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  1. Hi all, just to let you all know that if you stick at it and dont be scared of them and most of all if you know you're right you can beat them I've had a long running battle with Lovells and eventually just invited them to take me to court where I would be happy to answer any outstanding debt related questions, guess what, I got a very nice letter back from the compliant saying that I owed nothing! wonder if it had anything to do with telling them that they hadnt supplied original signed contract over 3yrs ago!!! and that I had no intention of paying anything unless we went through a court of law. If you show these arrogant people that we cannot be bullied then we can win (if this is the correct term), all in all just be strong and come here for moral support,its nice to know your not alone.
  2. Hi everybody,just to put debt issues on a lighter note for a while,my daughter has just presented us our first grandchild,a beautiful baby boy,WOW is he gonna cost us!!!LOL
  3. Hi,my sister has just taken delivery of a new Tiguan and have to say WOW!what a car.Looks really nice in white,my only reservation would be the self parking system!!!I just dont feel comfortable if not in charge,hahaha,obviously you dont have to use it but what happens if something goes wrong when parking with it and you hit cars front and/or behind?are you still liable to claims against you?
  4. Had to share this with members,you may have already seen it but the Credit Services Assn.are complaining about sites like this that give advice about how to "combat"their illegal and bullying tactics to extort money from the unsuspecting public,are they for real!!!!!!Apparently they are trying to stop us from operating or restraining what we can do???????????????Just shows that a little bit of knowledge is power and they will never prevail over decent folk who just want to be treated as human beings and not hardened criminals.Three cheers for the consumer action group,hip hip hoorah!
  5. The advice you got is spot on, I've just had Scumcall phone me up although my num. is private and unlisted! the minute I told them that I was setting up a conference call so that I had 2 witnesses their phone went down quicker than a rabbit down a warren!!! Obviously you should never speak to these people on the phone as nothing can be proven (your word against theirs) but tell them you have witnesses listening in and they dont want to know .Please people dont be scared by these idiots ,they are going on the assumption that you dont know your rights and you would be surprised at what they CANT do ,the sad fact is that OFT and Trading Standards dont come down on them hard enough, good luck to everybody fighting the good cause against these legal **** bullies!!!
  6. :help:Hi to all my newly acquired learned friends, I would just like to put my thoughts out to you all to see if we can start to make sense of D.Camerons overseas aid contributions(which means our money). I recently heard that he has committed us to the tune of £12Billion per year!!! He says that we are in financially a better position than most and can afford this!!! What about the countries that are financially better off than us and are not contributing anything like this amount, I say that we cannot afford this because of our heavy borrowing to cover our governments debts! I'm all in favour of helping other people but only, surely ,if we have a surplus. Who will look after us when the golden goose(thats us)stops laying him his golden eggs. I value your comments as I dont know if I am missing something vital in my grey matter as I cannot get to grips with his reasoning.....
  7. Good for you,I'm just starting down the road with these.They've sent me a letter threatening a home visit and I've sent them one back saying not to call and not acknowledged the debt as they don't have original agreement and so starts the long road to the same outcome you achieved,haha
  8. Hi girls and boys!Just joined so b kind haha
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