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  1. I know. But people have gone bald over such small amounts of money, their blood pressure and stress levels have increased so much that their chances of a heart attack and stroke has tripled. If you can spend £8 in a week easily at keeping healthy - then surely you can write off £8. Do you really want them to add money on top of that? Most debts start off very small and they snowball. So £8 wont have that problem, but they could send people round, CCJ's etc. What i am saying is life is too short to worry about £8. The average person gambles that by going on the lottery in a month...
  2. lol! meagain, what beats windows and office? you going to tell me linux and openoffice? hehe joker! You would be ****ed off to get windows and have to download everything other then its core, ironically i have linux distributions and god damn, do you know how many programmes are included with them?!?! Microsoft in Europe brought out Windows XP N, windows XP without WMP. Talking of the IE debate, who started the debate off?
  3. You should have mentioned that: a) There was no CCTV footage or photos to suggest that YOU were smoking b) You wasnt caught by a member of staff smoking neither c) Just because they found a cig butt in a bin doesnt necessary suggest you smoked indoors, you may have for some bizarre reason kept it to discard in a bin at the hotel rather then throwing it on the ground outside (i.e. if you are responsible and care for the environment and a bin wasnt in close range) d) I doubt they would smell it, one fag with the window open.... door shut. Even so, if they could smell smoke then how could they prove that it werent you breathing out the smell from a fag you smoked, say outside, its infamous that smokers have bad breath - smell like an ashtray - some times for hours from a single fag... Shame you didnt take that "prove it" route.
  4. I know its not right and ebay is cr*p but just pay the f**king £8, its not worth the hassle... If it was £8000 i'd understand, if it was £800 i'd understand, if it was £80 i'd understand, if it was £25 i would sort of understand.... but for £8 ... pay it off, you will live longer
  5. If she doesnt have your address then she cant sue you. I think the best bet would be to gradually lose contact with her. You have tried to plead with her to come to an arrangement - she isnt just taking the mick - she is trying to defraud you out of more money. I think if you both lost contact, the stress levels will go down... you will be happy its over, and she will get over it and on with her life...
  6. How can you be shocked at being made bankrupt when you had severe threats several months ago?!?! (I know its not you being bankrupt) The worse thing you can ever do is ignore them warnings!
  7. hmm, normally its they can give names but not the address How can the police do that... "its a civil case" yeah true but you need full name to take the civil route... hehe, you know the first name? cant you try sending them a parcel recorded delivery/signed for? They have to sign and print their name? stick the invoice in there - ok someone else may pick it up but worth the try? for £700 ... or is that too obvious, hmm... I think you can get car reg checks... like if you are buying a car - i know they show previous owners, if they are stolen etc. not sure about current... Can you PM me further details?
  8. You cant go online because you cant do fee exemption. you dont want the fos route how difficult is it to travel to the next court? save all the hassle...
  9. the funny thing is... Microsoft declares themself as a huge corporate company who are determined to make as much profit as possible by selling software to which rivals dont even come close to them. The anti-trust competition is solely because nothing beats Windows and Office.... Google... people still think its some bloke from a university who setup a non-profit organisation to make the web easier to find stuff on... (i disagree with that now) you know a course work assignment or something. Animalmagic, glad someone can confirm, and thats what i am talking about, regardless of if you are in the right or wrong, (which you were in the right) ...you surely have the right to appeal and/or question the decision. This is fraud and theft as... it is all account based, you earnt that money fair and square - so even if you were doing something wrong then surely you are entitled to get a pay cheque...
  10. Phone scams have been going around since premium rate numbers began, then shortly after on TV... its been going on for ages but the regulators refuse to regulate what they are meant to. If someone wasnt so political about exposing the blue peter one then you woudlnt have know about the rest. Ofcom are investigating... ICSTIS arent? Police wont investigate, police deals with people, you cant arrest a company! The regulators police the sector... who would then get the police to take action maybe, however just likely a small fine, say £200,000 .... nothing when £40m was generated - why do companies keep doing it? as the fines are pathetic! I guess it would only be £50,000 fine anyway...
  11. Can sky disconnect you? If they can then they can if you take them to court. Dont let that stop you reclaiming the money back via court action. Someone guaranteed you to have it refunded - do you have proof? There is always alternatives to sky... I doubt the accounts department will even know about the court claim.
  12. sar~ is right. take a picture asap. then if the dent gets bigger... she doesnt have a leg to stand on as you have evidence that its been tampered with.
  13. From your rights point of view you have no obligation... but to get a refund you obviously need to provide the details - so you are obligated (unfairly). What will they do with your details? Sell them on and probably send you marketing sh*t... I dont believe that no one knows what they use the details for... but you dont expect them to say they are going to sell them? As you wouldnt give them. But this would be fraud too... unless, of course, the company's management specifically didnt tell them... As a test you could give a wrong ("unique") name... then when you get these spam mail - in that name, you can take further action. Any ideas?
  14. Yes, then go with another provider then... there are hundreds out there, with like 5 very popular ones...
  15. mrnbig... hasnt google already announced plans for an auction website?
  16. Rich~ Google it, erm... adsense dont pay up, adsense terminated my account without reason... something on those lines, unless google has filtered them you will find loads of them. They even tried to terminate my adsense account simply because someone was viewing my site too much - claiming click fraud or something - even though this person never clicked on an advert - as the adsense is javascript i suppose they got a small increase in hits by that user - nothing under my control, nothing that would jepordise their servers stability or anything - my shared with a thousand other people hosting managed to survive it - i mean google could have simply blocked that users IP. I mean my website was far from the most popular on the internet (understatement) and if some of the big sites can have adsense and be fine, then why were they picking on a small site? Simply because if they do it to loads of them they save alot of money - we dont have money to take them to court - i would call that evil, personally... Anyway, after it being suspended for a month (lost earnings and freeze on payouts) i finally got it over turned, all the hassle to make a few quid from your website...
  17. Two points.... a) They cant demand it surely? If you are within your rights then they have to give you a refund. I agree with bookworm, under DPA they cant store your details when the transaction has finished - they have no right to. b) Writing a FAKE address is FRAUD
  18. Could you not pay someone the money in return for a cheque? Postal Order? Walk in to one of them shops which cashes cheques, surely they can do it in reverse? You give them the cash, they write out a cheque?
  19. How can she invoice you? Dont put up with it! She can only make you pay for the photos if it goes to court. She cant take a photo as its impossible, but a professional can? Dont you think she is just saying that so she can make you PAY??
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