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  1. OK, let me try and answer a few questions here in turn.... 1) The companies who have accepted a payment are Payday Express, Safe Loans, Wageday Advance and Mr Lender. 2) I too had the creditors phoning me at work and I'm afraid I can't help with that. I fortunately had a phone that showed the caller's number so just answered calls from creditors or numbers I didn't recognise with a, "Hello (company name") and then deny I was the person they were calling for. The other option is to answer and say, "I'm sorry, xxx doesn't work here any more" but that wasn't practical for me because I worked in an open plan office. All this said... They do stop calling once you've started to make payments. 3) I make my payments via Payplan. I phoned them at start via www dot payplan dot com. You need to investigate if that's right for you. I used them because I had many debts with over 15 creditors in total; and the advantage is that they took care of working out what I could afford, contacting the creditors and then paying them. Also, this is a Debt Management Plan so it's not a default but it leaves you with the confidence that you can pass all letters and all emails to them directly. The most important thing though is that you know you're paying what you can afford and that's been properly calculated. Whether you use Payplan or any other service (eg CCCS)or just work it out yourself, the most important thing to remember is that regardless who asks (eg creditors) and regardless of what they say (threatening court action), you can only pay what you have. Nobody, ever, even at CCJ stage, will ask you to pay more than that. And do you know what? The creditors know that. Three more points: 1) All creditors would rather have something (anything) rather than nothing which is what they get when you cancel your cards; 2) You are still far from the end of the insecured creditor repayment process. Remember that even if you receive a CCJ you still have a period to repay them before it actually reaches court (and even then if it goes to court, you can still repay the amount within a period and the CCJ does not stay on your credit record). 3) You will receive many scary looking letters, some of which will claim court action, some of which will say they're coming round, some of which will say that you're committing a criminal act. All of these are most likely untrue but don't ignore them! ** Work out what you can afford to pay in total, calculate the debt pro-rata per creditor, then start to make payments. **
  2. OK, so first up please know that you're not alone here... And although things may look bad now you're not the first person to get themselves in a state with payday loans. I can tell you that from personal experience and I had more payday loans than you. (Believe me, that's nothing to brag about). The first thing to do is to not panic. I know us here are just on the internet but use us as virtual friends and advisors. The second thing is to stop taking out more loans and stop things getting any worse. You can do this by cancelling any direct debits and telling your bank your debit card has been stolen. Don't say lost because I've found these companies can still take money out if you just go with "lost". The third thing is to get in touch with these companies and say you're experiencing financial difficulties and you can only pay £x per month. The amount will be based on the total value of the debt pro-rata. As an example... Your total payday loan debt is £2214. Let's say that you can realistically afford to pay back £200 per month... So, to take Payday UK as an example, you owe £250. So divide £250 by £2214 and you get 0.11. Multiply 0.11 by 200 (the amount you can afford) and you get £22. This is the amount you offer to pay back per month. Then, go to 1 month loan. You owe £377 so divide 377 by 2214 and you get 0.17. Multiply 0.17 by 200 and you get £34. That's the amount you offer to 1 month loan. If you repeat for all companies, you'll find you reach £200. The key thing to remember is that despite the letters - and when you've received as many as I have, you'll start to recognise the same phrases over and over - you can only repay what you can afford. And what you can afford is your income minus priority debt (eg housing) minus a reasonable living amount each month. Even if this progresses to a county court stage, you will only ever be asked to pay what you can afford. If it's any help, I have debts with 4 of the companies you mention and they're all accepting my offer. Make sure it's realistic, you can stick with it, and keep making the payment each month regardless of however nasty the letters get.
