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  1. hello hope some one can help me. as of monday just gone was told that i had to attend the jobcentre daily at different times to do a job search now been told this i had to go back to the JC the next day for 1:35 which then i was made to sign and was told since i had been up yesterday which was monday that he was going to do job search next time i come up. so after leaving the JC he forgot to give the new time which was for 1:00 for the following day when i got there he told me that and that it was his fault since he didn't tell me then was made to sign and no job search again. he gave me
  2. just letting you know i got the full £69.75 this afternoon which i am pleased about thanks again for the help
  3. yeah i will let you know. thanks again everyone for the help
  4. finished the phone with loans direct which is funny after all the phone calls to them they where fobbing me off. i told them my bank said that they have to give me a full refund as they have not managed to get me a loan and what do you know she spoke to her advisor and came back back says they have issued a full refund so even though the bank has not done anything they give me some information. thanks all for the help aswel great helpl
  5. barclays. i am back on the phone to loans direct as the bank told me because have not managed to get me a loan they have to give me a full refund
  6. well i tried and they said because i have entered my card details they cannot do a chargeback or do anything about it
  7. thanks very much i am on the phone now to my bank. i had already done this once before and they said they wouldn't be able to do anything so i will try again. not taking no for an answer
  8. hello i was unlucky to get [problem]med off this company loans-direct. in searching for a loan i had gotten a link to say i had been accepted for a loan, after entering my card details £69.75 was taking out off my account. after phoning loans direct i was told to write a letter and send it off before the 14 days is up so i did this. i have had no phone calls and i have rang them 4 times now asking about a refund. today i give them another ring and they put me through to one of the managers who said i can have a refund of £40.75 as they keep £30 for set up fe
  9. also i have had the pup to the vets and seems his health is fine and also got his first injection and worming tablets.
  10. is it true that the mother's paper's need sending off for the registration of the little because this is what she told me and only showed me the papers for the father thanks
  11. ok but i cannot really see why she not answering her phone apart from ignoring me because she knows she lied to me
  12. she said that she would post the papers asoon as she's gets them but she sounded genuine when talking to her
  13. no nothing was giving to me. she give me some bull **** information that she had sent off the mother's papers to register the pups i only have seen dad's papers. but i know the exact address for this person so if i have to i will pay her a visit tomorrow after i get the pup checked out.
  14. ok no not yet will be taking him down tomorrow as everything the person told has all been lies
  15. anyone have any advice since i am stuck on what if anything i can do. i know the person's address and she has her mother who is living down the road from her
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