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  1. hi all i had my mortgage with spml until 2 years ago. today i recieved a letter from them to say that they had done a comprehensive review of their mortgage accounts with the FSA and have therefore decided to refund some of their charges that the FSA consider to be over the top. They are going to refund the grand total of £51.29 and that includes intrest at 8%. ........ better than a kick up the arse lol Thought I would let you know so there is a good chance you should all get something back. Kind regards Midge
  2. Right as I thought the solicitor won't do anything so he says I have to contact BF to challenge it. Where do I start? Have tried phoning the new Citizens consumer advice line and their phones are not working!
  3. Hi all It,s been a very long time since I have been on here but I would appreciate some advice . In 2006 i took a loan with BF for £13,500, they added another 1k for broker payments were for 96month. Variable interest 18.4%APR but statements show 15.4% each month.The original payments went up after a few months and have stayed the same ever since. We are in process of selling and today I received copy of the redemption figure. There are only 20mths left on loan outstanding credit is just over 5k they have only given a rebate of just over £600 despite the agreement stating: the amount payable per £100 AFTER 72mths is £49.19 they have added just over £1300 in fees and charges and just over £1700 in additional interest the final figure comes to just over 8k This must be wrong surely. I have asked the solicitor to query it but don't think they will do much. All opinions appreciated.
  4. This will make you laugh......not. Today they sent me one of their high cost letters stating that my account was in serious arrears. The amount owed................£.0.01 Try justifing that!
  5. Hi I pay into a Barclays account no beginning with 604 so would also be interested in which account has been closed.
  6. Hi sced I did realise this but as the one I found is very new and with same name I found it interesting.
  7. When I put in SPML in webcheck this is the only one that comes up: SPML LIMITED FLAT 232 DOYLE HOUSE OSBORNE ROAD LONDON UNITED KINGDOM W3 8SN Company No. 07127263 It is newly formed.
  8. Well when I have finished fighting Crapstones I intend going for BF. When I took out my loan I phoned them directly and they then put me through to their sales dept. My statements show a 1k commission paid to a broker. I never knowingly used a broker and had no paperwork from a broker!
  9. Hi If you do not agree with the adjudicators decision you can complain and ask for your case to be looked at by an ombudsman i believe. don't give up keep at them.
  10. Hi Just bumping the thread for in the hope someone can help
  11. Hi I had troubles with the company I pay mortgage to adding arrears charges etc when i didn't have any arrears and first I wrote letter of complaint to them and then took it to the FOS who sorted it out and got charges refunded. Am in process of doing it again! Hope this helps
  12. Here's an interesting article on the BBC. BBC News - Northern Rock former directors fined and banned by FSA
  13. Well Kensington have now been given their fine, lets hope capstone are next. Kensington Mortgage Company Limited fined £1.225 million for unfair treatment of some customers in arrears and will pay estimated £1.066 million customer redress
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