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  1. Hi - that is correct, if there is dishonesty or fraud. Have got papers from the 3rd NWNF company and they have stated a success fee of 25% and the ATE insurance will be £330. There is no mention of taking an additional 35% They have given examples of their fees and they say they will never take more than 35% as well as the ATE insurance premium. Damages we have recovered for you Our success fee Example costs recovered from the other side Amount of success fee Net amount of damages Example ATE premium You still receive £2,500 100% £500 £500 £2,000 £35 £1,965 £2,000 100% £500 £500 £1,500 £35 £1,465 £1,500 100% £500 £375 (as capped at 25% of damages in column 1) £1,125 £35 £1,090 30,000 100% £6,000 £6,000 £24,000 £5,000 £19,500* Examples for illustration only. What we will do is keep you properly advised throughout your case of the amounts involved. *This is because we will never deduct more than a total of 35% from you inclusive of your ATE (insurance) premium. This getting a bit confusing does the bit below mean that they can only take a maximum of 35% of any money we get, which means the ATE payment and sucess fee. Overall cap on your liability for costs We will limit the total amount of charges, success fees, expenses ,disbursements and insurance premium(inclusive of VAT) payable by you (net of any contribution to your costs paid by your opponent) to a maximum of 35% of the damages you receive. What are the usual percentages that companies charge, just want to know if 35% seems the norm.
  2. Hi - below is the fact sheet they have given us about the ATE insurance. Alos have ndouble checked all our insurances and definitely no legal cover with any of them: What is this? Fact Sheet Legal Expenses Insurance - After the Event (ATE) Legal expenses insurance is designed to cover you for your legal costs of making a personal injury claim. As it is a policy of insurance that you took out after your accident it covers you for any disbursements that we pay out on your behalf (but not our fees) and all of the other side’s legal costs. Why do I need it? You need it to limit your personal exposure to costs when making your claim. This exposure could include paying for unrecoverable disbursements or having to pay some or all of the other side’s costs. Why do I need to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) as well? This is to enable us to act for you on a “no win, no fee” basis. In other words we only get paid if you win your case. If you lose we are not paid at all. (See separate fact sheet)
  3. Have had advice from a couple of NWNF companies and have also received quite a few documents/agreements which we are waiting to sign, just deciding on the best one. The only hiccup we have is that because we don't have legal insurance they are wanting us to take out an legal expenses insurance policy which so far (from 2 companies) is 35% and 37.5% along with the 25% success fee. The companies so far who have sent agreedments are [removed] and [removed]. [removed] seem the ones to go with, legal insurance is 35% and they have stated 25% success fee in their agreement. [removed] does not mention a success fee. [removed] we got via National Accident Helpline who they pay a marketting fee to which they have stated in their agreement. Does the above sound like the norm being we pay legal insurance fee as well as success fee. Just asking as it does take out a big chunk of the settlement. Following on from gp appointment my hubby has to have ultra sounds done of his arm and will also need physio to learn now to cope with the injury. He is a spray painter and had to leave the job where he injured himself to take on lighter duties as he was not able to lift the trolley with all the wheels into the spray booth despite telling them he could not as he had hurt his right arm. Also his new job is commission based but he will not be able to make target as he has to repeatedly stop to rest his right arm when he is spraying therefore if there are 5 jobs he needs to do to hit bonus he is only manage between two or three. Would that be regarded as loss of earnings. Also cosmetically he is quite conscious of it as it looks horrid, where the muscle joins onto where your elbow is is now completely flat and he just has this big bulge at the top of his arm. Its very creepy looking!!! We are waiting for papers from Slater Gordon, so I know you cannot recommend anyone but do any of the 3 I have mentioned got bad ratings, are you able to advise on that. Again thanks for all the advice has most definitely helped us. Sharon
  4. Thank you so much everyone for all the advice. Will definitely use and won't go in "blind". Will keep you posted.
  5. Wow thanks everyone for the advice, really helpful. To answer your questions, no he is not in a union and he has actually left the company and in another job which he is struggling with because of his injury, could not even open a jar of olives for me this evening??? The trolley he had to lift had motorcar wheel rims for respraying so was very heavy as the rims are solid. If we did do the NWNF what would be a reasonable percentage for them to take as we are aware that they do take a percentage if we win.
