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  1. Yes, i totally agree, unfortunately this company is quite happy to sell these contracts to elderly people who are worried about being without heating in the winter.
  2. Thanks Malc. I have been to their website and I've noted that you have to put complaints in writing. I will be doing this on Saturday.
  3. It got better, they finally turned up after 5 days and announced that the boiler was beyond repair, and that they could do nothing, and my father in law was not covered for replacement. The operative offered to get his mate round to replace the boiler for £1500. I have had to employ a reputable company to replace the boiler. It appears that the £18.50 a month they were conned into covered nothing, except a yearly service. A yearly boiler service should cost around £50 - £60. In my original post, I called them thieves, and I stand by that. I will be writing a letter of complaint and thought I would copy in Age Concern because these clowns obviously have no regard for vulnerable people. I'd like to hear your ideas on who else I should copy in. Many thanks for your replies.
  4. This bunch [removed] have been taking £18.50 a month from my Octogenarian relatives for a number of years and carrying out services to the boiler. No one else has touched the boiler, this time round (last week) an Engineer decided to cut the supply off as there was a wing nut missing on the case and a seal was broken (which they must have done) My relatives have now been without heating and hot water for 5 days and despite numerous calls to their non helpful customer help line, no one has turned up. They are totally unhelpful, do not call back within the timescales they set and have no concerns for the safety of their elderly customers. All in all, this company are the very worst I have ever dealt with (and I've been in the building industry for 40 years) I know a thing or two about dreadful companies and bad service - Beware - do not expect any help at any time from this lot of rubbish.
  5. I too have had a really bad experience with this company, they are, without doubt the worst kind of Charlatans i have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. They have left 2 80 year old pensioners with no heating or hot water for five days during December.
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