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  1. I am PA to the Project Director. My duties are to support him in his day to day tasks. Taking minutes at meetings, arranging travel, meetings, collating information for reports and distribution, letters, expenses, post etc. The fit note says I am unfit for work, due to injury sustained at work - no allowances made
  2. Assisted Blonde Yes, I appreciate accidents happen - of course they do, but this is a Construction Site, with very strict rules and regulations. I pointed out that the earth pit was uncovered to other people during the evacuation, we weren't even supposed to have been in that area as there should have been a barrier to cordon that particular area, but works were carried out the weekend before and the barrier not put back. We moved back so to make space for others coming out of the building. The earth pit was filled in with concrete the day after my accident. They can't deny liab
  3. All Thank you. They filled out an incident report form (rang me at home to fill out details) which is a form the Company use whenever there is an accident. I have not seen an accident reporting book, nor been asked to sign it. I'll ask if an entry has been made. The end result that I want is that it is reported properly, because of the way they have been acting, clearly an Employee's welfare is not of a priority. I have recently seen the Board Report which is due to be submitted this week - under the accident reporting section, there is no mention of my accident. The next
  4. Extracts from emails regarding my accident: Mark, I believe this captures everything we discussed. I would like to add one more point – this decision is based upon the specific circumstances around this injury and that den3371's full duties can be undertaken from home (and Roger has allowed her to work like this). It does not form a precedent upon which future decisions on injuries to office or site based personnel should be made. In all cases, these need to be discussed with Greg or myself. Thanks and regards Martin --------------------------------------
  5. Hi All Looking for advice please: I am a PA on a construction site and had an accident on Tuesday. The fire alarms went off so the whole building was evacuated and we all went to the muster point. (The site is at a major airport and the project is airside). As the building is so large, we were all asked to move back to make space for more people. As myself and a colleague was doing this, I noticed an uncovered earth pit. I told people to be careful and at the time couldn't see anything to cover this over. (The earth pit is around 150mm in diameter). One we had all gotten the all
  6. Hi Template sent as requested, via private message Regards
  7. Thanks for the response, I will call the bank today and see what happens also if I start the complaints process will they have to stop the threat of taking the money out of my account? Many thanks
  8. I have been in my property for just over 5 years. Each December I renew my tenancy through the Estate Agent (they just draw up a new Tenancy agreement each year, the Landlord manages the property). Each year, my standing order stops in November and then I have to go into the Estate Agents with my new signed contract any pay December's rent of £875. I payed December's rent just before Christmas in cash at the estate agents and thought nothing of it untili I received a call from them on 3rd January asking me to check my account as the Landlord had mentioned that he had received another
  9. Hi Branty Template sent, check your inbox
  10. Caroline Template letter sent, check your inbox.
  11. Our road is the same for house numbering! I guess it's possible that is what happened. Thanks for all your great advice, will give the planning department a call. The conservatory itself is ok, just the close proximity and the fact that they can now see into our kitchen (which leads into the front room) and have full view of our back garden because of the raised base.
  12. Thanks Labrat. Hi Billy Bob66 - no he was unable to see over the fence at all. As the conservatory is on a raised concrete base and he has full view through my kitchen and garden now.
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