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  1. I found a life insurance policy, so there’s money, I’d rather try and get a settlement figure and pay them out the policy than have them put a charge on the house. I just begrudge using the money to pay that shit instead of the mortgage.
  2. Hey guys, sorry for going silent. I had to take a break from trying to deal with all this. I’m still upset about losing my father. I’m writing to his creditors and arguing with them and requesting settlement figures. My question is, isn’t there supposed to be some legislation where creditors should notice you’re not paying off more than the interest they’re charging and stop the account/stop your credit? I want to argue with them that they shouldn’t have allowed his credit cards to get into that state and propose as the majority of the balance
  3. No I’m not on the deeds, I’m just his next of kin, and there’s no will. Can I be forced to use the life insurance to pay them rather than the mortgage? thanks for your help
  4. I found a life insurance policy which covers around 3/4 of the mortgage and my brother and I should be fine to get a mortgage for the remaining balance. I was just worried we’d have to sell the house to pay off the credit cards/store cards. No PPI I know of, he’d recently gone through and put claims in against them all and for refunds.
  5. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows the answer... My father passed away this month, we can’t find a will so I’m currently going through the probate process to try and deal with everything. so far it seems the money in his account will pay for approx 2/3 of his funeral. There is a life insurance policy which would cover around 3/4 of the mortgage There is approx 20k of credit card and store card debt. I was thinking of selling his Van and then spreading the funds for that to go against his debts, but I’m wondering if I will be f
  6. Hello I have a problem with last minute.com and 2 airlines. I booked flights with last minute.com and I didn't realise at the time that they apparently didn't leave enough space between the connecting flights (1 hour). On my journey home, I caught the first flight fine but it was delayed almost 1 hour (flying with LAN). My second flight was supposed to be Iberia operated by LAN or vice versa before I had even got on the flight they were sherking responsibility with my meal (I am vegetarian and lactose intolerant) both airlines told me it was the oth
  7. Excellent, I love using the OFT guidelines, one of my favourite party tricks. That's pretty must the jist of what I was going to say, only far more formal. I need to reply to it due to the house I'm living in not being mine etc etc. Just going to nip it in the bud before I get in trouble from the house owner (my aunty!) Plus I like putting these cretins in their place Can anyone remember if it's actually illegal for them to disguise it as a PCN or if it's allowed? I had stuff saved on my laptop but it died! I'm sure it was
  8. Hey is the deal still the same for Scotland? I'm about to write a letter for a ticket telling them to shove it, but want to make sure i'm not going to shaft myself. I am not the driver, just the registered keeper, I don't even have a driving license. Also the fine is for parking in a disabled bay when that was the only bay available to unload the van for a delivery to the shop. Seems pretty ignorant of the parking attendant to ticket for that. Just want to make sure there is no dodgy Scottish law that says I have to pay it, had a quick scout on the internet but cant find anything.
  9. Just wanna say what a load of crap these credit files are!! I have 2 Mobile phone contracts, a store card, 3 credit cards, 2 bank accounts and a next catalogue, all of which have an excellent history (never miss a payment etc) I have lost count of the amount of times my cards have been maxed out and paid back! A payment was made on a credit card that I no longer use and I was unaware (£15) so i missed the payment for 2 months. £15 became £62 and I paid it in full, but now I can't get a loan for a car over a £15 website renewal when my credit cards have thousands paid on and off them every
  10. Hey There I have been in dispute with the energy company about missing payments I sent them with regards to my business premises, and have refused to send them any money till they sorted it out (they claim i have 9k arrears, but its acutally about 5 since i refused to pay anymore), I got a letter last week stating they were going to have the supply disconnected, and last week was just a bloody nightmare with the bank and bin suppliers etc so I forgot about it. I went to deal with it today, and they have already been in and changed the locks. Now they claim that they had a warrant, but I'm
  11. Thats what I told him to do, but I don't think the fines are excessive for the offence, drink driving etc are way worse, nobody has been hurt by his van
  12. I heard that, but I am worried that his overloading was 3x the guy who got £800, you cant even contest the charge. it sucks
  13. Balls. How the hell do they expect a normal person to find 2grand!
  14. Hey, have a court hearing next month for driving an overloaded vehicle, as the vehicle was severely overloaded, I am thinking this fine could go into the thousands (50% overloaded saw someone get fined £800 for being 15% overloaded!!) There is no way realistically he will be able to pay a fine that large, and he is saving up to apply for bankruptcy due to massive debts. If this fine does tip the scales, can it be added to the bankruptcy order? If the fine is a few hundred pound I'd tell him to bite the bullet and pay, but 1-2000 or more is not the kinda money the average person
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