ploy another fob off by the scabby if itis held on seperare files why when you phone up they can see your file in front of them seperate building my ar*e they must think there dealing with idiots.Im just as impaient as you be you gotta go one step at a time steady as you go!!!

  5. gladly suz i did phone them and asked to read out the charges from there screen so she did i think although her version and what was in the bank varied so ive asked for a posted statement to check it again.Also got two more letters from them this morning saying there dealing with my complaint and will be in touch within 4 weeks i wont be waiting that long however.By the way were you being ironic or wot!!By the way i added up the charges on the spread sheet a little difference in there figures and mine but will wait for statement to come i think!!xKia

  6. yep suz i dont know what wed do without him.got two more scabby letters tis morning basically were dealing with it rubbish two of them as well must think i need to see double bit like me the other night eh!!xxKia

  7. hiya kia here thought your thread looked a little lonely so thought id put a little comment on it you need to ask things as well like me and suz mind you we need more help than most eh!!!and i am commenting on two threads at the moment they keep me busy what stage are you at and if your viewing this suz ive not abandoned you honest!!!

  8. Oh by the way karnevil me and my very nice bruv worked out the estimated charges and i was only out by £30 so im going to leave it as it is ta for helping me though ill try and help suz with it

  9. hiya got another problem now have gone through the list of charges on the bank statements and the amount on their letter is wrong its not the same as the amount i got it to its about £200 out make sure people check.I also phoned them and asked what amount had been refunded to our account she told me £625 but my calculations make it more like £810 what do i do know wait and see if they refund more or what!!oh what joy we have with the grabby!!

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