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  1. Right had letter off scabby this morning heres how it goes

    thank you for your letter of 28 july 2006. I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the response that my colleague sent to you in march 2006 in relation to the charges on your account.(the letter basically said bog off charges are reasonable blah blah)

    Firstly please accept my apologies for any inconvience that you have been caused in relation to this matter (blah blah)


    I have carefully considered the points you have raised (thanks bank templates )in your letter and i must reiterate that the charges incurred on your account are valid and not unlawful,they are in line with the terms and conditions of your account.I am therefor unable to offer you a refund of all the charges on your account since 17 august 2003 totalling £2,397.00 as per your request.


    I have however,arranged to refund your accont as a gesture of goodwill the charges on your account fron september 2005 to date totalling £680.(Why if there not in the wrong why they wouldnt do it in march didnt wanna know)This sum includes charges that are due to be added to your account for August 2006(there was only charges in August because there charges forced me to go overdrawn)


    I accept that you did not set out to incur charges (your bloody right there no thanks to them)on your account.It is however your responsibility to monitor your account and ensure that there are suffient funds in your account at all times (blah blah what are theres!)


    To prevent further charges you could ask for a******and it goes on about having an miracle overdraft thatll just make my problems a hundred times worst!!


    Now what now?Do i write back and ask for actual berakdown of figures or just subtract it and carry on with schedule there really messing with my head!!

  2. had brill night out just what i needed to let my hair done and what do i talk about all night this site how sad is that i need to get a life and havent as yet got n1 form still hung over oopps!!might enlist new recruits it never ceases to amaze me how many people dont know its illegal what there doing mind you im preaching to the converted sorry to mention church thingy

  3. dont forget phone call to abbey bout statements remember keep focused and not on the bottle of barcardi.Gonna get n1 form tommorrow and see if ill have to pay as im on benefits so maybe not bit of luck on that score eh as im skint at moment so it might have to wait keep making me giggle suz and i dont need to do an awful lot to do that to you to reduce you to fits of laughter lolxxxKia

  4. Wont be able to speak later as out with mates later only for one glass promise!! you certainly make me giggle when im fed up of abbey and their games Are you sober now enough to be able to communicate with me and remenber second page of threads if im not on the first see u later lolxxxKia

  5. so i use the n1 form and dont read any of this till your sober mind you you are funny when your drunk and i would laugh but would wake hubby by the way dont shout Karnevil my heads swimming with it all the brain doesnt usually have to think so much and as for my spelling lol eh suz!!!xxxkia

  6. oh no you wernt oliver twist were you i will be tommorrow night!!You will laugh when i tell you this didnt know what lol meant till tonight told hubby i dint do text language so lol to yus all!! Try my thread on the second page if ive not been on for a while it wont be on the first page luv xxxKia

  7. i thought the n1 was for data pro act is that what i use now probably a very silly question.Also when i sent previous two letters i estimated the charges i didnt know about by assuming there was one charge every month.Did i di this wrong should i change it as i did write on letter i reserve the right to change it as theyve not sent me the info i requested or just go with what i already put on the previous letters?Sorry lots of questions i know youll earn your wages this week with me and suz!!!

  8. ive been thinking bout your missing statements hunni what i did after theyd sent some of them i phoned them to chase them up and they did send quite a few more of the statements out after that not all of them though quite a few missing still it was more awkard for them to ignore me whemn im on the phone to them. The laughable thing was he says to me the guy on the phone oh just hold the line while i speak to them in the microfiche building as if its in another building but its probably in the next office never mind a different building ha!any hows maybe try that to speed them up luv!!xxxKia

  9. God suz youve disappeared again talk to me girl.Have you opened that parachute account yet cause weve got debt probs and the nat west didnt have a problem with it failing that try the post office cause some of my money gets paid in there you dont get debit card though but who cares eh!! Its a good question about estimates though stupid me thought id just do one charge every month cause i know thats probably the miniumm it is now ive found out you have to do a lot of sums and maths never was my strong point but i dont wanna start again so id be interested how you estimate it arent i stupid thought i was being clever as well this site has a way of making you feel stupid when you think your Bill Gates

  10. ok thanks Karnevil thank god your there to calm us down.By the way their 14 days are up end of next week so do i go for court date now i looked at templates and it would appear so enlighten me please! thanksxxkia

  11. hiya different thread for me anyhows have sent them first data pro act letter stating didnt know any of account numbers of current account from then or mortgage account.Cant remember off hand what date i sent it anyway the forty days are up in approx 14 days do i send another letter now and if yes which one cant find it in the bank templates.Theyve not responded to my other letter at all but i think this is quite normal from reading through the other threads.Point me in the right direction

  12. right will write letter to them asking for breakdown of charges.So another sneaky ploy on behalf of the shabby but at least its happened to someone else as i hadnt read any other stories like this one and i panicked a little alot actually i could see my case going pearshape as usually happens to me but back on track now thanks everyone onwards and upwards

  13. I would assume if you didn't agree to the refunds as full and final settlement and in writing then it won't prejudice your case. If they want to demonstrate a gesture of goodwill then fine. Nothing wrong with your typing to me .......mine always looks like that - tired P$$ssed or wide awake.
    nice one although i hope i wasnt P$$ssssed when i typed it certainly didnt make much sense to me when i read it back this morning ohhh!!!
  14. AARGGHHHH!!!! I feel like banging my head on a brick wall read the bit in my thread and youll know whats happened dont know what to do now feel better for talking about it mind the shabby abbey playing mind games again this ones a new one mind not read of them doing this to anyone else yet giving back a small amount so ill drop it wrong!!!!

  15. hope someone reads above and answers me some of it is illegable sorry my typing goes funny when im tired and i was trying to type fast i really am unsure what to do know cause on my mini statement all the refunds are listed but no info about them when there from or dates like my hubby says they could be from all over the place so ill get all confused with the dates and what about the interest god this has really throwm me was that what it was designed to do so ill drop it.Do i stick to original timetable or what?God i wish i taken that phone call now i thought it was about my mortgage and as id already written to them didnt think there was any point in talking to them as well fool!!!Now i dont know what to do AARRGGHHHH!!!!

  16. hiya weve managed to open a natwest step account a couple of weeks ago with no problems but thanks for all your help with this i did it on line as well really easy and all the stuff came in the post so if i need it its there but ill keep the abbey account open till they close it see i do listen dont always heed it though

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