  6. Hi not sure if its possible to get advice on the following, but have used this website for debt issues over the years and advice has been invaluable, so hoping we can get some more advice re an injury claim. My hubby has popped and torn the ligaments and bicep in his right arm, this happened when he was at work (new job) he had to lift a very heavy trolley full of solid wheel rims over a lip to get them into the spray booth for painting. When it happened he was in agony of course and when he told the boss he was struggling to get the trolleys over and maybe installing some sort of ramp, he was told to "man up and just deal with it". It is now affecting his everyday living whereby he cannot lift anything even small things like taking a plate out of the cupboard can be painful. He has been to see gp who has said unfortunately there is not much that can be done and his body will learn to adapt, he is also going to physio so they can show him how to start using his right arm again. He has had to use his right arm all the time and comes home in agony as he cannot afford to take time off etc. Anyway the gp also asked if he had had any manual handling training, which he had not, and then asked if he had made a claim as he did have grounds for claiming as its is most definitely affecting this quality of life where he cannot even do simple things like mowing the grass, taking out the rubbish, more or less anything that involves using his right arm. Are there any companies you can suggest that we should contact that won't charge and arm and a leg (sorry for the pun!!!) so we can go ahead and start the claim process as it was definitely wrong the way he was treated and how they still expected him to work even after telling them he had hurt his arm. Sharon
  7. Hi and HELP PLEASE!! We had a liability order taken out on our previous property (when we were in it) for council tax arrears in 2005 and 2007. We were paying off when we were in the house but things happened, my mother passed away suddenly in Zimbabwe, we had to move house as owner was selling, a few new medical problems presented themselves and we somehow did not carry on paying. Did not hear from Croydon Council for many years (2013 nearly 7 years since we had moved out of the previous property), again started paying off but then had to change jobs reduce hours and income and some more medical problems happened. My last contact with them was for them to agree on my payment plan which was about 2 or 3 years ago but again heard nothing back, and will all going on completely forgot to chase. I am also in receipt of disability allowance and receive council tax benefit for the current property we are in. a few days ago I received a letter from them which I replied to via email but have heard nothing back. Today 07/02/15 received a letter/notice from Confero Collections Ltd which is a Notice of Enforcement. I don't want to deal with bailiffs as healthwise will make me worse. Can this debt be re-enforced as its from 2005 and 2007 as its a liability order. Any advice would be appreciated. Have been using your site for years to claim back all sorts from bank charges to PPI. You guys do amazing work. Best regards Sharon
  8. Hi - she does not know how to have a look at her credit file so will show her as I think that should give us an idea of what is going on. She is bringing me her file so will have a look see what she has and has not got. I also think a SAR is in order. Is there a different one for IVA companies. If they have been dodgy is there anyway we can get it sorted beside sending details to FOS or Trading Standards. She has received a letter from them recently after insisting that they write to her as I think see feels very intimidated when they speak over the phone. One staff member told her the debt was like going into a grocery store filling up your trolley and then walking out without paying!!!
  9. My sister took out an IVA a while back with a company called KINGSTON DEBT SOLUTIONS they contacted her she told me about it the other day (first time I heard about it) and I am a bit sceptical about what they have been up to. Hence email to CAG which is an amazing forum and has helped save thousands over the years. 1) They applied for a PPI refund with some of her credit cards but did not inform her or give her the refund, they kept it all. Is this usual practice for IVA's and if they did keep it surely it would go towards paying her debts. 2) They have never sent her a breakdown of where her monthly payments are going -again is that normal practice. 3) She seems to think that she should be finished paying it up they are insisting that she has not but again have not provide statements etc so can she withhold payment until they do so? It all sounds a bit dodgy to me so please please please some advice as she does not know what to do and if she had come to me earlier I could've helped a bit more and also told her to use this forum as it would've saved her a lot of time and money. Thanks in advance Sharon
  10. Hi - have just received a phonecall and then a letter from BCW re a loan from Barclays. Story is took loan about 7 years ago paid regularly till a couple of years ago and then due to financial problems agreed a reduced payment plan (if we continued paying original amount loan would be finished by now), loan has been paid its just the interest we are paying off. Spoke to Barclays to find out why BCW are contacting us as they are still taking money out every month, last payment was on 20/05/14 only to be told that due to payment not being on time in Feb they have handed us over Payment was made in Feb but was late so not in arrears, they did not contact us to advise. have a couple of queries: 1) Can BCW use Barclays letterheads? Letter I have has Barclays logo and an their Collections and recoveries address in Manchester also Barclays telephone number, but in the letter they give another contact number and use a different address. Surely this is wrong as they are not part of Barclays??? 2) If Feb's payment was late and they have handed us over why are they still taking payment. Surely if they are still taking payments debt should not have been handed over? Please advise. Am a big fan of CAG have been able to help me out so many times over the years. Sharon
  11. Hi - just seen your thread and its looks I am in same position with a car sale also about 2004. Could you let me know what paperwork you sent them to start the claim. It was when we were desperate for a car and the sales guy told us we could only get the car if we took out PPI which of course we now know is rubbish. It still makes me mad as we had just arrived in the country had young children and it took about £50 our salary every month to pay for something we did not need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sharon my thread is here please reply there http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?392272-Yes-Car-Credit-PPI - [dx]
  12. Hi - the first and last PPI i took out was with Yes car credit some +/-8 years ago, they really conned me and being new in the country and not knowing my rights said yes, I got the speech "if you don't take out PPI you cannot get the car". Anyway can I still claim, I do have copies of my documents that are scanned on my computer, if yes who do I write, is it the same address? Hopefully someone can help me again - have been a member of CAG which has saved me thousands over the years. Sharon
  13. Hi - thanks for that. Do you hve any idea as to why he has not put an ID number in that bit of the ticket. He has signed it and put his name where it says operative. I thought you had to have an id number etc for issue tickets or is that only for council fines?
  14. Hi - my hubby was issued a ticket by Parking Control Management for parking on a private road. Is there anyway we can appeal? We have lived in the area for 6 years now and have on occasion used the road for parking - there is also a Quick Fit on the otherside of the road so they must use the parking at some stage. There are no markings for parking bays and there was another car parked there. There is a sign that says private road and no parking with out a permit but is not very clear when you are turning left into the road as the curb is sort of pointed (like a V) with roads on either side. The gentleman (being kind calling him that) was sitting in his car across the road so saw us park. Also on the notice he has signed it and in the bit where it says ID/Licence no he has put a dash, is that legal or does he have to have an id number. We only went to the pet shop so were about 10 minutes. The fine is £60 or £100 after 14 days. Its a lot of money - is there anything we can do?????
  15. Hi - thanks everyone - that was quick!!! I did use a paying debt company but it was some 6 years ago. They cannot prove the debt as this has been going on for a few years and everytime I ask for a copy nothing arrives and they do not take any further action. Was just a bit concerned about them looking at my credit file as their letter states that they have been contacted by Credit Call under the Principals of Reciprocity and something to do with outbound action, so was a bit worried as to why they should still be chasing me although they have never taken action and are aware of the debt management bit. Keep up the advice it has been invaluable to me in the past and definitely save me a few £'s.
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