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  1. Omg - you are working late... no there are payments before then in 2013. The payment is on SLC SAR - then it says 1/03/2014 DD cancelled by SLC - I'm cross referencing it with my bank statements. Erudio SAR says no payments apart from the one they took out end March 14 - without my knowledge. On bank it says new dd set up. On Erudio SAR there is a spreadsheet which also says a payment in April 14 -but this was upaid by my bank I still have the letters - so this is false. It all makes sense I was on Mat leave 2013 - and if Erudio took ov
  2. I'm not sure that the person I spoke to at SLC was correct regarding the last deferment being 2011. I can see further payments. I think I can see payments following on from that - I continued to pay what I thought was SLC company until 2015. This I now think was Honours SLC, not SLC or Erudio. Now I understand my 1st 1998 loan was transferred to Honours yet the other three were with SLC. I know 100% I negotiated a deal with a DCA to clear loan outstanding. I've been searching old documents today, contacted Honours Student Loans to find proof
  3. Hi, This is what I have submitted so far. I'm working on the SLC Dsar and Erudio SAR as we speak! Set Aside .pdf
  4. Hi, I've had some issues uploading and redacting this - due to file types etc.. I've blanked out the first 10 pages. There is a contents list - so let me know which areas you need to look at. Many thanks
  5. Ok I will do that, but I was contacted out of the blue soon after posting and feel people are reading items on here.
  6. Good morning, After paying the £10 this was all Northants Bulk sent to me. I asked for the particulars of the claim but they said that'll all they had?? I will call them again this morning. Do you have a private email address please I can send the SLC SAR to as I have a text message passcode to open it? Many thanks
  7. Apologies, I wasn't sure if you needed some of the info. I will remove all. I have the DSAR from Student Loan Company - this has a text message code to access. How shall I forward this to you - as there are many pages....? Many thanks
  8. Hi, Really sorry if my first post did not make sense! I was in the middle of uploading school work - aggh! Yes you are correct I paid a company it could be Link, I'm trying to locate the payment and info. -I thought SLC had changed to HSL - and I was clearing the balance. I will upload the SLC DSAR and Particulars of the claim now. Thank you for your interest.
  9. Hi, Many thanks for your quick response - No I'm in England. OWK
  10. Hi All, I was hoping you may be able to assist with the dreaded Erudio. * November 2020 - a letter out of the blue from Dryden Fairfax - advising there is a warrant of control order to my address for a CCJ issued to my old address in July 2019. Nothing on my credit file during this period - and we have been living at this property since August 2018. All of my addresses are on my credit files. * Contacted DF, the Courts and Erudio. I had recently applied to SLC for a masters loan which was approved in August 2020. * Contacted SLC fol
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