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  1. Yes, I'm looking to get mine voided. Is there anything that can help?
  2. Thanks for that, BOS has been registered with the court within the 7 days. However, the witness signature issue still stands. The BoS laws state "Attestation by a credible witness who is not a party to the bill " In my case, the witness was a party to the bill. How can I take this further?
  3. What makes the BoS void? My BoS from a LBL company has a witness signature but it's from their own employee who dealt with my borrowing from them. Surely the witness should be a 3rd party and not linked to the lending company in any way?
  4. ldal558, can you PM me your solicitor's details. I can't PM as i'm a new member, or post your email so I can contact you directly.
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