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  1. None of them are on our credit file now and they have all acknowledged they can't be readded so far.
  2. Well when I pushed them for evidence so I could read it she said there wasn't anything. So now we have rhe unenforceable letters, am I right in thinking they can still send debt collectors if they want? This is something I don't want to happen
  3. So I've had 3 letters today to say they're unenforceable and to get advice from debtline , this is one of the replies via an online chat OK. I just wanted to make sure they have your current address in case they were to try and issue court papers. It is correct that you do not have to pay. However, you need to be aware that we have seen instances where a court has used their discretion to allow court action if it is fair to say that the debt is yours. I just want to make you aware of this in case they try it. How much do you still owe in total on your debts
  4. Thet all defaulted over 10 years ago with the original lender. We have ceased paying while we wait for the CCA. Almost all have a hold on the accounts until the end of this month anyway until we look at what do next. I'm still finding it all quite stressful
  5. So I've sent off all CCA requests. It's been a week ans I've had a reply from PRA with an information sheet included. It says on there if they can't provide the information they can still: Contact by letter Transfer to a debt collection agency Continue reporting on credit file Pass information to a credit reference agency Send a default notice. It says that even if they can't find the information it can affect your credit score. I've not heard from anyone else yet, 3 cheques have been cashed
  6. That's my job for the weekend. CCA letters! Cabot have already said verbally they can't find them for any of the debt with them, thry said the accounts are too old and they wouldn't be able to find them! That's where we owe the most. I read somewhere else that if the debt is with the original lender still then they're more likely to find the CCA,the only one like that is Barclaycard. We don't hold accounts with the OD account. We were very careful not to have accounts that are connected to the debt we have. That's one thing we did right
  7. I'm actually not sure on dates but all were before 2008 some accounts were probably opened before 2002. Other than contacting the DCA for the information. Egg was a loan for each of us and a credit card Hoist and Moorcroft all store cards Lloyd's were credit cards Hfc was for a laptop HSBC credit card Barclays bank I think was an overdraft
  8. I have a list of everything Barclaycard is still with Barclaycard Egg now Cabot Santander, formerly GE store card now Hoist. Lewis group , then Arrow and now Moorcroft Barlcays bank now PRA group Lloyd's now Paragon HSBC now Paragon Hfc now Paragon I don't know if they all defaulted and none appear o credit file so I can't check
  9. The GE cards never changed to standard credit cards. They were active store cards until the time we stopped paying them. I do remember signing an agreement with Egg.
  10. Im actually not sure what they were for, it's been so long. The larger Cabot was Egg, and probably the smaller Cabot was Egg too. Hoist was a GE capital store card How can I find out? They would have been credit cards or store cards. Are any of these more difficult to deal with than others? I appreciate your help
  11. So a breakdown Barclaycard £1075 Cabot £4836 Cabot £2068 Hoist £508 Moorcroft £392 PRA group £663 Paragon personal finance £1518, £1326, £1352, £1075 I made the call to Cabot and Hoist yesterday as previously mentioned, before coming on here. How do I know for certain they defaulted? If they didn't can they issue a default that will appear on my credit file. None of these have shown since 2018 and my main concern is them going back on. As said DMP with Payplan was running from 2009/2010 so none of the accounts were used after this point. I have quite significantly health issues and stress really isn't good for it, doing this is huge for us so please be gentle.
  12. The accounts were all opened pre 2007 I think and we started have problems end of 2008, into 2009 when my husband lost his job.
  13. Thank you for your reply. we don't really want to ignore it, we fully accept we had the debt and want to pay it back. We have been at the same address for 13 years now. I have already spoken to 2 providers, Hoist and Cabot.. Surely if I ignore it will just make the situation worse and we could end up with a CCJ? I'm thinking of making payments to them directly until we renew our fixed rate and then look at options about repaying it fully. Payplan are free aren't they? I've never paid any fees and the amount allocated has got to the companies concerned. They have however failed to contact us for an updated financial statement for a number of years.
  14. Hello, This is my first most and I'm somewhat ashamed if I'm honest. back in 2009 my husband lost his job and our income dropped massively, partly due to my health. We were happily managing our debt and boom it went pearshaped. j We entered into a DMP with Payplan in I think 2010 and have never missed a payment or even paid late. We are still in it with about 15k left to pay. We really want to get rid of it and put it behind us. I have a few questions. We couldn't do an IVA because of my husband's job so its been dragging on for years. 1. None of our debts have appeared on a credit file since before 2018, can they go back on? Some were defaults but not all. Can they reappear if they were were approved payments with the company in question rather than a default? 2. If we pay a settlement figure can that be added to our credit file as partially settled? 3. Is there any factor that they could go back on our file. EG: Hoist have said they had the account since 2014, there have been no defaults in this time and therefore if we paid the full amount or the settlement it still wouldn't show, likewise Cabot have said the same thing. We are due to renew our fixed rate in December and I really don't want to cause an issue there and I don't want historical debts causing us issues for the future. We both work hard and have completely changed the way we deal with debt and finance. We have been on track for long time now and I don't want to risk it. I hope this makes sense. It's really causing me quite a lot of stress and upset now, not good with autoimmune diseases that flare with stress! I really would appreciate any advice you could give me. We want to step away from Payplan and deal with it ourselves and this is the first step in addressing that. TIA S
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