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  1. Just a quick update. Had the car back from the garage a couple of weeks ago and, after waiting a while for some serious rain, leak seems to be fixed and all dry in the car. Problem seemed to be a leak / break in the sealer at the top of the tailgate and around the rear light - common problem on many cars. Water was then finding its way down inside the side pillar and coming out under the rear seat and running onto the floor. However ,although the garage seemed to reputable, and to be fair they were very helpful, they did seem a bit sloppy in sorting out the problem. The day I picked the
  2. Thank you King12345 for the input & info - much appreciated. Yes that's what I'm worried about, that if they aren't 100% sure of where the exact source of the leak is they'll probably say, 'Yeah we 'think' we knew where the leak was and we've sorted it. Here's the car back - see how it goes'. This then means if it leaks again I have to go back again which is just proper hassle for me. I think I'll be going for rejection if they don't fix 1st time as I can't be doing with it. In my mind if they can't fix it first time it will turn into something of a long term problem and just give me a hea
  3. Thank you again. Hmm that's good news. I think possibly fixing a fault such as a leak could maybe be a bit hit and miss and it may be prudent to give him a few attempts if he can't fix it 1st time. However,as I previously said , after probably the 2nd attempt I'm going to start losing faith that a repair can be achieved and don't want to be going back and forth so at least I have some peace of mind I can go for the rejection if I want. I'll keep the post updated. Thank you.
  4. Ah, thanks for the very prompt detailed reply BankFodder - really appreciated. The Company in question have traded for years and are very well know in the area and unlikely to fold. However, I'll certainly be taking your advice and putting everything in writing regarding asking for a refund if the repair fails etc. Really could do without the hassle and problems as you've pointed out and hope they can just simply repair the fault. Also taken lots of photos as well . Also aware that the Consumer rights Act overrides any warranty having read other excellent advice on this forum. Out of int
  5. Hi – Looking for some advice. Apologies for long post. My daughter bought a used 2009 Suzuki Alto (which I paid for) from a local well known, reputable Toyota dealer who has been trading for many years. They also sell second hand cars ranging from about £2k to £30-40k. Our car cost £2490 and came with a 12 month warranty (for what it’s worth), new mot and a full service history. Although not quite as cheap as some other cars we had seen, appeared to be a good buy. A few days after purchase, still quite happy with the car, we noticed the boot lock wasn’t working (insert key but no
  6. Hi FeathersUK - Sorry, only now seeing your update. Good news that you've had nothing since the 3rd letter , same as my friend, nothing since and he, like yourself is also so relieved. This site is great and proves that people power works. It's fab getting peace of mind from people in the same situation and to beat the all too common corrupt organisations like DWF at their own game. As Silverfox1961 says it's good that new knowledge is used in a positive way. Also hope that this and similar threads will also give others like ourselves peace of mind and the opportunity to spread the knowledge
  7. Should be the last letter now. just ignore. My friend has still not received anything else since his 3rd letter in November. Whilst I obviously don't condone shoplifting, what totally annoys me is that this Country does have a strange attitude in that 'legalised' theft, corruption and indirect fraud is rampant in the form of 'hidden' activities by usually large corporate companies such as ripping off the general public by misleading them, tv licencing exorting money from the public etc etc. and this is all seen as acceptable. However if you inadvertently steal a tin of beans you
  8. Stop worrying ! My friend says to expect a 3rd letter as my previous post and to obviously ignore this as well. He has received nothing at all after his 3rd letter which was received only 2 weeks after the 1st in early November 17 not even any letters from 'debt collectors'. Looks like they know he's not one of the 'easy targets' and have given up as it's a waste of their time. Hope this also goes some way to put your mind at rest.
  9. Friend of mine went through this in October 17 - Great advice above regarding the letters if you don't pay, which of course you're not going to do, you'll get another begging letter fairly soon and a 3rd letter again fairly quickly. Then you'll get - Nothing. There was no 4th letter and nothing since. The 2nd and 3rd letters will have wording in scary red ink threatening the 'possibility' of court action etc. but as per advice above this is all nonsense. It appears they just give up and rely on the uneducated people who get scared by their threats and pay up to line their pocket
  10. You may have a long wait for them to take you to Court - I'm still waiting for them to fullfill their promise after I received a ticket from them (famous Talbot Green car park) which I ignored - 8 years ago ! Although they have impressive looking service addresses they also operate from a rather unimpressive house at 42 Caerphilly Road, Heath , Cardiff which is why they're so active in the Cardiff & South Wales area.I was also under the impression that they have never taken anyone to court , but may be wrong as per what Silverfox1961 says. I would just ignore as well.
  11. I believe there's a number of post on here regarding this car park - I know it quite well - it's the smaller car park adjacent to Pizza Hut etc. If you do a search you'll probably get some very good advice as to what others have done. New Generation Parking seem to operate quite extensively throughout Cardiff and the South Wales area and also 'operate' in the infamous Talbot Green car park. Their Cardiff office is in fact a tatty terraced house on Caerphilly Road. I'm still waiting for them to take me to Court after their empty threats 8 years ago. I know rules as to how do deal with these p
  12. Apologies if I sounded complacent. Ericsbrother is absolutely spot on - very good advice - it's certainly better to challenge it as he says, especially with the change of rules. I'm almost sure NGP haven't done court, however this could well change and there's no way of knowing if they may try their luck. So I certainly would take the advice of the helpful and more knowledgable people on here to make sure they are defeated either way.
  13. Had a parking ticket invoice from these clowns 7 years ago in 2007 in Talbot Green car park (pre POPLA). I told them where to go, and their last correspondence (in scary big red typing) told me that they were definitely taking me to Court......Still waiting ! As far as I know they don't do court so I wouldn't worry too much.
  14. I don't think New Generation Parking have ever taken anyone anywhere near a court.I had a parking charge notice from them in the Talbot Green car Park and told them where to shove it. They then told me (in big red scary writing) they were taking me to Court.....However 8 years later they appear to have somewhat forgotten to carry out their threat !! I wouldn't worry too much about it. You'll certainly win at Popla and with the helpful people on here, but even if that fails they ain't going near Court.
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