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  1. Than you very much for your reply and advice. I will write to company later this morning and cancel order.
  2. Hello, Sorry if I have posted this in wrong place. I am still finding my way around modern technology and the internet. On Tuesday 4 Feb at around 5.30PM I phoned Buyspares and ordered a part for my built in oven even though the woman said that it would take between 2 and 28 days for it to arrive as it was not in stock at present as it was an old part. Stupidly, I paid for it by credit card (£34.51) as I was in a hurry. This order was verified by an e-mail that I received at 5.52pm which gave order reference, billing address etc. I have since discovered that the part is available for next day from another company that has it in stock at a much cheaper price and that it is a part that is currently being fitted to many different makes/models of oven. Can I cancel the order with this company? I was not told of any cancellation rights either verbally or in the e-mail that confirmed the order. If it is possible can I just phone the company today and cancel the order and ensure that they do not charge my credit card. Do I need to inform my credit card company? Thank you in advance to everyone that reads this and for any advice offered. Kindest Regards
  3. Hello Suzie, I have had a number of tickets from these muppets and ignored every one of their threatograms. However, I live in Scotland and it is still ok to ignore them. The situation is differnet in England and Wales where you cannot really ignore anymore. I am sure that you will find specific advice for your situation on the forum. Please do not make any contact with this company until you have got specific advice for your situation if you live in England/Wales. However, If you live in Scotland then file the letter in the bucket. Kindest Regards and best wishes Healthykid
  4. Dear Ericsbrother, Thank you so much for your kind reply and advice. I will ignore all correspondence from UKPC ltd and advise partner to do the same. Thanks again for taking the time to reply as it has eased the tension in the house. Cheers Healthykid
  5. Please excuse my ignorance but I need help with a Parking charge ticket that was placed on my partners car today. I need to point out that this took place in Scotland as I believe that the rules are different up here. My partner parked in a retail park today but as she was hurrying did not notice any parking ticket machines a nd subsequently did not place a ticket on the car. (IT IS FREE PARKING FOR TWO HOURS) A parking charge was stuck on the windscreen on her return issued by UKPC Ltd. The reason stated on the charge was "Parked without clearly displaying valid pay and display ticket". The ticket also states time first seen as 14.51 and issue time of 15.10. The care was parked there for less than the two hours free parking allowed, albeit without a ticket but to ask for £100 as payment is outrageous. Can I safely ignore this ticket and UKPC ltd's inflated charge? Tank you in anticipation of help.
  6. Hello, I have a problem and I do not know what to do. Ten days ago my wife and I went to good jewellers and my wife tried on a ring that she liked. It was expensive and it was explained to us that although the stone had come from a secondhand source the setting and ring shank were new and that it had not been worn by anyone else. We thought that was alright and a price was agreed and the jeweller measured my wifes finger so that the shank of the ring could be resized. Jeweller said that he would call when ring was ready to collect and that it could be paid for then. Wife and I left shop happy. Jeweeler called week later saying ring was ready to collect. Wife went in today expecting to come out with new ring. However, the ring did not fit(it was far too tight) and the jeweller produced a cheap looking valuation certificate that described the ring as "secondhand". Wife asked for clarification about provence of ring but jeweller did not give clear answer. Jeweller tried to force wife to accept ring but my wife left shop without ring and did not pay for anything. Jeweller said he would resize ring(again) and that he would again call when ring ready to collect(again). My wife and I were alright with the stone being "secondhand" but now it would appear that the setting and the ring shank are also secondhand. My wife did not want a ring that had been worn by someone else and if she had would have gone to a store that dealt in secondhand jewellery. We feel that we were given wrong information about the ring when we agreed to buy it. Would we be in a position to reject the ring and refuse to purchase it? What advice has anyone got for this situation? Thank You
  7. Hello, Read your post and the same thing happened to me. Trust me there is absolutely no point in you contacting Athena or Lidl. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY. Please do what all of the good people on this site advise you to do and IGNORE any letters and do not contact anybody. I am glad to see that you intend to boycott the store. If they lose enough money because of these clowns at Athena then they might see sense.
  8. Hello Folks, Thank you for all of the advice given, it made me feel much better. Have received the second letter from Athena saying that I am now due them £90. Of course, I intend to ignore it, but surprisingly I had contacted Lidl to basically say that they should not employ Athena. I stated that I was not appealling anything as I was not guilty of any offence. Surprise, I got a letter from Lidl saying that they use ATHENA to contol there car parks and that £45 is a very reasonable charge!!!! That went to the shredder but I have just received a letter from ATHENA saying that in order for them to consider my appeal then I must send them store receipts????? As per the advice given I do not intend to do anything as that would be accepting their conditions and playing their game but it would appear that LIDL must have passed on that I had contacted them. This would seem to suggest that you should not even waste your time contacting LIDL as they are obviously every bit as bad as Athena. As a result the only thing worth doing is to go to another store to shop which I have done. I have also spread the word about these cowboys and urge everybody new to this ploy to do what all the good people advise on this site and that is to completely IGNORE the letters.
  9. Hello Folks Thank you to those that replied to my post. I appreciate it. I have now had time to read a lot more of the messages posted on the site regarding this shower. Feel a lot happier about it now. Will follow advice and ignore any further communication from them. Regards
  10. Sorry to be a pest ,but as the parking notice was issued in Scotland does that make any difference? as Scotland has a legal system that is slightly different to that of England and Wales.
  11. Thank very much for the advice. You are, of course, right but it does not stop the worry about it. I will contact Lidl head office and do as you say. Thank you for the quick reply.
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to this and this is my first thread. I came home today to find a letter from Athena ANPR LTD waiting for me. It looks official and is headed CHARGE CERTIFICATE Civil parking charge notice There are then 2 photos of my car entering and leaving Lidl Car park. It then goes on t say I have 14 days to pay, etc and at the bottom there is a slip entitled payment advice. It states that I was 20 minutes and 37 seconds over my parking time. I would not care but I was only late because I was in the shop but had to wait for ages at the check out as only one was in operation. I am a regular shopper there and thankfully I still have the receipt from that day. I also have to say that the parking notice is not prominently displayed and is regularly hidden from view due to builders vans etc that are visiting the new office build next door Being a bit bemused I phoned the 0844 477 8009 number and spoke with a woman. Basically I said that I was in the shop that it is busy and queues, etc are commonplace. I was advised to write in and appeal. However, I came to my senses afterwards and thought that this seemed a bit funny and that I should search the web for any similar tales and advice on what to do. I have read some of the advice on this site but am still a bit scared to ignore the letter as I am a nurse and cannot afford to have any "black marks" against me. What should I do? especially as I ave spoken with them and they probably record the calls they get. Any words of advice will be gratefully received. Thank you
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