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  1. Thank you all for the advice now and along the way. I May not have received costs but I have won in many ways. Rather than using my money to fill dirty pockets I have made a donation to the CAG team for the tremendous support throughout. Two people within our household have now won separately owing to this support. Thank you again
  2. After submitting my schedule of costs to the courts (and being notified that this was passed over to the SOLS), I have since received a response letter from the courts (attached). I have today returned from holiday, hence the early date on the letter. Any advice would be appreciated re: next step. Many thanks letter re costings.pdf
  3. Thanks EB. I'll amend the document and send it tracked tomorrow. I rang the courts yesterday and they confirmed the case has been discontinued.
  4. thanks for clarifying. And of course I'd more than happy to donate for the fantastic support of the CAG team throughout this process.
  5. I still haven't heard from the courts so will follow up with a call tomorrow. In the meantime, I have produced my costings letter (attached). Any feedback would be appreciated prior to sending. COSTINGS.pdf
  6. apologies for this. For my reference, please could you confirm what details were showing? I tripled checked and more and cannot see where I have missed. Thank you.
  7. I received my new court date (30.05.18) after the 1st hearing was adjourned on the grounds that the Claimant claimed to have not received the defendant WS. As required, I submitted my WS to all parties 2 weeks prior to the court date. This was sent by special delivery on Tuesday and received/signed by SOLS wednesday. Today I have received an email from the SOLS (from yet another email address which has now been blocked). This states that the Claimant has issued the court with a notice of discontinuance and this matter is now concluded! I will not be trusting the email and will
  8. Thanks for advice. I will have the new bundle produced, including costings. I will take multiple copies with me in case.
  9. 2 emails received from SOLS to date - SOLS obtained my email following online defence submission. I will continue to return and block SOLS as advised. I will also send the WS + evidence bundle to the courts, particularly given that I am including new documents which I intend to rely on in court. To clarify, shall I send my bundle before receiving the court date - I wondered if I would be receiving a new reference number? Finally, as you will see from post #109, it seems the judge did not have the Claimant WS to hand nor has anything been submitted to the court. Yet I only le
  10. And now I have been contacted: The feedback I am given is that neither party could produce evidence of what they had / not sent Re: the Claimant court bundle, this has still not been located ("could be lost/somewhere in the office") .... Defendant was informed Claimant needs to provide proof of delivery to Court and Defendant (WS was by email!) BUT MY QUESTION IS .... if the judge did not have the Claimant WS to hand, why did he allow the trial to go ahead and adjourn it on basis of both parties not being able to prove x,y, and z. When in fact it looks as though the Claimant
  11. so the plot thickens.... (Approx 12:49) - I (the defendant) contacted the court to discuss my concerns re: the loss of Defendant WS Pt2 (rebuttal of Claimant WS). Defendant also explained they had submitted proof of delivery (and signage by SOLS) to rely upon in court. Defendant was transferred to a member of the filing/evidence dept. He insisted he would investigate. (Approx 12:57) - The court member returned the call. He informed the defendant that the Defendant WS (full bundle) was there, and was able to quote the full appendix range. Yet the judge did not have this on his pe
  12. today was the court hearing... . The case was adjourned on the basis that the Claimant alleged they had not received the defendant WS! The claimant arrived with no papers and only an IPAD to rely upon. The Judge seemed unimpressed and allowed a ten-minute break for the Claimant to review the Defendant' copy of their own WS. The Claimant insisted this was too comprehensive, and they would be unable to defend at this time. To make matters worse, the judge didn't even have a copy of Part 2 of the Defendant' WS (Rebuttal of Claimant' WS). The judge stated this must have been lost wit
  13. Final WS submitted to court today (along with additional attached material) Part 1 – Witness Statement This is the witness statement of xxx, defendant in the case of ES Parking Enforcement Limited v xxx (Case ref: xxx). I am the registered keeper of the vehicle - Registration Number: xxx. It is alleged that money is owed by the defendant as a result of a breach of contract at Kent Street Car Park, Kent Street, Liverpool, L1 5DA. This is denied for the following reasons. 1. The claim breaches CPR 16.4 as a result of the ES Parking Enforcement Ltd failure to
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