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  1. I have received an amended court allocation notice through the post today. The only change is the date of the trial fee which is now due on 2nd Feb not 29th December as my initial letter stated. (I’ve a feeling Drydens missed it and have argued it) I have emailed the court operations manager to clarify this change......
  2. The statement was due by the 29th Dec, the hearing was 8th Nov. Drydens sent a new statement after the hearing to me dated the 5th November (or thereabouts.) From the vague email I received from the court I believe the Feb 2nd date is only about the fee??
  3. Thanks Andy. February 2nd for Claimant to now pay trial fee and a new form will be posted out to me..to confirm the correct details. Yes, I have already received claimants witness statement after the hearing in November - I uploaded it to the posts. The court confirmed they had mine.
  4. I have emailed the court back this afternoon to ask if this was the only date which was incorrect on the letter. I have a line of communication with a court manager as I have already been sent incorrect information/ not received letters from HCMTS in this process. I am thinking I would like clarification as to how this happened and whether it was correct. I have a feeling Drydens have missed the date for payment and are arguing the toss. I am also concerned as I rushed to get my statement in before Court closed on 24.12.21 ( it was all due for both parties on 29.12.21) , and this will put me at some sort of disadvantage.... or they will try to strike out before the case on some clever legal point.
  5. That’s what I was thinking, but it still felt a little strange?
  6. Happy New Year! *****Court Case Update Following Succesful Set Aside from May 2021****** As per uploaded documents from hearing on 8th November 2021, Witness Statements to be exchanged by Dec 29th 2021 and trial fee to be paid by Claimant. I emailed the court after the 29th to see if the court fee had been paid by Drydens, as per the court instructions I had received. (If Drydens had not paid the case would be a Strike out) The court have today emailed back to say it was a mistake on the form and their trial fee not due until Feb 2022 ( full hearing is March 2022). Is this correct?
  7. You are the Consumer Gods after all! Ok I will re write my statement and upload. You kept saying don’t talk about SLC etc.. am I just focusing on SB...?
  8. apologies for the delay Dx, please see attached/ AF3E5930-511B-47A5-AC7B-BDC1B1ABA8AE (1).pdf
  9. Update - letter has arrived from the court. I’ll redact and upload later!
  10. Hi DX, Any advice following the uploaded W/s? Still no hearing date through and I can’t get hold of the court either by email or phone. thanks!
  11. Ok I just did not want to miss any deadlines. Thank you! I want to defend but I cannot be left with a ccj. I’m now inclined to pay up then claim back!!
  12. Sorry posted this in the wrong place! It’s been 14 days today since the hearing on Nov 8th. I’ve had nothing in the post from the court, and still can’t get through on the phone. I’ve tried many times. The number just rings - they talked about 5 weeks in the hearing - but I’m worried the deadline for the defence will be today??
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