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  1. Angel face wow named after me when can u move in termi I love it and I mean us girls do need to stick together and lick them boys into shape Now then first things first what's T 's drink gonna be pina colada xxxxxxkia
  2. Think someone snook in on my post and scribbled on it with the Masters high lighters and boy won't he be mad when he can't get his spreadies done xxxxkia
  3. I know think he took a wrong turn at alba kerki (can't spell it ) and oh er now we have never been in a dragons cave before have we T does it have chintz and a good supply of furry things cos we does like our home comforts xxxxkia
  4. Oh yes spirits are very high uk took em up in his plane xxxxxkia
  5. Oh yes tickety boo mj hope life's all good with u think them lads are all busy with T and that whip me I been busy with feather duster that dust gets everywhere xxxxkia
  6. What did u do with that whip T cos I'm sure uk was last seen running around Liverpool pride having fun It was u in that frankie furter outfit by lime street wasn't it xxxxkia
  7. Kia brought it on came to have a brew and plump up that chintz and no one here Well that won't do and someone needs to get a shammy on them windows and darent even look in that cellar last seen T in there with a do not disturb sign xxxxkia
  8. I can do that but it dates back the account over ten years although I only decided recently to go after them again they have continually fobbed me off at every turn saying I never had a ppi with them and as I couldn't prove it as no proper statements I gave up �� Prob big mistake that cos it's been like an itch I can't scratch I always felt I should of pursued it xxkia
  9. Already tried that ages ago and they didn't send me true copies just a load of print outs which is wrong as it's not what I asked them for and doesn't show any of the payments I made or what I was been charged for so kinda hit a brick wall there Xxkia
  10. hi just thought id post this see what happen i have had a love hate relationship with the halifax for a number of years and just thought id see what anyone thinks on here as i keep hitting a brick wall . Right i opened a credit card account with these jokers a number of years ago and having tackled them on two seperate occasions and won i thought id have a go at ppi the way i remember it is i opened my account and i was forcefully persuaded that i should take out a ppi with it fair enough my memory isnt what it used to be and we are talking more than ten years ago prob closer to 20 i could be remembering it wrong and i could of said no to the ppi but way i remember it i signed up for it they are saying i definetly didnt have one last letter off them they got very shirty and said having checked your account again :oops:u did not have this with us now what i want to know is do i still persue this cos have started to do this 3 times now and then backed down when i got the fob off letter cos am really not sure what to do cos its 50/50 and is it worth the fight is this a standard fob off letter or is this exclusive to me cos i cant keep starting this then getting stuck when they fight back yet again any ideas ppl ? xxxxxkia
  11. well well well kia angel has popped by see if anyones got the kettle on and it seems no ones been here in along time cobwebs everywhere lol came in to check out ppi stuff boooooooring lol so thought id see is anyone wants to play :razz:xxx
  12. my partner said that too but am really stressing about it and reading as much info as my brain can take in xxxkia
  13. ah ok well its prob not that long after the date think the first letter saying id been put on esa was dated the 19th dec so i could say it was right on top of Christmas and it got forgotten about any hows Ive sent off letter will have to wait and see.Got any question ive got this work based thing group meeting next week what i need to know is where i stand with if they try and make me do courses or volunteer work stuff Ive been reading on here says i should turn it all down but i need to know can i do this as neither one of these am i gonna be able to do as sitting or standing for any length of time is impossible but its really worrying me that and forcing me to do interviews i just need to know how to handle this as its stressing me out Christ alone knows how i will feel next week its on wed btw the app xxxkia
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