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  1. right here goes

    1st one arrearsa/letter charge

    2ndone sundry fee debit

    3rd one arrears letter charge

    4th one legal costs

    5th one arrars collections

    6th one arrears fee

    7th one sundry fee DR/CR

    8th one sealing fee

    now do you see why im confused!!

  2. i think no dont quote me on this but i would accept that payment but still pursue them for the rest as there only refunding what the oft told them to do.Don not accept it as final payment it is illegal to charge that much and they know it but it is up to you they could still stop the credit card so be prepared can you not change cards.Also there not allowed to enter a default against you for illegal charges so id remind them of that be tough with them act like you mean business even if you dont hope it helps xxKia

  3. they were absolute swines with us over our overdraft a few years ago they decieded to just withdraw our overdraft over night and said were taking back our £750 just like thaty and when i said could we pay it back over a period of time they grudingly agreed if only i knew then what i know now ggrrr!!!we should have switched then i suppose but we stupidly stayed with them.Not only that they put a bad credit mark against us just for that theyd make a saint swear!!

  4. sounds a little complicated espicially if your struggling with spreadsheet you need someone computer savvy like me bruv but well try and help you me printer decieded now its gone on holiday as well great stuff!!!so cant print anything yet also not checked out whether i can get away with no court fees as on benefits nowing my luck itll probably be a no i forgot all about it dohh!!

  5. oh dear what are abbey up to pt2 they sent me a second statement today for august 2006 but its only for one day and no charges on it crazy or what there losing the plot big style what next half a day statement

  6. right will bring you up to date have redrafted spreadsheet because have made complete mess of it and it was two hours well spent as id doubled alot of the entries so time well spent so now print ot out and write another letter to them know it slows things done but dont want them saying i did the spreadsheet wrong or asking where i got my amounts from so will do that tommorrow

  7. er excuse me not sure about little comment karny about me being impatient true though and i do jump in to quickly i concede.firstly i think you need to do seperate threads on the specific site for each credit card secondly dont be intimidated by scare tactics there trying to make you accept it by scaring you stick to timescale and carry on with case hope this helps becky

  8. the answer to this is probably obvious but i need to know can i claim for monthly od charge i looked in faqs but it mentioned 5,10,15 pound charges and i was charged £25 per month it seemed excessive to me can i any help appreciated xxKia

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