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  1. Thanks for the advise , i managed to get them to remove the summons as im actually up to date , they said the system throws these things up automatically
  2. Hi , some advice please , this morning i have had a summons for non payment. I have spoken to the council and my account is actually up to date but i pay a week late each month due to when i can afford it. I haven't received a final demand but did receive a letter warning me to pay on time I have asked them to remove the costs of £70 as im not actually in arrears , which they have refused. Is there any way at all around this? Thanks
  3. Direct from welcome at the time if signing for the loan
  4. Yes used the questionaire , didnt use a spreadsheet as i dont have figures , the response was direct from welcome
  5. hi , i recently sent a ppi complaint to welcome , their response was this , I regret to inform you that my decision is to reject your complaint as it was outside the relevant time limits , then goes on to explain that the event took place before 27 feb 2003 and they are not required to investigate the complaint , and that the insurance is the responsibility of the insurer not the broker. Is this the end of this one or can i proceed in some other way? Many thanks
  6. Yes acting on behalf of Lowell , thanks for the advice , ill sit and wait
  7. some more advice on this please if possible , after a CCA request Bryan Carter wrote back on behalf of Lowell on 03/04/14 , saying they had referred the matter for action and the account had been placed on hold . This morning i have had a letter off someone called BPO again chasing the debt , could someone please advise on how to progress with this , i have not received any other response to the CCA request
  8. cca wasnt sent in november for one reason or another , has been sent this morning
  9. hi all , need some advice , Have this morning received a letter from B.Carter saying they have been instructed by Fredrickson on behalf of Lowell to issue court proceedings on 7th april for a credit card debt. The original debt was a credit card (barclaycard) , on my credit report lowell have it down as the account being opened in 2004 and defaulting in 2009 , i believe the default date to be at least 2 years before that and nothing from barclaycard is showing on my credit file. I have nothing in writing to prove default date or last payment etc , how should i proceed with this , should i treat it as an idle threat or do i need to make some sort of response
  10. thankyou dx have tried noddle thats where my info comes from it goes back to 2009 even though the account goes back to 2004 , ill get the CCA sent off
  11. what would be the best course of action here to send the prove it letter or a CCA request
  12. ok thanks just could work out why the payment history doesnt go past 2009 when it was opened in 2004 , i will have to send them a prove it letter
  13. Not at all sure when i last made a payment certainly not in the years lowell have been reporting it , thats what i can't work out it was reported as in default in aug 2009 (not 5 years as stated earlier) but there is no reference to this debt before then but it states the account was opened in 2004
  14. could anyone help with this , i have lowell chasing a debt that they purchased from barclaycard some years ago , im fairly certain that this is SB , on my credit file there is no reference to barclaycard there is reference however to the debt by lowell who have been reporting it since 2008. The account was actually opened in 2004 but as there is nothing under barclaycard i believe it to be SB as lowell only started reporting it when they bought the account , have i made the correct assumption on this?
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