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  1. Entice me in? Is it like entering the lair of a mountain lion? or a couple of meerkats more like:-) it never hurt before, just gave me a headache with all the constant whinging, but you never know, they may have perfected the techiniques by now.....unlikely I know, but possible:wink:
  2. the only transparent thing around here is those trousers, and I've lost a bit of weight as well dear so should squeeze into them no probs:razz: and I know a few people who'd pay good money to see me revisit them after all this time!! I was going to write something else, about pulling things off, but decided it was too rude, even for me:!:
  3. now, that sounds to me like a volunteer!!!!!!!!! brave in this weather, but good on you girl:razz:
  4. a Carnival? are you going to wear the huge feather headresses and the teeny sparkly 3 triangles of hardly anything? they look awful cold to me!!
  5. bumpin' and humpin' back to the top of the pile dear:lol: how can uk edit your post????????? something you need to share with us?
  6. drinking on your own's not right, two's good company, three is convivial:cheer2:
  7. throwing up on the table? you're such a smooth operator uk!!!:roll:
  8. Oi!! where's the quick wit and repartee, and smutty banter and endless innuendo? Aren't I allowed a few days off now and again? S'pose I just have to do all the work , as usual so kisskiss, what's the verdict on the pink fluffy handcuffs? are you using them as earrings? or to stop him from escaping outt he window?? and KK, what's this bump you're so keen to tell us about? You been up to something about 6 months ago?
  9. well, which would I rather touch? Let me think about it for a second..................................
  10. caro!, you sure this post wasn't meant for the 'I'm drink ' thread?:wink: but thanks for the kind words, they're much appreciated Angels and demons are the same thing, just different sides of the coin
  11. Well, we're 4 years-old.........and ten thousand posts and three hundred thousand views!!!!!!!!!!!! never expected this to happen when I joined CAG to try and get my bank charges back
  12. it happens all the time dear, don't worry It's the way I walk:wink:
  13. Eh up team, what's been going on here then? I go away for 5 minutes and come back to find the place like the Specials song from the '80's entice me back again with your quick wit and repartee:lol:
  14. I wasn't planning to use a spoon dear:razz::razz: or a plate:wink:
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