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  1. Evening , i am currently going through consultation to be furloughed from my employment . In my agreement they have asked me to sign that i agree not to accrue holiday during this period , i am at odds with this as i believe it is incorrect. Could anyone offer any guidance on this please. Best Regards
  2. I think 3k is a fair valuation , the car is still on the drive so not in storage , ive sent lots of examples and valuations ,hopefully i will get a better offer
  3. C4 grand scenic 2010 70k fsh , been offered 2200 , just wondered if im in a worse position to negotiate once i allow them to take the car , all of the similar cars locally are over 3k , the insurance is the 3rd party im not sure which company
  4. Hi , This morning i have received a low offer in settlement for a non fault claim which i have rejected the first offer. They have also asked me to phone and arrange for my car to be collected for salvage. Im unsure if i am putting myself in a worse position by letting the car go to salvage , any advise please
  5. Thanks for the advise , i managed to get them to remove the summons as im actually up to date , they said the system throws these things up automatically
  6. Hi , some advice please , this morning i have had a summons for non payment. I have spoken to the council and my account is actually up to date but i pay a week late each month due to when i can afford it. I haven't received a final demand but did receive a letter warning me to pay on time I have asked them to remove the costs of £70 as im not actually in arrears , which they have refused. Is there any way at all around this? Thanks
  7. Direct from welcome at the time if signing for the loan
  8. Yes used the questionaire , didnt use a spreadsheet as i dont have figures , the response was direct from welcome
  9. hi , i recently sent a ppi complaint to welcome , their response was this , I regret to inform you that my decision is to reject your complaint as it was outside the relevant time limits , then goes on to explain that the event took place before 27 feb 2003 and they are not required to investigate the complaint , and that the insurance is the responsibility of the insurer not the broker. Is this the end of this one or can i proceed in some other way? Many thanks
  10. Yes acting on behalf of Lowell , thanks for the advice , ill sit and wait
  11. some more advice on this please if possible , after a CCA request Bryan Carter wrote back on behalf of Lowell on 03/04/14 , saying they had referred the matter for action and the account had been placed on hold . This morning i have had a letter off someone called BPO again chasing the debt , could someone please advise on how to progress with this , i have not received any other response to the CCA request
  12. cca wasnt sent in november for one reason or another , has been sent this morning
  13. hi all , need some advice , Have this morning received a letter from B.Carter saying they have been instructed by Fredrickson on behalf of Lowell to issue court proceedings on 7th april for a credit card debt. The original debt was a credit card (barclaycard) , on my credit report lowell have it down as the account being opened in 2004 and defaulting in 2009 , i believe the default date to be at least 2 years before that and nothing from barclaycard is showing on my credit file. I have nothing in writing to prove default date or last payment etc , how
  14. thankyou dx have tried noddle thats where my info comes from it goes back to 2009 even though the account goes back to 2004 , ill get the CCA sent off
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