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  1. Hello, am stuck with a Vodafone problem and would be grateful for any advice that can be given here. Have been with Vodafone for business/personal for 18 years - mostly v high spend years. Impeccable payment record etc. Various problems in the past with overcharging and adding non requested services to the tune of £100s, which took an age to sort out and get reimbursed so stopped dd and paid monthly on automated card line. Sometimes I would see a non dd charge added, but when I spoke to Vodafone reps about this they accepted reasoning and waived. However this year my account ma
  2. yep, always make sure vodafone itemise your bills and write to them with any problem - don't rely on customer service doing what they say they'll do or making notes on the account as in my experience some don't tell the truth - They added a service that was not requested on mine and charged me £10 a month for it even though it wasn't being used. I didn't notice it for two years as amount was dwarfed by my spend at the time, and it took ages to get the money refunded.
  3. Have been trying to deal with Vodafone over the last few weeks on two issues and their customer service has hit new lows. I work in London and Brighton - first issue is for the last month there's been no vodafone coverage in the bn1 area of brighton due to a fault that has no time scale to be fixed. When you start looking into it, VF customer service send you round the departments, each one making you carry out pointless and time consuming diy tech support. Eventually you find everyone else on a network forum with the same problem, then on going back to VF they say they can't fix i
  4. Dear Lee It's great that you're here helping people make their suresignal work. While you're at it, you may like to have a look at the vodafone eforum where one post on the Sure Signal troubleshooting thread has over 36 000 (!!) views. There are pages and pages of other threads from people trying to make this product work. Meanwhile, Vodafone are giving incorrect tech advice, causing many people to undertake long winded and complex IT procedures that don't work, and the entire phone tech team (levels 1-3) have given up on it, and pointed all enquiries to the forum, where there are f
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