  3. OK, you're certainly not the first to fall into this trap. So number one welcome, and number two please don't panic! The most important rule - and this is from someone with many more Payday Loans than you have - is to remember that the creditors are going to try hard to recover their money (by sending threatening letters, text messages, phone-calls at work etc etc) but at the end of the day you can't pay what you don't have. And any court (if it ever comes to that - which is usually after many months) will only enforce that. The first thing you need to do is to cancel the cards that the Payday Loan Companies (PLC's) use to recover their money. Make sure you report them as "stolen" and not as "damaged" because otherwise I've heard the banks can continue to force through payments. Obviously, the second thing to do is to is to cancel your direct debits. The second thing is to email the companies with a reasonable offer of what you can afford to pay. In other words, calculate your disposable income as your income (from whatever source) minus all your outgoings in the month (including shopping / hair / mortgage / rent etc etc). Next, work out what you owe each company on a pro-rata basis. So if the first company is owed £100 and the second £200, you pay the second twice as much (from your left-over money each month) and pay it regularly. Post on here if you need to know how to do that. Make sure you contact each company by email (keeping each email) and do so regularly. Remember... You can't pay what you don't have. If things ever escalate, this will count very strongly in your favour. I've got PDL's with Wonga and QQ and they both accepted my offer. Make sure you make reasonable payments and - if at all possible - don't take on more debt to pay off the others. That includes paying the interest each month, or doing a roll-over to improve the amount of money the PDL will give you! Whatever these companies might say, they do (genuinely) have a high proportion of customers who don't pay in full each month so you're really - really - not the first and don't be scared. You have friends here so feel free to post away.
  4. Hello... Don't worry about Wonga taking money from a card that you think is no longer valid. The secret is to report it as "stolen" instead of "lost" or "damaged". I'd recommend reporting your card as stolen and then emailing them to arrange a repayment plan. They'll send all sorts of emails and letters, including some from a "solicitor" or "legal team" which only includes the text "xyz solicitors t/a Wonga" in very small text at the bottom. The "t/a" of course means "trading as" but Wonga try and make it as unclear as possible. Ignore the letters and just continue to pay what you can. Ensure that you've notified them why your repayment plan is valid "eg... Income xyz and Outgoings abc based on rent + food + council tax" (etc etc). I've not paid Wonga for almost a year but now ensure regular payments go through via Payplan. To date... Despite the letters... No CCJ threat. But multiple threatening letters.
  5. I too have an FLM Quick loan and despite my account being in good standing, they continued to contact me and my guarantor to say that my details needed updating! Needless to say my guarantor wasn't too happy about this and thought I was doing something wrong. In the end I logged onto the website, confirmed some of the details (eg by removing, re-entering and then re-saving) and since then, no more texts. I think they're just sending an en masse update; so wouldn't stress too much.
  6. Hi Foxtrotoscar... I too am in the same position with a large number (over 10) of Payday loans. Of them all, Minicredit were the only ones not to accept a payment plan; and indeed did end up lodging a county court claim to recover their money. Now I'm not going to get into an argument on whether their claim was valid, but needless to say the amount they were requesting (over £750) was far (far) more than the original loan. The company that was acting as quasi-legal council for them - ACT credit - were the ones I ended up dealing with. I offered them a settlement figure of slightly under half that amount on a Friday afternoon and by Monday (9am) it was accepted with a proviso it was paid by 3pm that day. I paid by 3pm the following day and it was all fine. I am sure there will be some on here who cannot offer a settlement figure; or who wish to nonetheless consider going to court and seeing that happens (after all, a CCJ will be removed from a credit file if settled in full within a month). For me though, I was in a position where I could make this problem go away by offering a final amount and in the end it was remarkably easy to do so. If I were to recommend anything I'd say "aim low" with your settlement figure.The speed with which mine was accepted tends to suggest they'd rather have (almost) anything rather than nothing.
  7. Hi Silly... I received a photocopy notification of the claim and it just shows under "Brief details of claim" ... "Monies due and owing". The amount claimed is £663.82 with a court fee of £65 which makes £728.82. The "Particulars of Claim" reads: "The Claimant's claim is for £651.50 due to the Claimant from the Defendant in respect of monies due and owing". I've got "ACT Credit Management Ltd" showing as the Claimant agent. Am I generally advised to work with the legal department in Payplan in order to enter the defence?
  8. Hi ripvanwinkle10... Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yesterday I received notification that Minicredit had lodged a claim at Brentford county court for the recovery of their money. The original loan was £300 and they're now claiming £782! I've been in touch by email, phone and have a DMP with Payplan which is all ticking along nicely. They basically say that their T's and C's don't recognise DMP's and they won't accept a part payment. I have no idea what I'm going to do because a CCJ will be on my file (6 years) as opposed to the 30 months left on my DMP. And I thought it was all going so well
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