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  1. If you are the debtor, no you are not entitled to a vat invoice. V.A.T receipts are only supplied to the creditors who instruct the bailiff, as it is only he who pay it, on instruction. You cannot reclaim VAT as the end user. Certain people seem unable to understand this simple matter, but, as it stands, EA who are contracted self, employed and not employed directly by the HCEO can charge VAT, in the normal way.
  2. Yes indeed, this misinformation has cost debtors a lot of money. If a warrant has been issued in the high court and forwarded to a HCEO, fees are due from that point, there is no avoiding it. What you need to do is sort out a repayment schedule with the bailiff during the compliance period (that is the seven or so days before the bailiff says he will visit), if you dont, the chance of an instalment repayment plan may have disappeared. and you will be liable for vastly increased costs. Even if you are successful, the court will just transfer the payment to the bailiff, and the time delay may mean that you have entered enforcement stage, and the extra fees will be added.
  3. Just to add, if they take the car from off your property they need a warrant for that also.
  4. Yes, indeed they are slow, and do try to fob you off. But they would have had to had confirmation of their authority to do a hard search. Its not the infamous CPP is it?
  5. The OP wants details of a phantom unauthorised search, yes? He is only going to get them from the CRA? They must have details, or they would not be able to record the search.
  6. Equifax DX, repeat payment authority payment. the number is their customer service line.:) Ring em, they will sort it, eventually. Do yourself a cup of tea before you ring, you will be on hold for at least half an hour. Strauss music though, put your phone on speaker. quite pleasant.
  7. Hi I called them yesterday funnily enough to cancel my repeat authority. I found the service to be over complex and slow TBH. 08000142955010
  8. Yes that's correct. The Figure used is the Total Amount Payable TAP. THis is everything you pay n order to purchase the car. They have no right to charge a collection fee, if the account is terminated, it is their car, they shift it or they dont. Whilst the interest is calculated on the sum loaned the APR includes everything, fees advance payments etc, even insurance, if it is conditional on the sale.
  9. First thing check the other agencies, you can get info on Check My File for nothing on all four. You need to fill in the complaint on Equifax, it is a pain to do, but.. Ask for the identity of the person who sent the data relating to the search, if they dont comply get a free list of all activates on you account under GDPR. You could try a call to them first, you never know
  10. Yes. The deposit and any other fee you may have paid(except default charges) is included in the price for section 90 purposes.
  11. If not. Now is the time to do it. Write to the council with a copy of your I and e, offer a new payment based on those figures. One you can maintain. Ask for the warrant to be taken back. Tell them about the amount the claim has risen by.
  12. Was there no interaction between you and they authority before the warrant was applied for? Have you at any time submitted a statement of income and outgoings, to anyone?
  13. She needs to contact the bailiffs office, get the number from the court, and tell them he no longer resides at that address. You can check if there is a CCJ here https://www.gov.uk/county-court-judgments-ccj-for-debt/ccjs-and-your-credit-rating Ask them what kind of proof they require. They may say that they will send a bailiff around to check. This is not acceptable usually. because if they did take goods, it will be upto your friend to prove that she owns them. As DX says they cannot force entry, but they can gain access through an unlocked door.
  14. Hi Sadly they can force entry when collecting a fine, not that they will but they can. If you do not have anything of value, why not just let them confirm that. There is nothing to stop you moving any valuable before they arrive, and they cannot take things that you require to live. Also the will not take anything which would not cover costs of getting rid at auction. Why did you default your arrangement to pay in the first place? Was there a good reason? Were you ill, did you have to attend to an ill relative, was there an unforseen event since the agreement, which altered you income. Get in touch with the fines officer and ask if he can arrange a re-evaluation of you circumstances, there are facilities for this in the regulations. Explain the problem, point out how unfair it is to have to pay all that in fees for just £75.
  15. LOL caught me out, I didn't read the whole thread. Any post termination interest, that is demanded after a default is sent, must be mentioned in the loan T and Cs and on the default note, otherwise all they can charge is 8% simple interest on the debt. I will read the whole thread, we really need to see the CCA and a n87 default otice, if issued. A time frame for each debt would be good also.
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