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  1. Thanks IMS - That clears it up nicely - I only mentioned specialist being that it was involved with bankruptcy, thought it needed a certain type of solicitor. I definately agree re. claims companies, would never use them! I will pass the info onto my father and see what he wants to do, he might want to go for it and claim back, on the other hand he might want to put his feet up relax and forget it. If you do have any links to the info you were reading about on the subject then it would be handy to see. Cheers Rich.
  2. Thanks ims that sounds great - what would be the best course of action - do it ourselves the normal way as with any normal PPI claim or would it be best to go through a specialist?
  3. Everything was included in the bankruptcy, and got wiped off because there was no assets (father lives in council property) so basically the total defaults etc on all the cards were all put in the bankruptcy and written off. Therefore nothing was owed afterwards. My point is, the PPI was quite high on some of these loans/cards (even through lloyds TSB) so if he wasnt mis-sold the PPI his finances may have been far more manageable.
  4. Hi everyone, Bit of a different one this, but looking to see what should be done. My father declared himself bankrupt a few years ago, and having no assets or anything was discharged with nothing to pay. However before his bankruptcy, he had credit cards, store cards, loans etc all with PPI on them. He felt he was mis-sold the PPI. Now heres the twist... He feels that because he was mis-sold the PPI he was then unable to keep up the repayments, which eventually lead to his bankruptcy. Had he not been paying this PPI then he might not have had to go bankrupt. Went
  5. Heres an interesting one, I have purchased a lighting effect curtain for disco use, It was bought from ebay (business seller with good track record) - It lets you program the display from your computer and save the graphics to an SD card supplied with the product. After purchasing I was told that normal SD cards would not work, and i would have to buy the SD cards through the supplier. I was completely unaware of this beforehand and it did not mention it on the auction site. Now I think this is unfair because an SD card is assumed to be a generic item, and im awaiting on a price for SD ca
  6. Just thought I would share this one with you... I work from home (self employed) and in April I changed from o2 broadband to BT (business) as they were advertising 20 meg, option 2 for £20/month plus vat. Being unlimited etc I thought thats the one to go for so I phoned their sales team, confirmed what I wanted was the unlimited 20 meg connection and that was that. Gave them MAC key from o2 not a problem. Anyway a few days after I got the email saying I had option 1 for the £20/month which is not the unlimited one... so I phoned them, managed to get through and they were 'yes its op
  7. Hi everyone, I went to start a new business venture but am currently having doubts regarding the premises I wanted to move into. (long story) Anyway... I ordered the landline/phone package from BT last week (tuesday) and today the engineer came to fit the phone line. Is there like a standard 14 day cooling off period that has to apply to these packages? Its this one i took out... Unlimited Business Broadband & Phone Line from BT Business Just wanted to know if I was safe to cancel, or even out 'on hold' for a couple of months. Cheers
  8. Ok i know its on a lighter note, but was chatting to a friend about these companies as she was having problems, sorted a few things out and as conversations go, we ended up with a game trying to name companies from A to Z - so I thought i'd dare to come on here and see if we can do this and cheer ourselves up lol! Edit-I think we did have one long ago.But it was out of date quite quickly. I will start with the first three: A = Absolute Debt Recovery B = Buchanon Clark and Wells C = Cabot Financial Your submissions please!...
  9. haha beautiful! yes thats a much easier way of dealing with them lol!
  10. Righty, thought I would post my experience on here as I have had calls from two separate DCA's about different stuff... and both have instantly removed all my numbers from their database as soon as I did this to them. Heres what happens: DCA calls you asks to confirm name, address, DOB etc.. Then they say its about your outstanding account. Here is the response I used :- "I am very aware of this outstanding account however I have chosen to ignore letters you have sent to me due to the fact I have found them to be rather harrasing. I hereby also officially request under section 127 of
  11. Crumbs i think someone must have gotten hold of barclays customers debit card details - maybe an inside job!
  12. Yes it is The only companies that I have used online who manually enter card details (rather than through secpay etc) are a couple of DJ/PA/Electronics suppliers Everywhere else online uses a merchant which instantly processes the card. I hardly ever use the card in shops etc only asda and maybe once in a blue moon in a garage but I always cover up when using my PIN and always vigilant for people dropping the card behind counter etc. Looks like its 'cardholder not present' transactions where they have my CVV number (submitted when purchasing online even when details are en
  13. Just logged into my online banking account today, and saw 3 payments (with todays date) for £25 with "VODAFONE CR CARD T" next to them. Phoned barclays and they immediately cancelled my debit card and are sending me a new one. They also advised me that another £25 has been tried for this morning and will show up on my statement. Sending me the relevant forms/statement copies for me to highlight the transactions to get my money back. Just means i'm a bit short for a few days and without a card. Im very wise to phishing scams etc so I can only imagine its somewhere thats clo
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